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Today (Tuesday 19th April) we just got back from our medical exams and wanted to share our experience. Please note that this experience is likely to vary from country to country, and probably from DMP to DMP, but it should hopefully give most people a general idea of what to expect. We took our medical exams at Tudor House Medical Practice in Nottingham, UK.
We got there about 15 mins early. When we got to the desk the lady took our Section A forms and our passports for verification and handed us urine bottle for samples and also a medical history questionnaire to fill out. It was pretty straightforward (have you ever had any hospital treatment/operations, any history of heart disease – about 15 questions in all).It had 3 pages. The back page is the consent form for allowing them to take a blood sample, and the middle page is all the stuff the doctor fills in during the medical examination.
Anyway, we had a further 40 minute wait since the doctor wasn’t there and had been called on an emergency because of a mad person! Wink The lady handed us back our passports fairly quickly, I can confirm we did not need to bring photocopies of the bio page with us.

Anyway when the doctor got back it was pretty quick. He agreed to do me first since we said I hate needles so the first thing he did was took my blood sample. Then my blood pressure, which he commented was excellent (130/80 not bad for a 38 year old! Wink) Then he examined inside my mouth and throat, inside my ears, and did an eye test without my glasses (no idea why they asked to bring my glasses to the exam because he never asked to see them or to do an eye test with them on).

Then I was asked to lay on the couch whilst he took a little hammer to test my reflexes on a few of my joints, and felt my stomach and some of my joints and then asked me to take some deep breaths whilst he listened to my breathing.

And then that was it! I’d ticked the “A” box which is no serious problems.

Same for my wife (although she was a bit mad that despite being nearly 10 years younger than me her blood pressure was slightly worse than mine! Her eye sight is better than mine though).

Then it was off to the local hospital for the X-rays. We were waiting about 15 mins, then they asked my wife to get changed into a gown, and she had her X-ray. I was in there all of 2 mins, the X-ray is standing up so it’s very quick. They confirmed that the image had taken ok and then we left.

The hospital said they’d send the X-rays to the doctors tomorrow, and the doctors said that all the results should be sent to CHC by Tuesday next week (would be a bit earlier but we have Friday and Monday as public holidays here). So CHC should have everything by the end of next week.

We just need to give them a call for piece of mind around next Wednesday time to check there were no problems with the chest X-rays or blood tests.

Hopefully someone found this useful! 🙂



Posted April 19, 2011 by Wayne

47 responses to “Medicals experience

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  2. Hi Wayne,
    Congratulations on doing the med. exam and thanks for posting the details.
    I’m wondering if there was any question about having “hypothyroidism” on
    your forms.
    thanks in advance

  3. Yes, i like the new layout 🙂


    Indira Prabhakaran.

  4. Thanks Wayne , for guiding us about the medical examinatin.
    Daud Khan

  5. Thank you Wayne,

    Could you give us an idea of how much the whole thing costed and after how many months of sending your visa application at the CHC did you receive the invitation to do your medical exams?

    • Hi sure, approximate costings for the 2 of us were:

      Processing fees £700
      Solicitor notarization fees £150
      Police certificates (had to get these twice!) £150
      Admin fees for things University transcripts etc £50
      Application courier fee £30
      Medicals £474
      RPRF £630
      YET TO DO: 2 trips down to London to take passports and then collect them 2 weeks later £120

      Total cost to get visa in passport = £2300 approx

      And that’s not including landing flight costs, costs of selling house, transport of goods over to Canada etc!

      Hope this information was useful!


  6. Post 26/6 applicant, received mr/rprf/pr altogether from vo New Delhi dt April 11-2011,having family of 5,medical papers were sent back for rectification as photographs of my baby girls got fixed on each other`s medical paper wrongly by vo.however the mistake was on the part of my consultant who wrote the names wrongly on b/s of photographs. I havn`t got back papers till date. got rprf receipt dt April 30.if there can be other documents already submitted which may need rectification too at this stage.
    Please guide-thanks

    arvinderjit singh
    • Probably best to check with others from New Delhi about their timescales to get an idea. If you have a look at the post-June-26 thread on someone there may be better to guide you. Do you know if the mistake has been corrected now?


