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Hi all,

Just to say I am glad everyone is still using this site as a resource, and a means to talk to each other.

I seldom get chance to get on here nowadays.

We still don’t know exactly what is happening with FSW1 next year. There have been talks of EOI (expression of interest) whereby once you apply your application goes into a pool, and it won’t be approved until an employer expresses and interest in you.

Quote from Jason Kenney:

” And finally, we intimated in the budget that we will be working towards something like a system based on what we call an ‘expression of interest,’ where applicants will eventually go into a large pool of qualified immigration applicants for Canada, giving us their consent to share their applications with employers and indeed provincial governments ,so that those employers can come into the pool of qualified immigrant applicants and do their international labour recruitment from within that pool. ”


It seems certain there won’t be a “list” as such, and if the EOI system is not in place by January there may just be a free-for-all set of applications, probably 10,000 or so, in which people will need to meet the 67 points BUT don’t need experience in a particular NOC. It also seems certain that there will be a minimum language score required.

That’s about it for the rumours so far – will post again when I have something more concrete.


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BREAKING NEWS! FSW Cat 1 is paused from 1st July 2012   6 comments

As per the rumours in the Province yesterday, it is has been officially confirmed by Minister Kenney today. CIC are not accepting any applications from 1st July 2012 for Federal Skilled Worker at all, unless you have a job offer or a Canadian PhD.

Effectively job offer is the new Category 1 (FSW1) and PhD is the new Category 2 (FSW2).

This is due to be reviewed around January 2013.

The full announcement can be read here:

So winners and losers as usual. The big winners are currently applicants who applied after Feb 2008 and before July 2012 who should see a quicker turnaround of their applications with no new applications coming in.

The biggest losers of course will be those who were planning to apply this year. Regrettably those people will have to either get a job offer, or wait to see what is announced New Year 2013.


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BREAKING NEWS: CIC scrapping the backlog is now looking like a reality!   2 comments


“Under proposed legislation, CIC will close the files of FSW applicants who applied before February 27, 2008, and for whom an immigration officer has not made a decision based on selection criteria by March 29, 2012. This is expected to affect around 280,000 applicants, including their dependants. CIC will begin the process of returning the full amount of fees paid to the Department by these affected FSW applicants. For those who have passed the selection criteria stage – approximately 20,000 people – CIC will continue processing their applications until they are approved for entry into Canada or not.”

This is no longer a rumour but is on the official CIC website.

This is at the very least extremely unfair on those applicants who have been waiting 4,5,6,7,8 years patiently to be fairly processed, and are now having that taken away from them.

This could also have very serious legal ramifications IMO if they don’t dot their i’s and cross their t’s when they legislate this!!


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Hi everyone,

OK it is becoming apparent to me now that the number of posts of people asking me questions is far exceeding the amount I find myself having time to answer. I logged in just now and I had over 50 outstanding posts, and this is the first time I’ve had chance to look at this site for about a week. Therefore I have changed the settings so that all posts will auto-approve from now on and there will be no moderation. I have also approved all outstanding posts.

From today onwards I regret that I can’t promise to reply to posts made on here. The volume is simply more than I have time for. So feel free to continue to use this blog as an information source and to ask each other questions.

I will still post here from time to time and chip in with replies where I can, and of course if I hear about any relevant news from CIC I will make it available here.

I wish you all the best of luck with your Canadian Permanent Resident applications.


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Hi guys,

OK I have finally responded to all unanswered comments that needed approving, so I am up to date. I will try to respond within a few days maximum in future to keep on top of things.

Not much more news to post at the moment. Seems likely that the 1st July 2012 intake will be a new set of MI, with a new occupation list and even some more points matrix rules. But it’s all strong rumours and nothing official at the moment, so I will post the actual news once it becomes official.

Best of luck with all your applications,

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Guys this is the very very last warning, it is getting SOOOOOOOOOO annoying that nobody is paying any attention and continually hounding me with “Here is my timeline, when will I get medical requests?” posts again and again and again, completely ignoring my continual requests for people not to do so.

So this site will be closed down the next time I get such a request.

Yes, it is annoying me THAT much….




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Hi guys. OK I am slowly catching up will all the masses of posts I’ve received recently, and hope to be completely up to date within the next day or two.

In order to make things a little simpler I have implemented some basic posting rules. Can I please ask anyone posting here to read and respect them:

Thank you 🙂

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