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Hi all, I am making a page about this in the hope that some people actually read it 🙂

I have recently received a number of personal messages on and also observed a growing number of posters on threads, from people who have borrowed money from friends/relatives/banks for their proof of funds, and want my advice.

Usually these people submit only a bank certificate with a balance for this, in order to conceal from CIC the large deposit in their account from the borrowed funds. Interesting variations include people who get the loan into one account, then transfer the money into a second account and use this for proof of funds so CIC can’t see the repayments if they ever ask for statements.

So let me please make my own position on this VERY CLEAR when people ask me advice about this kind of thing.

Borrowing money for proof of funds and pretending those funds are yours, when they are not, is illegal.

– You will be defrauding the Canadian government

– You will be cheating the system which is unfair on other honest applicants – It is also unfair on the Canadian welfare system when you arrive in Canada with borrowed money which is not yours

– It is unfair on yourselves to put further strain on what will already be a financial struggle.

CIC explicitly say “You must show that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependants after you arrive in Canada. You cannot borrow this money from another person”

These rules apply to all Federal Skilled Worker, Category 1 applicants.

What this means is that you CANNOT BORROW THIS MONEY. It must belong to you. It does not mean “Unless you don’t have enough money and you feel this rule doesn’t apply to you”. If you do not have adequate settlement funds, then you are not eligible for apply for Permanent Residence as a Category 1 skilled worker.

So, for everyone listening, I won’t condone this and won’t give any advice on how to trick CIC in this regard. If CIC find out that you borrowed funds and pretended they were yours, not only will they fail your application but it may also make you inadmissable to apply again for a number of years.

Providing fraudulent proof of funding is NO better or more legal than providing fraudulent educational certificates or work experience letters.

Furthermore, for anyone who has cheated the system in this manner, I hope you are caught.

On a more constructive note, if people want my genuine advice – if you do not yet have adequate funds to apply:

1) Save up, or also look into selling assets to accrue adequate funding. Some visa offices will also accept equity in property as proof of funds so if you own a house you can provide 3 valuations and a mortgage letter as part or all of your proof of funding

2) If funds are a problem then you can secure a job offer and apply in Category 2, in which case you are not required to provide proof of funds.

Harsh words perhaps, but then the truth often is.


Posted May 27, 2011 by Wayne

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  2. Could you please cover another aspect of POF, i.e. how to show/proof convincingly that funds are available and at ones deposal? e.g. in my case I have more than required funds since last one year but due to low rate of return and local currency depreciation I preferred to keep them out of the bank and kept converting from one financial instrument to the other in open market. All these transactions don’t have any official record of business so I cannot say I can show possession of this money until I deposited it in my account two weeks back when VO asked me to send POF etc. Although during tis one year I had them in my account for 2-3 times but for a short time.
    Now I wonder if showing record of two to three weeks would be enough or is there any other way which can strongly endorse my ownership.
    For your suggestions please

    • Hi Darwaish,

      Would you not have records from when you originally withdrew the funds to invest in the first place? The point is, the visa officer wants to be convinced that the funds are yours are are not borrowed. There is every chance that a mere certificate or statement will be accepted, since they don’t always seem to ask for statements, so since the money is genuinely yours you can try that to begin with.

      If they ask for further proof once your application reaches the visa office stage, I would send them everything you can (as I said, statements from the original bank account before you invested the money) and a letter explaining exactly what has happened. It is likely to be several months before your application goes into process at the visa office anyway.


  3. Hi Wayne, can you tell me which visa offices do accept valuations and mortgages for POF?

    • Hi – I know London do, really sorry no idea about the others. Best thing is probably to contact the visa office you are intending to apply with prior to applying to confirm they accept property as POF.

  4. Hi Wayne,
    Just filling in schedule 3 of the Application pack, asks us to give a figure in $ for the amount of unencumbered funds we have to transfer. Ive got about 4k savings as used 2k for getting the application pack ready. Ive done as you suggested above and got the house I own valued through 3 estate agents. After I sell the house I will have about 90k in funds but can I put that on the form now or must I show only the cash I have in the bank

    • Hi – you can put the house equity in with those funds. So basically – take your bank savings and the value of your house, and take off that the cost to re-pay the mortgage, and the difference is the unencumbered funds that you can put down on the Schedule 3.

      However, whereas CIC as an umbrella organisation state that equity in property is acceptable as proof of funds at the application stage, individual visa offices vary as to whether they will accept this. So do check with your individual visa office that they will accept property as proof of funding. I know London accept this, but don’t know about the others!

