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Ok I am going to add my personal timelines and also general timelines based on friends and some users of a public forum where we share a spreadsheet to try to assess our timelines as accurately as we can.

You can find the spreadsheet here:

Please see the following thread at canadavisa.com if you wish to “join the club” and add details of your own application to the spreadsheet:

Please see the Process page to see how these timelines fit in with the total process.

At time of updating this page (1st July – Happy Canada day!!!) we have our passport requests, so have added the timelines of our booked trips to London and back to get the visa, and our booked landing trip! Total of almost 1 year exactly from posting the application to becoming landed Canadian residents.

Our personal timelines so far are:
23 Aug 2010 = Application sent
30 Aug 2010 = Application received by CIO, Sydney
10 Sep 2010 = Bank draft cashed by CIO
15 Dec 2010 = PER (Positive Eligibility Review) confirmation
26 Jan 2011 = ECAS available!
11 Feb 2011 = ECAS “Received by Visa Office”
15 Mar 2011 = ECAS “In Process”
14 Apr 2011 = Medical requests received!
19 Apr 2011 = Medicals done
28 Apr 2011 = Medical results received by CHC London
16 May 2011 = RPRF/PCC/Schedule 1s received by CHC London
20 Jun 2011 = ECAS “Medical results have been received”
25 Jun 2011 = ECAS “Decision made”
28 Jun 2011 = Passport requests by email
07 Jul 2011 = Delivered passports in person to CHC London (Train booked)
21 Jul 2011 = Collected passports in person with visa stamped from CHC London (Train booked)
27 Aug 2011 = LANDED!! (Flights booked)

General timeline information:

1) It will usually take between 2 days and 2 weeks for your bank draft or credit card to be charged once your application reaches CIO, Sydney. Please note that you will need to contact your draft issuer to get confirmation, and it will be several days after encashment before they know.

For example we were told by our bank that our draft was cashed on 15th September, but CIO in their PER email to us confirmed it was cashed on 10th September.

2) Ok when we first started this was taking around 4 months to get PER from CIO. It took 3.5 months for us. At the time of this update (29 Jun 2011) some users are getting them in as little as 4 or 5 weeks! So CIO are working a lot faster now

For timelines once you are at visa office really my advice is to look at the spreadsheet at users from the same visa office as you to get a rough idea. The visa offices work at drammatically different speeds. For example, Manila and New Delhi are working at lightning pace (one New Delhi user already has visa stamped in passport!) – whereas London and some other visa offices seem quite slow. Buffalo seems the slowest since some people are only just going “In Process” as I type this!

Will keep you up to date!



Posted January 20, 2011 by Wayne

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  1. I have sended all documents on FEB2011 at navas kuei still not received the file no, when I can expect……….

    • Hi Edward,

      Getting a reply from CIO nowadays usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. However, occasionally this can be delayed by several months. Firstly, you may wish to follow our post-June-26 thread and spreadsheet (links on my blogroll) to get an overall view of shortest and longest timeline.

      Secondly, you might contact CIO to get the status of your application (email address is on my contacts page here on the blog).

      Best of luck.

  2. I have a job offer and i have sended all documents on feb17
    my joinning period is in jannuary 2nd 2012 i have still not received file no only 6 months to go..

    • You should contact CIO if you have not had confirmation of positive or negative CIO eligibility review yet, since this normally takes only a month or two at the current rate.

      CIO email for enquiry is on my contacts page here on the blog, or you can contact CIO via their website.


  3. I have sended a mail about my case How long it will take for reply from CIO or CHC………

  4. I have submitted all the document at CIO on 21/06/2011 when should i expect to hear from them. I even from Thomas cook but the dd is not been encashed.

    • Hi – well until recently people were getting their eligibility positive/negative emails within 4 to 5 weeks. However, on and shortly after 1st July 2011 CIC are likely to have received a large number of applications, since the NOC caps reset and those from formerly full caps are once again apply to apply.

      So I’d probably budget for about 2 months before getting your eligibility email.

      Completeness check/cashing drafts normally takes only a few days – however once again before of the very large potential intake around 1st July, I think there will be some delay on this, so I wouldn’t be overly worried yet.

      Best of luck,

  5. hi, i applied for pr and i got my passport request on 17 may 2011 i sent passports to cic london they were deliverd on the 19 may it is now 20 july and im still waiting on my passport and visa has any one waited the same lenght of time i thought it would of taken six weeks im now in the 9th week?and canada post was on strike would that effect the return of my passport i am already in canada vancouver?