    • Hello ,
      FSWP 2013 – I got a medical request for me & my spouse on FEB 15th 2014 but on FEB 17th only we send them a reply that we have a new born baby and we have to include him also to out application . We had send a signed letter and his Birth Certificate too. After that by End of Feb 2014 we had send all his required documents and his processing few to New Delhi and they have received it . Now i have got our Medical date on 19th March from Hospital , Now Hospital is asking whether each of us have separate EMI No: . We don’t have any EMI no: we have got only one UCI no: Now can i do the medicals for all the three of us or should we wait for embassy’s reply . And all our medicals and other documents should be submitted back to New Delhi before April first week !! PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS !!

  7. Thank you very much!

    That’s very helpful.I sent my application to the London office back in January 14 this year for the province of Quebec (after i received my ”certificate of selection” but since then i haven’t heard from the embassy and it’s been 4 months.

    Really hope to get the invitation to do the medicals soon as i’m desperate to move there in September.Hope i’ll be lucky.

  8. hi everyone iam about to do my medical and iwonder what they conduct in the blood test, iknow its hiv and syphilis but what about hepatitis ? do they chick for it?? iam healthy and my liver function is normal but ihave hepatitis c will this be reason to refuse me ?? pls answer me iam very worry. good luck everyone.

    • Ok firstly they normally only check Hepatitis in the blood test if you have multiple piercings, however in the medical questions the doctor asks you, you MUST dislcose any current conditions, so you need to inform them that you have this condition.
      Therefore do not in any way attempt to disguise this condition from them – they will want to know about it.


  9. Hi Wayne,

    Helpful post indeed!

    Well, my wife has benign lumps in the breasts. We have consulted several doctors here in India and got sonography and X-rays done too… But we have been assured by every doctor / report that it is nothing critical and a very common condition amongst women.

    Do you think this could create problem with our Medical results? Also, should we disclose this to the DMP or it should not be mentioned at all unless they find out?

    Thanks a lot,


    • Hi – you MUST disclose any problems to your DMP when you go for medicals. There will be a questionnaire and you have to answer all the questions. If you hide anything and CIC later find out about it, it will jeopardise your entire application and could make you inadmissable to apply again for a number of years.

      Honesty is always the best policy with CIC! Please note that the DMP will not make a decision as to whether you are medically admissable to Canda. They will write a report, but the medical services division of the visa office will make the final decision. If it were me I would be completely honest, it may also help if you bring with you to the medical the results of any tests + xrays you have had to prove that the lump is benign.

      My opinion from what you have told me is that it will all be fine.

      CIC have these primary concerns regarding your medical health:
      1) Do you have a condition that will present an unnecessary strain on their healthcare system?
      2) Do you have a contageous disease which will present a public health risk?
      3) Do you have any alcohol/drugs or psychological problems which may present a public health risk?

      These are their main concerns.

      I wish you the very best of luck.


  10. Hi Wyne
    We did our medicals on 23-12-2010, sent PCC on 07/01/11 but did not hear from VO london since then.
    I sent an email on 3-6-11 which was replied by VO saying that background checks are going on.
    I have a job offer and my employer also wrote to VO london to speed up if possible, however VO refused to give information to the employer but told him that we need IMM5475E form filled by PI.
    Now if i authorize that person (who is reliable ) as per this form, will i be still able to get the information and status update in future, can i still send them emails regarding my update. Will they send PPR to me or the authorized person


    • Ok one thing at a time. You cannot start working for a Canadian employer as a Federal Skilled Worker until your application is finalised and you have completed your record of landing.

      The only way to start before it is finalised is to secure a TWP (Temporary Work Permit) and to do this the employer must get an LMO (Labour Market Opinion) from the government, proving that they have advertised the position for 2 weeks in the last 3 months without a suitable Canadian being found.

      As to the other part of your question, you can nominate a representative who can liaise with visa office/CIC on your behalf. I think you just need to fill in a use of representative form and send this to the visa office informing them that you want someone to act as your representative.

      Although without your PR status how do you intend to legally work in Canada, do you already have a work permit in place?


