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Important Information for those Changing their Address while Processing   Leave a comment

I recently moved, and as such used the ecas address change feature online, which didn’t work. I then called CIC and changed it over the phone, however my address never got fixed on ecas, which made me worried.

So, to be on the safe side, I sent my address in a Fax to Buffalo with my Client ID, File Number, Full name, Date of Birth and Email Address. I got this very informative email from Buffalo today:

Thank you for your enquiry.

Immigration cases being processed in Visa offices outside Canada use a system different from that used to process similar applications in Canada. As a result, the e-Client Application Status (e-CAS) frequently does not reflect the status of cases being processed in Buffalo.

Do not use the CIC e-Cas on-line change of address system. Your new address will not be downloaded to your file in Buffalo.

We have updated your address in our system.

Canadian Consulate General

Immigration Section

So, as the email explains, you cannot use the ecas system for changing your address. Anyone who moves should definitely fax an address update to their Visa Office as well if their application has been forwarded there.

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ECAS Login Guide   16 comments

I have now made this permanent page! You can access it from the link at the top, or here:

Thanks Jimmy!

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