    • Hi. It takes approximately 6 weeks plus posting time. From within the UK the posting time should just be a day or two. But posting to Canada even without a postal strike usually takes around a week, so figuring the postal strike and the post backlog they have, an extra few weeks’ delay is not surprising.

      Maybe send London a case-specific online query to ask if they have sent the passports yet?

      Best of luck.

  6. thanks wayne,i finally received my passport and visa yesterday 29th july, 10 weeks it took, a bit slow to say the least but happy now but thanks for the advice was a bit worried there.

  7. hi wayne..pls help me in my case..my husband has FTH in Canada (study visa for one year)..we sent passports and medicals on 2nd june 2011..ecas shows medicals have been received..ndvo didnt ask for pcc earlier..but we sent it of our own on 26th june 2011…we are waiting for reply from embassy..can u predict how much time it gonna take more…????

    • Hi – when did ECAS change to “Medicals received”? Usually that means “Medicals approved” so you might expect visas within a month or so of that.

      But really it’s just guesswork I am afraid – timescales do tend to vary from applicant to applicant.


      • hi wayne..our medical received line was added on 22nd july 2011..really its confusing..some websites say after medical receive bg checks are to be done..some say security clearance..some say 4 months after medical received..u think our bcground checks and security checks are over? wt u say overall????????

      • Hi – it varies from visa office to visa office and from applicant to applicant. We got passport requests within a week or so of the “Medicals received” line. Personally I think “Medical results have been received” really means “Medical results have been approved” by the medical services division. But after that, it depends on the status of the rest of your application. If they are still awaiting security check information or outstanding document check stuff, there could be a delay.

        Hope you hear something soon.

  8. hi wayne…

    our ecas changed to medicals received on 22nd july…u think visas r on way? also let me know are we done with our bg checks and security clearance or anything might be in process???

  9. Hello wayne,
    i have applied under the code-3131 on july 2011. Applications received on July 28 th. But i have contact with my bank today. the said that my BD is not encashed yet. I have filled up all the forms properly and also have send all the supportive documents accurately. Plz give me suggestions why they are taking time? i am worried really. is there anyone applied on july 2011 according to new generic and checklist has there bank draft encashed? plz suggest what to do?

  10. Dear wayne,
    i am checking the canadian visa forum regularly since u advised. i have seen in that forum one of the applicants have posted that he sent his application on 14/07/2011, which reached on 20/07/11. he emailed to CIO for checking the status. But he was replied by CIO that his application was not found yet, as CIO has a backlog of application. So my question is we are sending application based on the CIC caps update, but it seems that CIC does not gives the update considering the backlogs. but they gives a specific date and gives update of application received since that date. how does this cap updates actually made by CIO?

  11. Hi Wayne

    We send the Passports, medicals PCC and other documents reg. funds to NDVO on 14 sept. 2011 now how much time they will take to stamp the visa pls tell me


  12. Good day Wayne,
    My application was received on 11December2009, sent to me a letter on 08February2010 and transfered the file to London on 17February2010.
    The status of my application is still under processing, may I know when I will be called for medicals.
    For info, I applied for FSW.
    Best regards,

    • Hi – unfortunately pre-June-2010 are on low processing priority and some have been told it will be 2 years or more before their application is processed. You may get processed earlier but at this stage it is simply impossible to be able to make any accurate predictions.

      Best of luck,

  13. y my comment is not displaying here???:( 😦

  14. thanx a lot for ur reply…i have applied for the same just like other members of this site..applied in second week of september..so waiting for the response

  15. Thanks for your prompt reply.
    Best regards,

  16. hi wayne
    my case is fsw at new delhi
    iam a supervisor on manufacture filde noc

    my question is ecase showing recived by vissa office how long take time to ecase showing in process
    i applied on feb2 2011 novscotiya
    and i got march 18 2011 one email and letter
    and i got a letter from june 2011
    right now my case showing in internet recived by visa office

    when i shoude see in process and when i expect medical

    my workpermit valid untill jan 30 2012 if i leave canada go back india any effect to my pr
    or they reject my file pls let me know

    • No way to predict when your file will go in process – New Delhi are being quite slow at the moment.
      If your work permit expires you will have to get another LMO and another permit. Visa office can ask to see your LMO/work permit at any time during processing – I know at least a couple of people who are in process and have recently had to produce thi

      Since it is now November it is unlikely your application will be complete by 30 Jan 2012, so I would start looking into getting your LMO renewed so you are ready. You can get an LMO early and then activiate it in January when you need a new work permit, so I would apply now if I were you.