      Best of luck with your application,

  5. Hi Wayne,

    I have given POF for about CAD15,200. This is in my bank as Savings account balance since I filed the application i.e. mid-September 2010. My application still shows “RBVO”. But I was just wondering if I can use about CAD 1500 out of this POF to purchase my flight tickets to Canada whenever I have to – for my spouse and me? This would mean I would still have about CAD 13,500 whilst the CIC limit is CAD13,837 for 2 individuals. Will this be fine or would you rather advise not touching this money at all until we don’t land?



    • Hi,

      Technically speaking the entirity of your settlement funds must be available throughout your PR process. However, even though visa office can ask to see further proof of funds at any stage, it is unlikely they will do so and the next time you will need to provide proof of funds is at point of entry when you complete your record of landing.

      However, since visa office asking to see proof of funds again is possible – I would advise spending no more than 10% of your settlement funds and ensure you are able to replace it within 60 days max, since visa office usually give 60 days for any additional documentation they require.

      At point of entry you MUST provide evidence, if asked, of at least the minimum required settlement funds. If the minimum for 2 people is $13,837 CAD and you only have proof if asked of $13,500 CAD, then they will refuse your entry to Canada.

      So do not under any circumstances risk it – ensure you have at least the minimum settlement funds when you land!

      All the best,

      • Hi Wayne,
        I have applied for FSW on 28th jan 2012, I have given POF of CAD14000 this is in my bank balance from the time i submitted the federal skilled worker application. Unfortunately i have to take CAD1200 due to some personal reasons.I got an email stating your application has received a positive final determination of eligibility based on work experience will be sent to visa office for further processing. My Ecas shows IN PROCESS on 25th october 2012 Ecas is updated showing your application is being processed. Can you just clarify me how long should i maintain the funds in my account.

  6. Wayne,
    where is it written that property valuation at application level must be from 3 sources? I am only aware of 1 and that is what i am processing ahead of submitting my application to cic.

    • By 3 sources it means 3 estimates/valuations. Essentially try to get 3 valuations on your property, since CIC want to be sure this represents the genuine value of the property and that you haven’t submitted just a single high obscurely high quotation.

      I would advise along with 3 valuations, also submitting a covering letter calculating the average of the 3 valuations and showing this in comparison to your mortgage, so they can see the remaining equity. Also it’s a good idea to show the minimum required settlement funds in the calculation.

      We did something like this (I have removed our actual figures and replaced with letters):

      Andrew Granger estimate (A)
      Frank Innes estimate (B)
      William H Brown estimate (C)
      Mean average of the 3 estimates = (D)

      Less (E) owed on mortgage = (F) equity in Sterling
      Current exchange rate as of today’s date = (G) CAD equity

      Best of luck,

  7. Thanks Wayne,
    you are a good guy. I wish you and your wife all the best in Canada.

    • Hi Wayne,

      I am on NOC type A job in Canada from Jan 2020. My spouse is in India and has to apply for spouse open work permit. I can show CAD 18000 bank balance where as my spouse has only 3000 CAD bank balance maintained in his salary account. Can he show provident fund statement as one of the proof of funds? Also, we have a mortgage for home that we jointly own. Can we get that valuated and provide as proof of funds? How much funds does my spouse need to show?

      Thanks and regards,

  8. hi,i have written by wrong 15000 cad as liabelities ,and 30000 cad as assets ,30000 cad as settle ment funds.what will be my situation as we are afamily of persons and iam apharmacist from egypt ,i sent my application on 1/9/2011 and iam worried about that mistake . what will happen to me and how can i fix that problem.

    • How much settlement funds did you actually provide evidence of? CIC will probably pass over a simply typo like this – if you say you have 15000 liabilities and you have provided evidence of 30000 in assets then I think they will work it out. Visa office may just ask you to clarify your funding once you go in process.

      Best of luck,

  9. Hey Wayne, thanks for the infos. I am a plumber and my NOC is 7251. I am from Nigeria and sincerely plumbers dont earn so much to save upto $11.000. However, i have $18.000 dollars bequeathed to me by my Father through the sale of our long owned property. This fund was given to me in lieu of my aspiration to relocate to Canada. In case issues arises about my POF, how do you think i can tackle this?.
    To make it easier for you, There is a legal document signed by my Father that he has given me the full responssibilty of the fund, also, i fixed the fund for a period of 180 days which is the max our Local banks can do here, they can though roll it over upon request. And without tendering the fixed deposit receipt, the fund cannot be withdrawn. The good thing is, i will be sending this fixed deposit receipt to CIC, so that shows the fund is not going noweher. Hun?