  11. Hi Wayne,
    We will be going to Notts for our Medicals when the time comes so great to read your post. Can I ask – Did you take a copy of your Medical records to the exam? Not sure if this would help or not? Thanks

    Lindsey Maddison
    • Hi Lindsey.

      You don’t need to bring your entire medical records history, but they do ask you to bring any information you have if you an existing condition, and I think any current medication you are on etc.

      Since neither my wife nor I had any existing conditions when we went, we didn’t bring anything other than the forms they gave us, the required photos, and our passports.

      If you do have any current conditions I would bring the information with you since this may save time if the medical services division at the visa office who assesses it would otherwise request it later on.

      Best of luck.

  12. Thanks for your valuable Information. I would like to know if they enquire anything related to your smoking habit and does it reflect in any of the reports.

    • Hi, the DMP will ask you if you smoke and if so how much. He will not make any decision as to your medical admissability to Canada since that decision is made by the medical services division of the visa office.

      But generaly smoking will not be a problem as long as nothing shows up in the x-rays.


  13. how does controlled diabetis would affect on medical? Can it be a failure?

    • Hi – almost certainly won’t be a problem. As long as the medical services division of the visa office are convinced the condition will not place an excessive demand on their welfare system.
      Just bring any medication with you to the medicals and give the doctor all the info.

      Best of luck,

  14. Hi Wayne
    I had road accident about 15 years before .where doctor did operation and cut my stomach to take out the internal blood,now I don t have any record of it,also during operation my 2 ribs were cut as well ,so do u think this will be a problem

    • Most operations are no problem whatsoever. Just be truthful with any questions the doctor asks you during your medical examination. Mainly they are only concerned with serious diseases, alcohol/drug problems, or conditions which will pose an excessive strain on their NHS system.

  15. Hi.
    I got my medicals done on 31 october,2011.
    i sent my passport to visa office in new delhi,india.
    I also sent the demand draft of the RPRF FEE alongwith my passport and proof of medical examination.
    I have received the payment receipt of the RPRF fee paid to the visa office,new delhi,india…The application status also shows that the medicals have been received.
    Just like to knw if the payment of RPRF fee guarantees that the visa will be issued…Though the doctor did not tell that their was any medical related problem…

    • I believe visa office only cashes the RPRF draft once they are ready to issue the visa. There are no complete guarantees until you actually get the visa, but very few people are rejected due to medical reasons, and even fewer due to the security checks – so really once you get medical requests the visa is 99% certain but of course there are always exceptions.

      Best of luck.

  16. Hi jasvir.
    Dont wrry about that.their is no issue if u had an operation or not.
    Its only that u dnt suffer frm such an ailment that it would put an addntl burden of the canada’s health system.

  17. well as far as the security checks,i gt a mail prior to receiving medicals ,frm the embassy,saying that they had completed the assesement of my application including verification of my profeesional and educational documents.
    So ,normally hw much time does it take after the medicals ??is there any average time limit fr the same??

  18. HI.My status just changed to decision made today…any ideas on how much time to issue the visa???

    • What is your visa office? Normally they request passports first (except New Delhi which request passports during medical requests). Either way IMO you should get PPRs or visa within a few weeks of decision made.

  19. Hi Wayne
    I just wanted to ask you that during medical test what does they actually look they take urine test,blood test and hair test or just urine and blood only.thanks for u r reply.

  20. Hi,
    I am from India. My family have applied for the permanent citizenship to nova scotia almost 3 years ago . We have already paid our permanent residence fee, handed over the passports n done the medical checkups. unfortunately they found something wrong with my mothers health so they asked her to do another check up. After the check up the docter told us that he found some mark in her chest. Since She had got TB 16 years ago , it was well cured n now she’s totally free of it. The commision once again asked her to do an xray check up n Sputum test . Even though the docter”s feedback is positive , will it cause any big problem in our process? It’s already been 2 years now . Pleasehelp

    • Hi. Regarding medicals CIC are generally just concerned that you will not pose an excessive strain on their healthcare system, and also that you have no conditions which pose a threat to public health (such as AIDS/Syphilis) or public safety (such as drugs or alcohol problems).