      Best of luck,

  17. i got a letter from new delhi jun 2011 your file is our office its take time to 6 month to 10 month if not u can applyed one more time some think like that
    my question is when i can expect see ecase ”in process” or medical

    iam untill wait jan 2012 after that if not any think i have to go back my back home
    2nd question is if i go back my home country they can countinue my process or stope or close my file bcz when i leave canada i have to inform my back home address thats way

    • The issue is not whether you go back home, but whether you continue to have a valid LMO + work permit. As I mentioned in the last post, they can ask for this at any time, so it always must be current.

      Get your employers to apply for a new LMO now and then when it comes through you can activiate it and get a work permit in January when you need one.


  18. Dear wayne,
    I am new to this forum. I must appreciate your efforts to help people on this forum. I applied in May 2011 as FSW. My application went into processing on 19 August 2011. Yesterday I sent an email to CHC London to find the update. Today I received the following reply from CHC.

    “Background checks are outstanding at present and these may take several months to complete”

    Can you tell me please that what “Outstanding” .means. Does it mean that they have.not yet started with background Checks,

    Dr Khan

    • Background checks are the checks they perform on your supporting documentation to ensure their authenticity. Depending on the documents and the country, they sometimes use third party companies to perform these checks, hence why it can sometimes take several months.
      Some people who applied in 2010 are still waiting, so please be patient 🙂


  19. Good day Wayne,
    My file is under processing sice 02 years. Is there any maximum duration for processing, otherwise it will take an unditified time without feed back.
    Is there any given list and prcise time for file processing.
    Thanks for your dedication and assistance.
    Best regards,

  20. Good day Wayne,
    My file is under processing since 02 years. Is there any maximum duration for processing, otherwise it will take an unidentified time without feedback.
    Is there any given list and precise time for file processing.
    Thanks for your dedication and assistance.
    Best regards,

  21. Dear,
    can you give me one information to me.you got some news or any bady coment some one got medical who is applyed 2011 feb or march bcz i applyed fsw to novasotiya on feb 2011 and my visa office is newdelhi 2nd letter i got from newdelhi may 2011 then no news ecase showing recived by visa office.so whats your think how long i have to waite any ideya pls presense gone

  22. Thank You so much, you were really helpful Wayne.
    I submitted my application 13th October 2011, hope To get the confimation email soon.From your review you said 3-4months right ?
    Thanks again

  23. Hi Wayne

    Thanks for the help hand you are extending to the aspiring immigrants. I am applying from Pakistan and my visa office is London. My application for FSW was received at CIO on 31 August 2011. I made an enquiry through email about the status of my application on 28 November 2011. The same day I received PER through email and telling me that my payment was received on 17 November 2011 (It was a bank draft). That PER email also states that “Your application will be forwarded to a visa office for further processing”.

    When I checked the status on ECAS, it was “In Process”. When I clicked the “In Process” link, there was one line “We received your application for permanent residence on August 31, 2011”.

    I have read many of the posts on this website and have come to understand that the “In Process” status is displayed after the review of Visa Office is completed with a positive evaluation. Does this mean that my application has also received a positive determination from the Visa Office?

    • Hi – ok when you first get your PER your file is added to ECAS – which is a web front ended to CIC’s GCMS system (formerly CAIPS).

      Usually this (mistakenly IMO) says “IN PROCESS” on the main summary, but clicking the detail you only see one line. This isn’t truly in process. The visa office at this stage have not started processing your file.

      The next stage is that your summary status will say “Received by visa office”, and after this you are waiting for it to go back to “IN PROCESS” again for it truly to be in process. The give-away is that you have the extra line “We reviewed your application and started processing on XYZ” which means it passed the 2nd eligibility review at the visa office and they have begun background document checks.

      ECAS is not very intuitive and in my opinion could do with a complete makeover. The information is there – if they can provide CAIPS/GCMS notes on request with the full file information why not make this available, in a legible and understandable format, in ECAS?

      But anyway it is what it is, so you just have to go with it.

      Best of luck with your application,

  24. Thanks Wayne for the clarification. God bless you.

  25. Hi,
    I applied on September 2010 under NOC 3112 . I receive my 1st AOR on February & 2nd AOR on March. Till then no update. My E-cas status is still “Received by visa office”. My visa office is singapore. Please give me an idea when i will get my medical papers?

    • Please read this entry in my blog:

      It is impossible to predict when medicals will arrive, this can be anywhere from a few weeks to many months and depends on many factors.
      Sorry to sound snappy but please understand it is getting very frustrating for me to receive post after post of “Here are my timelines, when will I get medicals?” “Here are my timelines, when will I get medicals?” again and again and again, hence why I made the above post, since I was having to type the same reply to people over and over again.

