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Well on Saturday we landed and became Permanent Residents of Canada!

Was pretty simple once we got to see an immigration officer. Unfortunately we had quite a wait!

We landed in Vancouver around 12.15pm on Saturday and proceeded to passport control. There is a separate passport control for immigration to the right of the main passport control kiosks which we were told we should use, but upon getting there we discovered many people queuing for student visas.

So we were told to go through regular passport control and then off to immigration after.

Lady at passport control asked us purpose of our stay and we said to activiate permanent residents visa. She asked why we were only staying 14 days (we had written this on our landing card) and we said we were returning to the Uk after 2 weeks to finalise our house sale, and then returning to Canada permanently afterwards around October time.

She said ok and then instructed us to go to immigration (which was a short distance after passport control).

When we got there we discovered around 200 students queuing for student visas (basically an entire planefull of students from Shanghai)! After waiting for 15 mins in a LONNNNGGG line a guy came and checked everyone’s papers who were waiting in the queue. When he saw ours he was “Oh, you’re landing, you don’t need to queue here” and instructed us to go to a different desk, where we were given a ticket number and were told to wait and our number would be called.

We had to wait probably just over an hour before we finally saw a visa officer – there were about 3 families before us who were completed their record of landing. Anyway when we finally got to see the immigration officer he took our passports and papers and asked us some basic questions. We were married to each other? Had we ever been refused entry to Canada? Had we ever committed a serious crime? How much cash were we carrying?

We were only carrying a few hundred dollars in cash so we declared that. Please note that we were NOT asked to show proof of settlement funds.

He asked us to sit down for a few minutes whilst he checked through our paperwork, which we did. He then got us to sign our COPR in about 3 places and then finally on the bottom (note that it is very important to make sure your signature is within the white box and doesn’t fall within the green line on the bottom COPR form signature) and stapled the back copy to our passports. He then told us we would need a travel document from our embassy to return to Canada before we got PR cards, and that PR cards would be delivered to our Canadian address in 6 to 8 weeks.

Please note that we were not asked for goods to follow list. We had the typed out list with us and we asked about it, but he said it wasn’t needed until we ship our goods (we had not shipped them yet) and gave us an information sheet telling us what to do when we were ready to ship.

And that was it! Took around 15 mins once we got to see the immigration officer, but we had about a 2 hour wait in total to get there (including passport control).

So here we are, now landed Permanent Canadian Residents! 🙂


Posted August 28, 2011 by Wayne

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  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats. Wayne….. Wish you good luck….


  4. It is surprising that they did not ask u for the address of person who u are supposed to visit.

    • ? We are not visiting anyone. We just landed and we are permanently renting an apartment. We gave them the full address of the apartment we are renting.


  5. Great that all went good and Congrats on your official PR landing, Wayne! 🙂

  6. Ahh Congratulations….Can I just mention that your Get2Canada site has been invaluable to us….For you to write such a brilliant timeline and to let everyone know what to expect, how and when whilst going through the process yourself …I take my hat of to you…..Well done….all the very best for the future


  7. Hi Wayne,

    Thank you very much for sharing the information.

    Regarding coming back Canada in October, is it mean that if you have PR card in your hand at that time you don’t need any other document such as travel document from your embassy?

    I have this question because I also planned to visit Canada 2 weeks in October before permanently move there next year. However my Canadian uncle told me that I cannot leave Canada before holding the PR card and 2 weeks are not enough time to get it.


    • Hi – have replied to your PM on Canadavisa regarding this.

    • Hi Wayne,
      I have the same question and I am planning to visit Canada for 2 to 3 weeks in March before moving permanently in August. What about my PR Cards?
      Could you please share this experience?

      • If you are planning a short landing trip, then returning to your home country – the address you give for your PR cards MUST be a Canadian address.

        We permanently rented an apartment from the date of our landing trip, and continued to rent it whilst we were in the UK, so the address was not a problem.