    • If the money is genuinely a gift, then you can use this for proof of funds. A signed letter from your father saying it is a gift and does not have to be repaid should suffice.

      However, please be aware that there may be income tax implications in your own country for receiving such a large gift, since your government may consider it as earnings and will require you to pay tax on it. I would certainly investigate this side of things thoroughly.

      But from CIC point of view, money gifted to you can be used as proof of funds as long as it is genuinely gifted and does not have to be repaid.

      Best of luck.

  10. Hi, Wayne!

    I’m from the Philippines.

    My bank account savings are in JOINT ACCOUNTS (peso and dollar accounts), my co-depositors are my parents (who are presently in the Unites States, as immigrants).

    Will the CIC accept as proof of funds those in JOINT ACCOUNTS, or would it be better if the funds are deposited in a single account?

    • CIC will only accept proof of funds in the name of the principal applicant, or accompanying spouse (or both).
      Therefore proof of funds which are jointly in your parents’ name will not be accepted.

      If you transfer into a single account you will have to explain where the large deposit came from. I think you will need a signed affidavit from your parents stating that the transferred amount is entirely yours and no part of it is owed to your parents.

      Basically the funds must be entirely yours and cannot be partly owned, or borrowed, from anybody else – including your parents.

      Best of luck,

      • Hi, can my sibling transfer the money required for proof of funds for migrating to Canada?

  11. hi I’m from the Philippines and we are under the provincial nominee program. i would like to ask if how much proof of funds do I need to show at the point of entry for 2 persons? Tnx

    • Hi – I am afraid since we were FSW applicants that I really don’t know enough about the PNP process to accurately comment.

      My understanding is that PNP is not an application but merely a way of getting a temporary work permit without needing an LMO (you still need the job offer) and then the province sponsors your application.

      But please look into it further, I really don’t know enough about PNP, so don’t take my word for it! 🙂


    • Hi, i am ann from the Philippines too! i would like to know if you were approved to immigrate already? we are about to start our application and hopefully it will turn into postive too just like other it possible to post resumes to other websites b4 i will finally submit my application for express entry?do i really need to submit rightaway pof along with my application for express entry?what documents should i submit first?

  12. sir, m a registered nurse in india and like to ask you… can you please tell me from where can i get the valuation letter of my house so tat i can produce it as a proof of funds…and also please tell me when should i giv my papers to my representative who is a member of cic mr manoj palwe to submit to cic as in the first week of july under federal skilled worker class?

    • Hi I am confused, have you applied yet or not?

      Please note that very few visa offices will allow property as proof of funds. If you live in India then I assume New Delhi will be your visa office, and IIRC they do not allow property as proof of funds (pretty much London is the only visa office which will accept property nowadays).


  13. Hi, am from Uganda. I applied in Dec 2011 under NOC 2113. I submitted a letter from NSSF(national social security fund – an organisation that keeps savings from employers for your retirement) as proof of funds. NSSF has a policy of releasing these funds once someone is to migrate permanently from the country other than after one retires. Will CIC accept this as POF?

    • I am not sure, you are probably best checking with your individual visa office since they all have slightly different views on what they will accept as proof of funding.

      A retirement fund doesn’t sound like it will be readily available enough to CIC to accept, but you may find that CIO will allow it through their eligibility review, but the officer at the visa office reviewing your application may ask for additional proof of funding.

      Do you know what will be involved in releasing these funds into a regular bank account if the visa office ask for it?


  14. Dear Wayne,

    I am collecting information for migrating to Canada through the CIC site process. By forums and your blog, I understand that the Application pack of all forms should be filled first, then Submitted to CIC. After they approve my file, I will be requested for Medical, Police Clearance and Language test? Then? What is next? I reside in Dubai, I have learnt that the interview is waived here as Visa office processing will be in London,UK…So, when will I have to show the proof of funds? Also, how is the PR visa done..? .is it stamped by sending original passport to Canada? Or is it stamped in the entry port after landing there? Also, my category being 1122 for FSW has reached its cap for 2011-12. So when can I apply for 2012-13 visa for this category? I am really sorry to flood you with so many queries…I did not find a reliable person as you are for this..I really wanna understand the procedure…Many thanks for all your help in Advance…may god bless you and your family always!! 🙂

    • Hi,

      In your initial application you must provide all forms AND all supporting documents required by the CIC checklist, which certainly does include the language test. You will need proof of full settlement funds also at the first stage with the initial application.

      CIC tend to change their minds from time to time about the PCC, so check the latest list. Last I heard, they advised you included it, but you could elect to omit it with the initial application and then send it when visa office asked for it.