      I am happy to help people where I can but out of necessity I am going to delete any future posts which are along the lines of “Here are my timelines, when will I get medicals/PPR/VISA”?

  26. hi wayne my visa office is newdelhi and iam in canada.new delhi ask me passport for visa stamping so i dont want to go india now so how many procesure to send to passport visa office
    i mean courier or some relative pls give me ideya

  27. i got medical and passport reguest by email but ecashe not showing dicition made i have done medical today in calgary
    my eacse showing-22 nove your appliation progeress
    12 dec -medical and passport reguest by email

  28. Hi Raja, .

    My visa office is Singapore.I applied under FSW on September 2010 under NOC 3112 . I receive my 1st AOR on February & 2nd AOR on March. My current E-cas status is “Received by visa office”.

    From yesterday my address is missing in E-cas status. This was happened one time previously on last September and re appeared with no change in the status. I am waiting for MR.

    Now what does this address missing indicate? Can i expect my MR soon? pls give me an idea.

  29. hi nishu its happend chek may be after 1 week your address showing ecashe i think very soon it will go process keep presetion

    • Hi Raja,

      thanks for ur quick reply. my address is back after15 days with no change in status, still RBVO. I don’t understand what’s going on with my file. please tell your opinion


  30. Pls Wayne I need further advice ,I submitted in October 2011 and still Not gotten any notification from Canada. Its going on 3months+ now,should I email them to enquire about my application ?
    I’m from Nigeria.

  31. Wayne, I have a question my passport will expire on jan.2013. Do I have to renew it as early as of now? Is it necessary that my passport be valid for at least 6 months? Tnx

    • IIRC correctly your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and have at least 2 blank pages in, at the time a decision is made and the passports are requested. Since you have until Jan 2013 then you still have some time on your hands.

      Are you aware how long it will take to get your passport renewed?

  32. Hi All ,

    Thanks god , The CHC London send me a letter requesting RPRF & PCC for the countries i lived in in the past 18 years ( Jordan & Lebanon ) but I have few questions regarding this issue :

    1) The London CHC didn’t request PCC from Saudi Arabia the country which i live in for now and for more than 3 Years .????
    2) It is almost 2 months now since i sent the PCC & RPRF to London visa office and NO RESPONSE and whenever i check my eacse it sayd thai they have received my medicals and it is still in process and i’m very worried about that ?????

    Finally , I appreciate your help and concern .

    Reagards …

    • 1) If they haven’t requested it, then don’t worry about it.
      2) It took us 2.5 months to get a decision from when PCC, RPRF and medicals were received, so your timeframe is nothing to worry about. I would guess you get passport requests within the next month or so.


  33. It takes 45-60 days for the renewal.what if at the time they requested for my passport its still 6 months pior but when i intend to leave i have to renew it.what will happened to the visa on my old passport to i have to have it transfer o leave it as it is? Will just show them my old passport?

  34. hi Wayne
    i submitted my application in july 2011 and received the per in sept. but till then i didn’t receive anything neither the AOR nor my e case showed that the file is received by the visa office i wonder what should i do my visa office is cairo visa office

    • Well you could write to them, but really you have only been waiting a few months. Some people have been waiting a lot longer (even other post June 2010 applicants) so I think patience is your best friend at the moment.

      Remember that every minute a visa office spends replying to someone asking “What’s the status of my application?” is a minute not spent actually processing someone’s application. Visa offices will be more efficient if they don’t have to respond to such requests.

      If you’ve heard nothing by the summer, then I’d maybe write to them, otherwise I’d just hang back and wait.


  35. hi wayne,
    i am chirag a physiotherapist from india…my vo is new delhi,,,,, i applied in june 2011.got my status into “in process” on 28 nov 2011..its been more than 10 weeks after that i didnt hear anything since then….people who put file with me in same vo got medicals in last month…..wat u think y its late…m worried n another reason for my worry is my wife is on student visa in canada….so if they ask for medicals and passport how she ll do it….can she send her passport by courour or has she need to come back to india for that thing ….i m afraid wat will happen

    • Medicals can be taken at any DMP in the world, it does not have to be in your home country. So your wife can take medicals in Canada, although you will have to send her the necessary documentation when it arrives.


  37. Hi this is navjeet from india. i send my file on june 4,2011 for canada pr under federal skillesd worker. They recived my file on june 14,2011. On dec8,2011 i got mystatus ‘in process’ and on 15 dec 2011 they call my employer for inquiry. But till now i they did not update any status and not even ask for medical. Please let me why it take to long i applied under cook cab.