        Optionally you can not order your PR cards when you land, and order them at a later date after you have settled, but this usually means they take even longer to arrive.


  8. Well done Wayne and Mrs Wayne!! Hope you are enjoying our nice weather here. Welcome to Canada. I live on the island and there has been a posting with Central Drugs here in Nanaimo for a number of weeks, just to let you know.

    • Hi Rosemary,

      Ok thanks for the info 🙂 I think my wife mentioned it. We’re actually looking for live on the mainland rather than Vancouver Island (although we did visit Victoria during our recent 2 week landing trip – I have an elderly uncle who lives there).

      I think we’re trying to secure work east of Vancouver around the Langley/Burnaby/Aldergrove/Abbotsford area.


  9. Hi Wayne, I hope your trip to Vancouver was successful! Am planning to land nov/dec and was glad to read your landing experience was relatively easy! I hope some day we can meet for a drink! ps rosemary is my mum, she always asks about you and your progess!

    EmmaJ x

  10. Thanks for keeping us updated Wayne, and I agree with Gillian, your blog has been invaluable to our family. Glad your landing went fairly smoothly, and all the best for finding work. I’ve PM’ed you on canadavisa – as we got PER!

    • Hi Kerry – yes I just replied to your PM 🙂 I have been away for 4 days drinking beer in Germany for a friend’s stag do so am just playing catch up with blog + PMs.


  11. Wayne,
    Hows it going? I just got my PR visa stamped on my passport.
    I am not sure about when I will land in Canada – perhaps summer 2012, but if I want to make a short landing trip and then come back to the US to complete work obligations before moving to Canada permanently, what exactly do I need to do?
    You mentioned something about a “travel document” and I was wondering how I can get it and from which embassy?

    • If you are re-entering Canada without your PR card and your passport is non visitor visa exempt then you will need a travel document from your embassy to re-enter

  12. Hey Wayne.its Judith,
    Congragulations in your landing…May God keep you also. BTW my ecas finally changed to ‘in process’ 20th october is wen they started processing…. i know you dont recall me..we still nervous for medicals though..
    Thank you for your help.

  13. Hi Wayne,Do you have medicals after your landing also?

    • Hi no. You only take medicals prior to CIC making a decision and issuing your visa.

      However, please note that you MUST land within 12 months of the date your took your medicals, else you will have to start the application process all over again.


  14. Hello Wayne,
    i would just like to ask how much cash could we bring upon entering canada? I have read that if we will bring more than 10000CAD we need to declare it,does that include the money in our personal bank accounts or only declare the cash on hand upon arrival.thanks wayne.hope to hear from you soon.

  15. we applied as fedral skilled worker and gave the landing address as -Winnepeg,Manitoba.now the visas has come so i want to ask is it compulsory to land there only?or we can land anywhere in Canada.How much maximum amount can we carry except the required amount of 10,000$?

    • 1) You can land anywhere in Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker (except Quebec, they have their own skilled worker program).

      2) You can carry any amount you like. If the amount exceeds $10,000 in CASH then you need to inform customs when you land. If you have funds in bank accounts etc this does not have to be declared.


  16. Hi. Wayne I have got visa under ainp a month back n goin to land in ist week of sep. My question is that how much funds I should brig with me. Do I have to bring $10,000 with me. Or I can bring less Amount with me. Coz whenofficer ll ask me. Thn it won’t make any problem for me If i ll bring less than $10,000 as it was required in the beginning process n I have shown dis amount. Plyz time is runnin out. Lemme know soon

  17. Hi Wayne,

    We have intended destination as Halifax in travel document. Do we need to do record of landing at Halifax only or can we accomplish this any where?

    I am willing to land at Ontario/Toronto along with my spouse who also got the visa. Should this make things difficult for record of landing.


  18. Hey Wayne , We got our Visa & COPR and the expiry date is March 20th 2015 , so when should we land there , can we land by March 2015 or is it risky to do so ? Please let me know !!

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