      Since 1122 has reached its cap, you cannot apply under this category until 1st July 2012. However, it is anticipated that the list will change at this time, so we do not yet know if 1122 will still be on the list or not. It is also highly expected that the points system will be changed, favouring younger applicants and also weighing experience a bit higher and education a bit lower. But nothing official has been confirmed yet.

      My advice would be to get all the forms ready and supporting documents in place, then wait until 1st July when the new list and rules come out and see if you are eligible, and then apply if you are.

      Best of luck,

  15. Thanks Wayne, I will inquire at the Nairobi Visa office regarding the retirement package as proof of funds. What i know so far is that as long as there is proof that you are sure to migrate permanently to another country, these funds are released onto your account.


    • OK best of luck. I truly don’t know for certain, and I suspect it may depend to some extent on the discretion of the visa officer reviewing your case. But it would be good to get the official stance from your visa office so you know where you stand.

      Best of luck,

  16. Hi im a little worried now as we are wanting to emigrate to Canada and have had the money from my sister who has just sold two houses in the uk. She has given me just ova 15,000 pound which i am free to use how do i prove the money is genuine and not trying to cheat the system. Also it will be my husband who is principal applicant but the bank account is in my name as it give to me can he use my account or would i have to transfer money.

    Hi i understand totally with your points, however i am also a little worried as i myself do not have the funds from saving my sister has just sold two houses and is giving me and my family quite a large amount of money so we can start a new likfe in canad
    • Ok, firstly the funds can be in the name of the principal applicant or the accompanying spouse. So as long as you are accompanying your husband to Canada, having the funds in your name is no problem.

      Regarding the money, it is acceptable to use a gift from a relative for your settlements funds AS LONG as this is genuinely a gift and it does not have to be repaid. You should provide bank statements showing the funds, and then also a signed affidavit from your sister stating that the money given to you is a gift, and does not have to be repaid.

      You will also need to look into the tax implications in your country for receiving such a large sum of money, since you may have to pay income tax on it.

      Best of luck,

  17. Hi Wayne

    Thanks for that and yes the money is genuine im not sure what you mean about the income tax??? are you saying that because my sister has given me that money that i will have to pay tax on it? It really frustrates me the whole tax system as we pay so much tax already and yet when we are given a little helping hand we are taxed again, even though my sister has prably already paid tax on it.

    • It depends on the tax laws in YOUR country. But you have received substantial income. Most countries have a limit to how much money you can receive as a gift without paying tax on it. In the UK I believe it is £3000 per year, I have no idea of the limit for your country.

  18. Ok thank you

  19. hi Wayne i want to ask abt the settlement funds . we r total 4 members myself and my spouse and two dependent many canadian dollars we will hav to show after landing?Can$10,000 r written in the letter is this for one person or for the whole family?how much amt is required for 4 family members?

  20. Hi Wayne,

    I just want to ask how can the Canadian Embassy in Manila possibly check the proof of funds deposited in a bank? Are they allowed by law to see iit? I invested portion of our POF in stock market. I believe the embassy allows stock certificates, is this correct Wayne? Thanks for helping many people to be informed. – Paul

  21. Hi Wayne, I am in the process of immigrating to O Canada! I have more than enough funds needed to prove I am able to support myself for 2 years (’til I find employment, etc.). I was able to come to Canada for a visit and opened a Canadian Bank account, which will be untouchable, while I wait on the process. I will have another opportunity to come to Canada (as the processing continues)… Do you recommend I deposit more funds into my Canadian account and how much cash am I permitted to cross over into Canada with?

    • There’s not much point in worrying about a Canadian account until you plan to move to Canada, be it temporarily or permanently.

      You can carry any amount of cash, BUT if this amount is more than $10,000 CAD you need to tell the officials when you land that you are carrying more than $10,000 in cash (it is an offence not to do so).

      Best of luck,

  22. Dear Wayne,
    I have some dollar in my alertpay account.Is it possible to show proof of fund by showing alertpay balance?
    How can I show alertpay balance as a proof of fund? Which documents should I send to VO. I am planning to use combination of different source of fund as proof of fund like some portion by bank certificate of saving account from SCB, FDR certificate and alertpay account balance..

    I need your expert opinion regarding this matter.


    Md. Hasan Imam
    • I am assuming Alertpay is some kind of e-wallet type of account?

      Honestly I do not know 100% for sure, but I doubt the officials will accept balances of web e-wallets. How will you generate authentic statements? Anybody can forge a sheet of paper which is a print-out of a web page. They need to be convinced that the money is genuine and ready to bring with you to Canada.

