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In order to try to keep this blog a fun and sane place for everyone (not the least of which my own sanity!) I am implementing certain posting rules.

1) No “When will I hear something?” posts

Please, no posts which merely ask “Please Wayne, how long will it be before I get medicals / PPR / visa????”. Every applicant is totally different, and a large number of factors such as the complexity of your application, your visa office, the number of countries you’ve lived in, and even sheer luck on brought forward dates etc, make it impossible to predict how long the visa office will be with your application.

Since I got fed up of explaining this again and again and again (on dozens of posts) I am now simply saying that any posts which purely ask when the applicant will hear something, will just be trashed. Sorry, this is just a necessity!

2) No religious comments.

This is a non-religious blog on the subject of Canadian immigration. People from all walks of life and all different religious beliefs post here. Therefore I would like to respectfully ask people to please leave religion out of the posts altogether.

Minor religious comments (“Thanks be to God” etc) within posts will be removed before approving but I will allow the post. Any posts which contains heavier religious comments will be entirely trashed. Anyone wishing to give praise to their chosen diety, please do it some place else. There are plenty of religious forums out there which would be a more appropriate place for such comments.

3) No swearing/profanities, or sexist/racist comments.

ANY such posts will be immediately deleted. Repeat offenders will have their IP address banned from this blog.

4) No repeat posts.

Please don’t make the same post in 5 different areas, and please don’t make a post and then keep posting “Wayne please respond to my post”. If I didn’t get time yet to respond to the first post, I am not going to get time to respond to the second.

Thank you for your co-operation in helping me to cleanly maintain this blog! 🙂


Posted February 20, 2012 by Wayne

18 responses to “**POSTING RULES**

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  2. Great rules! I wish you had a like button.

    Thanks be to Wayne!

  3. hi there , sir i just want to knw i applied my pr under fsw and my process is gng on in new delhi canadian embessy they sent me an email about my medical and they ask my status i m in india or out side of india through email i replied i am in canada plz send my medical form my canadian address but i didnt get any form and they sent another attechment in which they written they need all my police clearence and other fees n document with medical proof in 23 march so how can i send other thing without medical proof still i didnt get my medicaal form kindly help me out

  4. hello wayne i applied Canadian immigration in June 2009 three month ago london visa office asked to submit new IM0008 forms and up and pcc along with my all education degrees which i posted one month ago, today i received all my original degrees and they ask me to send right of landing fees and two recent photographs but strangely they don’t send medical request would you please lets me know is this normal procedure or they approved my case

  5. Hi Wayne,

    “Under proposed legislation, CIC will close the files of FSW applicants who applied before February 27, 2008, and for whom an immigration officer has not made a decision based on selection criteria by March 29, 2012. ”

    Will this also affect applicants who applied in the month of Jan 2012 or files which were received in the month of Jan 2012 ?

    My file has reached New Delhi in March and I received a letter from them on 28th March 2012. Since then ECAS is showing In process without any further progress.

  6. hi Wayne

    I need your help.

    I want to know that “Is there any Canadian immigration catagory ( Federal/Quibec) by which if i apply i can take my parents and one of my mentally retired sister with me along with my family?” Because my parents and my sister are depend on me. There is nobody to take care of them. So i cannot leave them.

    Please give me a reply.


  7. hy.
    actually my case is little different . i applied and den rejected and refunded back d money dey again opened on 22 may 2013 and i recieved intimation for medicals and passport submission , we did it on 9 may2013 and e cas showed in process and yesterday it was showing Decision made …. i am very nervous . plz help me and tell wat does it means??????? mine case was under 29 list.

  8. hi i am ruchi i wrote dis , sorry due to tension i wrote wrong Reopened on 22 may 2012 and submitted documents on 9 march 2013……. plz any msg regarding dis
    fingers crossed……………………..

  9. Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic however I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest authoring a blog post or vice-versa? My website addresses a lot of the same subjects as yours and I believe we could greatly benefit from each other. If you’re interested feel free to send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Great blog by the way!

  10. Hi, I applied for FSW2 in may 2011 to buffalo office. I got the updated document request on July 2013… then, i got the request for rprf and medicals on sep 16,2013. but I haven’t received the medical form despite sending emails to CIC. please advise can I go for upfront medicals.

    Thank you

  11. Hi, I applied may 2010 New delhi visa office. medicals have been received and admitted by cic. in nov 2013. passports and updated documents of dependant child also sent in nov. 2013 what is the remaining process. please guide if more updated documents will be asked for dependant child

  12. Hi Wayne,

    I sent my application on the 21 of July to CIO and would like to send an update.

    How does that works?

    Thanks for the reply

  13. hello everyone, i m new to this blog.
    i have a question. i have applied forlrove mpnp and has got approvel and high commisiion of canada has asked for my passport. my problem is i m currently residing in uk and has applied from uk. i have sent my passport to home office for extension and havnt received it back yet. i m planning to withdraw my application and send my passport from india. my home country is india. can someone please advice me regarding this matter. thanks

  14. HAI


  15. Hi everyone! I am new to this and pulling my hair out. I just married a Dane in August. He is here in Canada with me now. I have filled out the sponsorship forms on the Cic site and am stuck on the financial form. I own a house with over 250,000 in equity and own a business worth approx 45,000. I have 10,000 in the bank and access to a large line of credit. I have no consumer debt. The question I have is I do not show on my line 150 of my income tax that I make 35,000 needed for sponsorship because I legally claim my write offs. I have a legitimate legal accountant and am legal in everything I do. How do I get around this form? Any advice is appreciated. I am at a stand still and ready to pay a lawyer because I don’t know what to do. HELP!!???

  16. Hello Wayne,
    I got refusal from CIO that I do not fulfill points requirement. They calculated 66. They deducted my 1 point for education as I have in eca report summary bachelor degree 4 years and in credential
    1. Bachelor degree 4 years
    2. One year graduate study

    So I counted 22 points for 2 post secondary credentials(they assigned 21 points)

    Secondly they assigned 13 points for mywork experience and said they are satisfied that I have performed present job as elementary teacher Noc 4214. I am genuinely working presently but didn’t attach experience certificate under misconception that they calculate only work experience of main noc I have applied (2281).
    Is there any option that I can appeal them for reconsideration of my case. As my fees is already encased. On 12 Jan. I have UCI and file no. From CIO.

    Please guide me……..

  17. Hello Wayne! With regard to proof of funds, I have one deposit of a lump sum amount one month prior to application. Said amount was through cash paid by a friend who borrowed money from me and was only able to pay when her loan got approved. She is willing to sign a letter certifying such. Should this suffice and be accepted by the ECO? Would highly appreciate your thoughts on this. I would also like to add that even without said lump sum, my outstanding balance would have been fine. Thanks
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  18. Hi dear I hve applied super visa of my mom next week medical will be done but her passport is going to expire next year…after medical can I renew passport ..? When chic demand for original passport
    Thanks in advance

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