    • Ok firstly please don’t make the same post one day after the other. It won’t make me reply any quicker and it will clog up the number of posts I have to reply to. I will reply to the posts but it does take several days sometimes since I don’t have chance to check here every day.

      “In process” means they are performing document verification checks. This part of the process varies greatly depending on a lot of factors of the application, so no way to predict how long they will be before they ask for medicals. However, I would certainly be prepared to wait up to 6 months. So if you’ve heard nothing by June/July, then I would contact them via their website.

  38. hi,thank you for your support,
    1.i have applied 3112 catagory on 16.05.2011.got my 2nd AOR on 16.08.2011.ECAS status still now received by visa office.VO has given me new file number by which i can not see my online application status.i am checking my application status by UCAS number given from CIC.it has been nearly 7month it is showing RBVO.Should i make an enquiry about this by case specific mail in VO?What should i do now?
    2.my post graduate degree is from uk ,which is masters equivalent,which i claimed for masters point.but i actually did not need that point (if they give 25 for masters =70) .which was over minimum point by my bachelor degree point(if they dont count my masters 20 for bachelor=65)so,my question is will it hamper my application if they dont accept my masters equivalent degree after background varification?

  39. hi,
    my self navjeet. i send my application for pr under federal skilled worker on 04 jun 2011. and they received on june14, 2011.on dec 8,2011 my status is ‘in process’ and they called my employer on 15 dec 2011 for inquiry. till now i am not hear anything from delhi high commotion.i am worried why they are not going to do anything.i am waiting for my medical how much time it takes.

    please reply

  40. hi Wayne
    I applied as FSW in July 2011 I received my PER and then I receive an e-mail saying that my file is transferred to the case pilot Ottawa for processing instead of Cairo visa office do u know anything about this issue or is there ny timelines for this visa office?
    Best regards

  41. Hi Wayne,

    I got a request from VO to send my PCC. Oh my God, till now I have already sent finger prints 4 times to have 4 PCCs but the most recent one was issued about 7 months ago. Can you give me your advice in this case? Should I just go ahead sending that PPC or should I apply for another PCC. It would take ~16 weeks to obtain a new one 😦 .

    Thank you,


  42. Hallo Dear colleagues i have sent passports and right of permanent fee on 6.3.12 to canadian embassy but not yet received any reply. I applied in year 2008 can anybody please guide how long i have to wait. Thanks in advance

    • Ok firstly please don’t make the same post in multiple sections.

      As for the passports, it varies from visa office to visa office, times of the year etc. Somewhere between 2 and 8 weeks usually, so it’s hard to predict. You’ve only been waiting 2 weeks so have some patience 🙂


  43. its from Germany

  44. Hi Wayne.My visa office is delhi..Timeline of my case.my file received to nova scotia on with all d suppoting doucments on 17th feb2012, charged fr crdit card on 6th feb2012, received PER ON 13THE FEB2012,RECEIVED BY DELHI Visa office on 17th feb2012,fot email fr delhi visa office on 10th of march 2012(in which they have written that you ll hear fr us regarding the resul tof ur evaluation of ur application within 6months due to high volume of inquiries received in this office. we ll not b able to respondto inquiries sentwithin 6 months,) afterwards no reply fr visa office..n our online status shows the same one .recived by visa office on following date..My question is that how much time they will take to stamp our passport,,,n does their letter means..that will they finalize the decision within 6months ? will they start processing our case after 6months? i m very much confused n worried about my case,,,plyz anyone help me…i have a lil kid with me who is 32 months old..i m planning him to put him in kindergarten..lemme know ..timeline of new delhi visa office..Plyz..i have posted before bt didnt get any reply thanx

  45. respected sir my vo is new delhi after completing my medical rprf pcc they write me by mail after completing all pending requiremets we need ur passports what is the meaning of this sir im confeused

  46. Hi Wayne,
    Tell me what is the processing time for London VO for post June 2011 applications
    and how much time they take to issue medical after getting file number

  47. Good day Wayne,
    As per request, I sent some additional docs to the MCH London.
    Please can you tell the average time it takes to go for further step.
    Tnx for your assistance.

  48. hey Wayne…i have sent my passport to new delhi visa fee along with the fee as they require ..on 5th june 2012..how much time delhi visa office take to finailze the decision ?