      My advice is to withdraw this and put it into a bank account. If it’s an international bank (such as HSBC) you can bring the bank statements. If it’s only a local bank in your country they are less likely to accept this so bring traveller’s cheques/bank drafts etc.

      In short – savings account balances and fixed deposits are acceptable if is a large, internationally recognised banks. I don’t think Alertpay balance would be acceptable.

      Best of luck,

  23. Hi there, I need to know , when we arrive to canada after getting the RFPR do we need to show the funds at the entry point? or can we show half of the funds by credit cards or by travellers cheques?

    • You can never show funds by credit cards because the funds must BELONG to you, and credit card is borrowing money.

      Travellers cheques are ok. You do not need to be ANY actual cash, just a sufficient combination of bank statements, bank drafts, cash and traveller’s cheques to make up at least the minimum required settlement funds. If you do bring cash, if the amount of cash is over $10,000 CAD then you must declare this to the officials at point of entry.

      Please note that often they will not ask to see proof of funds, but you need it in case they do! 🙂
      Best of luck,

  24. Thanks a lot for the information , I really appreciate Ur kind advice and the time u spent on maintaining this blog.

  25. Hello I’m applying for a visitors visa for canada..I worked for a company and we do compulsory savings..I want to know if I could get a copy of my compulsory savings and have it notorized and provide it as POF to the embassy?

  26. I sent the property purchase stamp paper as property value on which price, property was purchased. I did not attached any valuation from any registered valuator. Now will London visa office accept it as POF or not. Can I now get three valuations and upload the scanned copies via email or visa specific inquiry as updated document to London visa office.
    Or I should wait

  27. Hi wayne, i was in australia on work permit i transfered funds to my parents ac which they invested on their name now for canada my parents have transfered these fund into my ac. Now as these funds belong to me will chc consider them & also my mother name is also there in my sb ac will it affect . Pls advice all money is mine but for sometime was invested on my parents name

    • Hi Sati, if the money is genuinely yours then it is fine. However, with the large amount being transferred into your account I would get a signed letter from your parents confirming that this is your money, and it is not a loan which has to be repaid.


  28. Hi wayne, i am going to apply for the manitoba province nominee program. we are total 4 members. me, My spouse and 2 dependant children. I just want to ask about the settlement of the funds against the bank statements which are being asked by the CIC canada. i am planning to borrow the money from my cousin sister. As i can see the blogs written by you on this page that borrowing should be prohibited as it can lead to the refusals in such cases. But can u provide me with some information that how can i show the settlement funds as its clearly written the checklist of MPNP that the bank statements for the past 3 months are required Can u please provide me with some information that do we have to show any minimum amount of balance which is required or just to show those statements demonstrating access to transferrable and liquid funds

  29. Hey Wayne,
    I have been accepted at University of Calgary for MSc in Electrical Engineering. University is giving $20000 in 1st year and $18000 in 2nd year of my study in any combinations of Scholarship and assistant ships(specified in this way only, no details in the offer letter). Tuition fee for 1st year is $6500 and $2400 in 2nd year which leaves me with $13500 and $15600 in two consecutive years for living expanses. Canadian Embassy requires $10000/per year for living expanses. My financials look pretty good based on these calculations but all the funding stated above is subjected to my academic performance during MSc. Can I get study permit by showing this financial offer letter alone as proof of financial support or do I have to show some other sort of funding like bank accounts etc? I only have $17000 available in my bank accounts whereas total required is $29000.

    Abhimanyu Panwar
  30. hi wayne just have a question my spouse and i plans to pursue our long time plan to apply for FSW category for our dreams to reunite with his parents whose already in canada and about the proof of funds we have earned about $11900 and to complete the funds my husbands parent gave us another $11900 would cic allow that for us to use as our proof of funds?

    valerie bernardez
  31. Hi Wayne,

    I am an Indian and I will be applying for the skilled migration visa from EUROPE so I wanted your advice if I can provide “proof funds”

    1: from the Indian Bank account in Rupees (currency) ?
    2: Can some amount or the whole amount can be shown from my father’s account or his land and house as a proof in terms of equity
    3: Or I must show it from the Europe’s bank account?

    Also, what if my situation changes like I move from one country to other country within EUROPE permanently or move back to India. So I was wondering what will be the procedure ? ( so I hope they will accept proof of funds from India when applying from Europe for the visa)

    Thank you

  32. hello wayne, i’m anticipating applying for a pr soon, my personal savings combined with that of my wife is enough for our POF, however my granddad gifted me a house which worths about cad 32,000. although i have got the documents and title deeds indicating its a gift from my granddad it is necessary for me to include the deeds in our application, particularly when we have the required funds and in my case i the london office will be treating my application, do i still need an evaluation report on the property?
    Thank you.