      So the only concern I could imagine is whether your mother’s condition poses an excessive strain on their healthcare system. I am no doctor so really I am not qualified to judge, hopefully it will be ok but not much to do but wait until they respond.

      What does ECAS say? Once it says “Medical results have been received” it usually means that the medicals have been approved.


  21. Hi , I am from Sri lanka, I applied for FSW programme in 2008 and after 4 years they sent the request for my family and iI to do the medicals, which we did it on 15th March 2012. And now the status says that medicals have been received, I have produced my funds verification and even paid the RPRF fee. Does that mean that I will asked to produce the passports soon or will they take another year to do the process? Hope for a reasonable reply.

  22. Hi,friends,am from nigieria i did my medical in 31th march and was confirmed that it has been received on the 12th of april.i have been curious to hear from them ever since then,going to three months now,like what time do you think they can get back to me for visa issuance.hope to hear from you soonest.tthanks God bless

  23. Hi Wayne,
    Could you please explain Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) , for those applicant who is out of UK now but their visa office is LONDON, how can they send the fee to the Receiver general for Canada? can they write bank cheque ?? If no, any other way to pay? Thanks

  24. Dear seniors

    Pls clarify my doubt

    • What are the medical tests we need to undergone?
    • Is there any problem if the dependent is pregnant, we will Get any exemption in taking the x ray test? I need to inform the LVO now itself or once they issued the MR?

    Is there any exemption for the babies (2years old) from medical test?

    Pls advice



  25. hello guys any updates for applications applied between feb 2008 and june 2010 FSWC at new Delhi VO please reply
    thank you

  26. hi
    i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for much more time we will wait for our MR
    anyone suggest me

  27. Hi, I have just applied for FSW1 NOC 2174 on 26th June 2013. I dont know whether there are any chances of getting within the cap of 300. But my question is regarding the medical. Just after applying, our doctor confirmed of my wife’s pregnancy. If we get the file accepted, do we need to inform CIC about this change immediately. The due date for baby is 31 Jan 2014. Or shall we wait for the medical and then inform them about this. As per my understanding medical (x-ray) cannot be performed when pregnant. Please guide. Thanks.

  28. Hi, I have applied for FSWP 2013 NOC 2174 and received a PER few weeks back. Just after receiving the PER, our doctor confirmed of my wife’s pregnancy. I have the following questions and need some guidance

    1) do we need to inform CIC about this change immediately – The due date for baby is Feb 2014. OR
    shall we wait for the medical and then inform them about this. As per my understanding medical (x-ray) cannot be performed when pregnant.

    2) Will this xray issue delay the PR process as we might have to wait until the medical is done for my wife

    3) what should be the best approach in this scenario?

    Any help/advise will be greatly appreciated.

  29. i have done my medical in 16 augest 2013 and was applied under pre june 2010 fsw ,now any body tell me how much more time we are waiting for our visas

  30. Hello ,
    FSWP 2013 – I got a medical request for me & my spouse on FEB 15th 2014 but on FEB 17th only we send them a reply that we have a new born baby and we have to include him also to out application . We had send a signed letter and his Birth Certificate too. After that by End of Feb 2014 we had send all his required documents and his processing few to New Delhi and they have received it . Now i have got our Medical date on 19th March from Hospital , Now Hospital is asking whether each of us have separate EMI No: . We don’t have any EMI no: we have got only one UCI no: Now can i do the medicals for all the three of us or should we wait for embassy’s reply . And all our medicals and other documents should be submitted back to New Delhi before April first week !! PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS !!

  31. Hello,
    I applied under FSWP 2013 .Feb 15th 2014 i got my Request letter for medicals, RPRF,PCC and Papports from New Delhi !! My medical results have been emailed to CHC New Delhi by hospital on 22nd March 2014 and we have submitted our RPRF,PCC and passports !! But still my ECAS shows “IN PROCESS” !! Now within how many days/months it may change to “Medicals received” and within how many months can i know the result ?

  32. sir I had an interview in Islamabad,Pakistan and they give me medical letter I had that Last Monday my question is that how long they will take to update the status in online application checking service

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