  49. at least 4 months sir

  50. i also sent my passports 5 of march and not recived yet
    bit worried
    its al ready 3 months brother

  51. Good morning Wayne,
    I am new to form. My medicals were submitted 24 Feb 2012 along with RPRF. on 6th March 2012 I was advised to send consent for disclosure of information from my son(dependent in my application) who is student in New Zealand. the said document was submitted before 25 April 2012 as advised by CHC. Now there is a long silence from CHC Delhi.Pl advice.

  52. send cse

  53. check your dd of landing fee has been clear ,or not

  54. hey garry..r u sure..they will take such a long time to finalize d decision..jesus christ

  55. Goodafternoon Sir.
    I am in Calgary, AINP is clear and now I send my application to CIO sydney on 7th may 2012, till now not any info on CIC online. how long they take ?

  56. I submitted my passport, medical report and RPRF on february 27 to Newdelhi Visa Office. They returned my passport back on March 15 stating it was damaged as the lamination peeled off. I have applied for new passport and couriered back on April 11th. Its been 2 months since havent heard anything from CHC Newdelhi and my Ecas shows that medical results was received and still in process. dont know when to expect my passport back, does it mean all my background and employment checkups are done or is it because of new passport it takes time. I have known one of my friends got back his passport in 4 weeks. As the days passes it makes me frustrated. Please advice me…
    (BTW i am FSW 1 applicant)

  57. ohh.look solo o5o7…how much ur passport was damaged,,i mean how much it was peeled off..can u let m eknow..coz i have just sent my passport a week back..n my husband z paasport is slightly peeled off fr d area we fold d passport..after readin ur post..i m quite worried..

  58. hi Riya..honestly i didn’t even notice that the lamination has been peeled off before i sent..its just a small dog ear in the corner but it was on the Bio page may be that was the reason they asked me for new passport.

  59. hiii guys… finally decision made on my Ecas from this morning..hopefully good news…

  60. last 45 days my paasport with ndvo medical done in feb 1o e cas shows medical result recived. when it will come back now facing sleepless nigts

  61. show in process every time when will d m

  62. Hii guys got my passport back this morning with Maple leaf on it 🙂 thank you all:)

  63. i am in very bad time ,i was in Australia and waiting for Australian pr since 3 years and on that time i applied for Canada and they ask me passport and every thing and i send my passports,medicals , pcc ,landing fee on 5 march 2012 , now it has been 3 months and two weeks ,
    very bad luck Australia immigration ask me documents within 28 days , what my passports in Delhi canada immigration ,so what should i do ?
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help .
    After medicals received visa is sure ?
    how long should i wait ?
    is any chance to get passports back before 28 days ?
    plzzzzzz help .
    thanks all .

    • So let me get this straight – you applied for Australia AND Canada at the same time?

      Delhi visa office ask for passports at the same time as medicals. The only way to get your passports back is by contacting New Delhi visa office but this may jeopardise finalisation of your Canada visa.

      But dude seriously, decide which country you want to live in. If you are granted both an Australian and Canada PR, you can only take one of them. And that means someone else will be without a visa now.


  64. plz tell him how much time taken by chc to issue pr mr wayne

  65. hey guys..today in d morning i saw my ecas changed ..it is now MEDICLA RECEIVED..Mr Wayne..can u tell me how much more time NDVO ll take to finialize d decision..thanx

  66. riya singh start a another long journy now. no boby knows exactly time after medical may be in a month or in a year

  67. i m also did my medical in feb second week and submit my passport in 1st of may now waiting fr copr when will recived ?

  68. i have seen my status changed again today ..it is now Decision made..hope for good news,,finger crossed…n good luck navi…

    • oh my GOD this is imaging but every thing is possible with chc. ok singh this is good sign pack ur luggage to fly. very big congratulations

  69. how come riya singh so quick

  70. we r waiting for long

  71. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wayne tell me what sould i do ,i have planing to go delhi next week to ask my stutus .
    its already 4 months that passports in delhi office ,and i got 28 letters from australia.
    is it 100 % that i get pr after medicals request .
    i am in very bad situation
    plz plz help wayne

    garry atwal

  72. hey guys last friday i saw my ECAS changed into decision made. it is monday but i havent got any post at my doorstep..i m so worried…why havent i got my passport yet….can anyone tell me…how many days it will take to get the passport afte ecas changed into medicla decision..i m so worried..help me out plyz

  73. oops i made a mistake in above post…after decision made

  74. in feb 1st week i did my medicals and send pcc and rprf 3rd week of feb. rprf cleared 3rd march passport submited ist of may in chc. when they will send back any body idea abut this ?