  33. hi thank you for your information… can we use parents’ estate and properties as funding support? they are valued by a government department and also letters from parents saying that we can use the money whenever we want….

  34. btw..we are from uk…

  35. Do you need a source for “proof of funds”? If so, we can introduce you to a firm who has been closing these deals for years.

    For your reference, we’ve listed all of their services in the section below:

    List of Proof of Funds Services:
    Collateral Enhancement
    Proof of Funds (Cash Account)
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    Verification of Deposit (VOD)
    Bank Comfort Letters (BCL)
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    Documentary Letters of Credit (DLC)
    Details for Proof of Funds Services:

    Terms from 30 days to 12 months, discounts for longer term usage
    Access to all paperwork in less than 24 hours after confirmation
    No Credit Check or Financial Statements Required
    Standard bank Verification of Deposit provided for all accounts
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    All Brokers are paid for referrals, and never cut out of the deal!

  36. I have applied for FSW for canada. Recently I got married and I want to add my spouse name in the file. I would like to know what all I can sourse as proof of funds?
    1 .equity(?
    2. EPF ?
    3. Bank FD ?
    4. Mutual fund ?
    5. Secondary market?

  37. HI it would be great sir, if you could provide us with sample of filled immigration forms. If by chance you have your immigration forms copies.

  38. HI it would be great sir, if you could provide us with sample of filled immigration forms. If by chance you have your immigration forms copies.

    One more thing what is the best time to send immigration forms, if considering January 1 as the opening date. Should we send our forms in the last week of December or after Jan 1 only we should send.

  39. Hi. I’m about to submit my working permit application in Canada Embassy, I’m confused about Proof of funds? I have my bank statement/certificate already, do I need to provide others documents where my savings came from? Someone says I need to provide documents such as paycheque, business permit, income tax return etc for proving my bank statement of account? I don’t have work right now for a year now, but then I got a job offer letter from a canadian employer and also has LMO already. I’m so confused if need to provide documents to prove my savings in my bank. In the CIC document list, there’s a proof funds there, is my bank statement is enough as POF or to i need to support my bank statement too? thanks for help!

  40. Dear Wayne,
    thanks for your initiative to launch this site.Obviously a great job is going silently.if you don’t mind a question to you on bank statement?i can show my sufficient bank statement on my own but is it required to invest it minimum 6 months ago during initial time application sending?is it okay 4 months ago?As it is on my own name it will remain throughout my application processing & ongoing forwards,it can cross maximum desirable period.i am confused of the first time.It will be very much helpful if you answer me as i am willing to lodge my application in 2013 under new rules under FSW1 PROGRAM.Thanks in advance.


    Dr.Mohammad Mehedi Hossain
  41. hi
    i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for much more time we will wait for our MR
    anyone suggest me

  42. Hi,

    Could you please tell me Wayne if the POF that I bring on landing can be TC in USD ?


  43. Dear member of this forum,
    i obtained the letter below by yesterday from my junkmail after one month of release from CIC pretoria. in 20 june 2012 I just went to the embassy to get clarity on the medical testing procedures and proof of funds, then the lady indicated no need for me providing additional proof of fund. However this recent letter demand POF and didnot acknowledge my personal communications to them. My POF during intitial submission of application was some amount of money from my bank statement and retirement & provident fund. My application includes my wife and two children less than 7 yrs old. It needs to be about 21000CAD. But due to the long time, i used half of the money from my bank deposit for other purpose. I am just planning to present what i have from my bank statement plus retirement & provident fund. The sum of them is more than sufficient.
    Still i need some advise if there are other considerations, thank you for your input

    From: []
    Sent: 02 October 2012 10:20 AM
    To: Firehiwot Azene
    Subject: Immigration to Canada – B057777182

    Dear Mr. Azene,

    This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada.

    Subsection 16(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2001, states that a person who makes an application must answer truthfully all questions put to them for the purpose of the examination and must produce a visa and all relevant evidence and documents that the officer reasonably requires. You were asked on

    20 June 2012 to produce the following documents within 60 days from the date of that letter to enable our office to complete the assessment of your application :

    – Updated documentary proof of unencumbered funds available for transfer to Canada.

    To this date, we have not received the documents, nor have we received further communication from you in this regard.

    Subsection 11(1) of the Act provides that a foreign national must, before entering Canada, apply to an officer for a visa or any other document required by the regulations. The visa or document shall be issued if, following an examination, the officer is satisfied that the foreign national is not inadmissible and meets the requirements of this Act.

    If we do not receive the abovementioned documents within 60 days, your application will be assessed on the basis of the information that is already before the officer. Please note that failure to provide the additional information will result in the refusal of your application.

    Please note: We do not confirm receipt of correspondence and we do not respond to requests to do so. You must ensure that your response to this letter is sent by reliable means. We will continue processing your application once we have received all the documents or information requested in this letter.

    Yours sincerely,

    Immigration Section

    Canadian High Commission, Pretoria

    1103 Arcadia Street, Hatfield, 0083 or Private Bag X14, Pretoria, 0028

    Web Site:



  44. Hi,
    I intend to apply for the FSWP come 2013. Please tell me, do I need to obtain bank statement over a given period of say 3-6 months or all I need to show is closing balance as at date of application? The funds are held in a jointly owned saving account of my husband and I. This account was opened for this purpose with savings going in on monthly basis over the past months.


  45. Hi,

    My wife is the principal applicant and I purchased a demand draft under my name as proof of funds. I just want to ask will the CIC accept the fund? Since we are going both together and I’m not the principal applicant?


  46. hi
    i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for much more time we will wait for our MR
    plssssssss frnd sugeest me any thing else

  47. Hi Wayne, My wife is the principal applicant and i am not accompanying her due to short of proof of funds…is this okay with CIC?

  48. what if i’m under the family support category. im still 21 and dont have accounts yet. is it okay to have our family’s properties here in the philippines be shown? what are the other options?

  49. How long do we need to show the funds for FSW application, is it for 3 months or for 1 month? please advice,,,

  50. And how much is it for 2 people, in pound around 9000 is enough right?

  51. Hy Wayne and everyone,

    I need some help.
    In document checklist for Temporary Work Permit Application made outside of Canada based on a positive Labour Market Opinion writes that I must provide Proof of funds but it doesn’t say amount of money which I need to have. But also at some pages write that if I apply for a Temporary Work Permit based on positive Labour Market Opinion, I don’t need attach proof of funds. If that’s true, I don’t know why this item is than on the document checklist.
    I have positive LMO from Service Canada Centre and contract from my Employer. I’m from Croatia (Europe) and I’ve contacted Canadian Embassy in Vienna (they are responsible for Croatia) and I didn’t get any answer.

    Thank you very much for helping me. I’m totally confused about this proof of funds 😦


  52. hi. i would like to ask, having two close friends in canada can give benefits in applying for provincial nominee program (general stream under economic class) as far as settlement of funds is concern? lastly, during port of entry, is it mandatory the amount stated in application must be seen exactly or else can cause for deportation? thanks.

  53. hello . I want to ask about POF. I want to apply for my family , we are 3 in number , I have half of my fund as cash in the account for over a year and have more than half in stocks and share over a year , can I use this as POF shen submitting my application? Does the clondon office accept this ?

    Tom Mcdonal (London)
  54. Hi Im a international student here in London. Currently I have 6 month visa left on my passport. Some of my friends are saying that if my validity of UK visa is less than six month then I need to send all my documents for study permit to canada to my own country.Is that true that I need at least six month visa to apply here in high commission of Canada in London. I got a LOA from George Brown College and we have clear one year fee already. will CAD 20000 be enough for two person as proof of fund for high Commission??or should I need to show real asset from my country as a proof of fund ?????

  55. i need some assistance on how should i build up my application. My main concern is with the proof of fund

    on the canadian immigration website i have seen that there in an option of showing proof of fund by paying the whole tuition fee and the accommodation fee of the whole year and i have my relatives there in canada so for the whole duration of my studies in canada i would living with them and i am planning to my tuition fee of whole year before i apply for my study permit and i would like to know what are the other thing i require if i go with this option and how should i build up my application

  56. Hi,

    Can I show my PF amount as proof of fund. Also I have gold worth 18K CAD can it be shown as proof of fund.

    • What is a PF? And no, gold cannot be used as proof of funds. If you wish to use it you must sell it first, bank the money and keep the receipts.