  75. i went to new delhi to ask my passports back and they told me come next week and get ur passports .
    bit worried
    plz held

  76. Hello every1………………..I m so happy..i got my passport back on 29th june…with maple leaf over it…..i m so
    happy ,,i ll fly soon..whoaaaaa…….thanx for ur help,,,n god help all…all d best …t c …i ll post my timeline soon

  77. Hello guys I got my passports from delhi by hand and
    Maple leaf on it
    Thanks all
    I am very happy
    Thank god

  78. congratulation garry g mubarka rab saadee pata nahi kadon sunoo

  79. i WANT TO ASK I
    ECAS Status shows in process
    Inside the status 3rd line added that your application was reviewed and we started processing on june 14 2012. So what will be the next step.


  80. hi wayne i have my brother appiled for study visa after refusal of spp ,now he appiled again under genral ct.thers he put sop bit wrong ,so can we send aletter to immigration
    we enter collage name in sop wrong
    sop = stattement of purpose .

  81. hi wayne, i am pre-juner and had my visa office is NEW DELHI. Luckily, after so much of long wait on 7thfeb 2012, my e status changed from Recieved from visa office to IN Process, but in the month of june my total status disappeared and they r unable to identify me and then after 15days in the month of july my status re appeared with the same detail inside as , we recieved your file and started processing from 7th Feb, from then nothing happens , i am worried how much more time i had to wait for the medical, please guide me in this respect.

  82. hi wayne my husband recieved an AOR from CIC NS for his PNP PR we are included to that application. Now i have a job offer at edmonton and the employer asked me to start filling the forms while waiting for the open LMO. Will my TWP application affect on my husbands PR application process,thank you


    Marina Casanova
  83. Hi Wayne,
    Im Marlon from Saudi, I already receive the forms for our Medical Exam and ask me to pay the RPRF. Is there any form to be filled out for the the RPRF and will be just a bank draft ?

  84. hi
    i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for medical.now much more time we will wait for our MR

  85. dear in next six months u will be clear if every thing is ok

  86. ok thanx

  87. hi im new to this forum pls tell me what time taken for visa after medical results have been received shown on ecas & all required document such as valid paasport, RRPF fee dd, educational certificate & condition of employment submitted in newn delhi immigration section in end of august-12

  88. hi seniors I applied in FSW in May 2010. I am eagerly waiting reply from Canada embassy Rome after I submitted my medicals in April 2012. After medical submission its already 8 months and have not received any reply. I am worried very much. Would you please suggest me why its taking so long time for further. Or if there is any other such case like mine Here is my time line:

    We received your application for permanent residence on May 11, 2010.

    We reviewed your application and sent you a letter on November 23, 2010. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us.

    Your application was reviewed and we started processing on March 7, 2012.

    Medical results have been received.

    Please seniors reply me I am much worried, Also suggest me further time frame and what next?

  89. hi wait a bit more for pass port requests

  90. hi navi would you please suggest me why its taking so long time?

  91. It is really a painful wait. Mine is DM from new Delhi VO. My time line

    We received your application for permanent residence on May 22, 2012.

    We started processing your application on November 23, 2012.

    Medical results have been received.

    Interview scheduled for November 20, 2012.

    A decision has been made on your application. The office will contact you concerning this decisi

    Vijaya Kumar Reddy Guntaka
  92. If an employee steals a large amount of money it can result
    in the layoff of fellow employees. The information can be anything from the basic court house records of what you have
    or have not done in the past year, to a full comprehensive look at your past jobs,
    residential history and anything else they can dig up.

    Included in the criminal background screening are information such as arrests, lawsuits and other problems related to
    the court system.

  93. i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for medical.now much more time we will wait for our MR and now 2013 is start and still we are waiting

  94. I feel very lucky to come to your site. I applied for FSW in May 2010 (Singapore office). In Oct 2012, I got the medical request sent from SVO. After completing the MR and submitted all other requested documents, I heard nothing from Singapore office. I checked the Ecase and saw “medical received” (around 6 Jan 2013) and the bank draft has been cashed on 31 Jan 2013 for 980CAN (right of permanent residence fee) …. Still I’m waiting for the Passport request now. … I checked the timeline in cic and saw it mentioned the average processing time as 32 months … Now I’m approaching 35 months and still nothing… Do you have any idea for my case? Thanks

    • Hi. After the axing of 280,000 pre Feb 2008 applications CIC have got their inventory down to a much lower level.

      The latest applications usually take the priority – but for 12 months there has been a freeze on new FSW1 applications, and when it reopens in May there will only be 5000 total accepted. So this should enable CIC to really hammer through what is left of the backlog.

      Of course, I can’t make any exact predictions for your case. Medical received line in ECAS usually means medical approved by the medical services division of the visa office. Since it’s over 3 months since that line appeared you are certainly within your rights to mail CIC and ask for an update. Usually the best way to word it is to start your timelines and ask if they require any more information. Hopefully that will give someone a nudge.

      Best of luck,

  95. hello wayne,

    i applied under fsw with AEO in first week of nov. 2012 and than i received PER on 2 jan 2013. than i received AOR from new delhi on 20 feb 2013.

    till today i didn’t received anything …. how much time it take for medicals? my ecas shows only application received on xxxx/…..

    kindly give your suggestions

  96. Hi Wayne
    I have received my file number on 01.03.13, but my TEF result was missing. I sent the TEF result to the CIO in April 2013. I have checked my ECAS but i am not accessible. Please advice.

  97. Hi Wayne,
    I very much confused why VO london didnot update my E-Cas ,it had 6 months of medical done.Still didnot hear from VO. Kindly reply.

  98. hi i am applied as a fsw in january 2013. after somemonth employment verification came to my employer. and they are saying we weill come againg to verification to your employment . 10th month passout but there is not verification . can you suggest me how much time they can take more to finialize / plz suggest me .

    • hi i am applied as a fsw in january 2012. after somemonth employment verification came to my employer. and they are saying we weill come againg to verification to your employment . 10th month passout but there is not verification . can you suggest me how much time they can take more to finialize / plz suggest me . when i check my application status online where showing your file is in process. i am confussed how much time CHC will take more to come again to verifing my employment . plz suggest me

  99. Thanks God. finally i got finish immigration process
    i want to share everyone my data

    start file july,2009
    Nicosia send me letter sep,2009
    Islamabad embassy send me file no on nov,2009
    london change my status 26,june,2010
    we are review your file from 25,Feb,2012
    Update documents photographs+PRF+PCC june,2012
    Medical request Sep,2012
    send Medical Oct,2012
    Receive PR1 Aug,2012
    Got Visa Aur,2013

  100. Hello,
    I applied under FSWP 2013 .Feb 15th 2014 i got my Request letter for medicals, RPRF,PCC and Papports from New Delhi !! My medical results have been emailed to CHC New Delhi by hospital on 22nd March 2014 and we have submitted our RPRF,PCC and passports !! But still my ECAS shows “IN PROCESS” !! Now within how many days/months it may change to “Medicals received” and within how many months can i know the result ?

  101. I’ve learn a few goiod stuff here. Definitely wortth bookmarking for revisiting.

    I surrise how sso muc effort you set to make this sodt of agnificent informative weeb site.

  102. Hi wayne
    well i am very new in this form but very impressed with your feedbacks and i am an applicant of fswp 2014 and my medical exam had been submitted on 28,december 2013. On 10 april 2014 i had my physical examination without any intimation which was ok. On ask to examiner i cant show him my mails due to my laptop was broken on very that day and I had cleared him but the examiner said he is not satisified and he asking me a lot of questions, I have cleared all but he was stick only with my emails which i cant show him except it i have cleared all the queries.

    Now my question is i m still waiting from 5 months and have done interview 1 month ago. and i m still waiting. the situation effects me very badly which is not describle. please enlighten your views…


  103. hi wayne,
    i would like to ask because the passport of my family they send it last august 5, but until now they havent receive their passport back. it’s been almost 6 weeks. please reply..thanks

  104. Hi Wayne, went to my ecase this friday i saw that the status of my application for permanent residence (parents grand parents) changed from documents received to in process.When i clicked in they said that they started to process the application last monday september 22 2014.So my question was to know how long would it take for them to process it in order to call us for the medical visit.

  105. hello im new here. I wonder how I could trace visa status. My husband had already been granted PR last August 16, I delivered my passport to CEM last July 28. According to the email, the passport will be returned in 4-6 weeks. until now, they have not returned my passport/visa yet. I tried the ECAS, but all it showed was my husbands status. I wonder coz you guys seem to know your visa status vis ECAs. Do we miss something? your insight is highly appreciaed.. thanks much.

  106. Hello, i have submitted my document to Nova Socia on June 2014, till the date i dint rev any email or confirmation or any sort of information, i like to know whether my document reach to office of NS or any other issue, please enlighten on the issue.

    Mohammed Muqutar
  107. We transferred your application to the New Delhi office on September 2014. The New Delhi office may contact you.My 3rd line updated what is this?

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