  57. Hi, thank you for your help,, I would like to ask you a question: I am living in Australia now, and I will move in July to Canada,,, Because of the currency exchange movement in the last 4 week it would be very expensive to take the money and buy Travelers cheques or any other of those instruments in CAD from AUD,, but I found that it can save me at least AUD 1000 if I open an account in Canada with RBC and just transfer the money from my account in Australia.. my question is, can I just transfer the money and present as proof of funds the new account on my name with the money and proof that I transfer the money from my account in Australia? thank you again

    • Hi i would like to ask if a stock certificate enough aside from cash valid as proof of funds when you arrive in canada? I wanted to retain and not to redeem by stockc bec i bought it at higher price so when the price was low i want to rrtain it to wait for it to gain not to loose

  58. Hello Wayne, I am from India. Can I show the money invested in Debentures as POF? Its invested for one year.

  59. Hello Wayne, I am from India. I have arranged for POF for me and my wife equivalent to CAD $ 13,437 in name of my spouse and self
    by selling gold and car. what documentary proof will be required to justify them.

  60. Hello Wayne,

    I have applied for FSW 2013 and within that proof of funds I have given “5-Year Post Office Recurring Deposit Account”.
    In India, Post Office is still in under Goverment but one cannot check balance online.
    So, my question is “How CIC will verify the correctless of balance in this case?”.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hello Avani,

      I’m in the same situation. Please let me know if Post Office recurring Deposit Accounts are accepted as proof of funds?

      Thanks & Regards

  61. Hi everyone,

    I need some help.
    In document checklist for Temporary Work Permit Application made outside of Canada based on a positive Labour Market Opinion writes that I must provide Proof of funds but it doesn’t say amount of money which I need to have. But also at some pages write that if I apply for a Temporary Work Permit based on positive Labour Market Opinion, I don’t need attach proof of funds. If that’s true, I don’t know why this item is than on the document checklist.
    I have positive LMO from Service Canada Centre and contract from my Employer.


  62. Dear Sir

    I want to apply for PR visa to Canada (FSW Category) this year..I will be the main applicant and we are three members in family including my husband and my 3 yr old son. We have enough balance in our Bank, but there is a problem. Actually my husband is a co applicant in two loans borrowed by my father in law as a main applicant. Please let me know can I still apply for the PR Visa?? Is there any possibility of this affecting negatively my application..?? plz help me out.


  63. I will be travelling to Canada as an immigrant and do I as principal applicant have to show proof of funds in my name only or my spouse can also make a bank draft i.e. can I and my spouse split the money or immigrant officers will only consider pof that are in my name only . Grateful for a quick response

  64. Hi Wayne,
    I am from Pakistan, please guide me on how do I obtain 3 valuation of my property to show it as proof of Settlement fund..

  65. Dear wayne,
    I applied for fsw 2013. We need to show 17011 cad.we gave proof of fund based on the date of cad, india dollar rupee equilancy.but after 1months rates changed.indian rupee now the settlement funds I showed diminished..
    Is that a problem?

  66. Hello – we are landing in Montreal in a few weeks as Skilled Workers and we need to show just over CAD17,000 as we are a family of 3.

    We have quite a lot of cash in both our accounts as we sold our house last year, but I personally don’t wish to carry that amount of money on me in CASH when I land in Canada. Could someone please clarify if showing a recent United Kingdom Current Account Bank statement is sufficient proof ?

    We intend to only take around CAD2,000 in cash and the rest will be sitting in our UK Bank accounts until we transfer it over to a Canadian bank.

    In the UK we now have a paper free system, so I only get to see my bank accounts online on my computer. Can I just print out the statment at home nad show the officer in the airport or does the bank statement need to look more official, with some sort of bank stamp on it, etc ?

    The CIC website it very vague, it says banker’s drafts, travellers cheques, etc would be acceptable, but says NOTHING about savings or current account statements.

  67. Hello,

    I have a letter of acceptance from a college in canada and I paid the year of study, but I needed to borrow the money , on the other hand I had had enough money for 1 year in an account to demonstrate de proof of funds.

    I pretend to show the receipt from the college along with my bank account record, in my student visa application

    Do I have any chance of obtain the visa or I am going to get troubles?

  68. Hi Folks
    Under POF for skilled migration it asks assets and liabilities and then total funds available. So if i have more in liabilities (home loan mortgage for house under construction) and less in assets (same house under mortgage+ jewellery,+ pension/Provident Fund+ Fixed Deposits ) but still have the amount required as unencumbered funds as Fixed deposit or in bank. Can I still apply for FSWP.

  69. Hi all
    I am travelling to Canada this month end with a Permanent Resident visa. At the port of entry is it ok if I show the proof of funds as a bank statement of my bank in india? I am also carrying certain amount with me as liquid cash. Please advise.

  70. Hello,

    Is anyone know anything about the currency issue. I have a letter from my bank that shows my savings. But the currency is not CAD and everyday exchange rate is changing. Do I need to supply Proof of Funds letter in CAD or can I use Turkish Liras currency and convert it by my own.

  71. Hi Wayne,

    I am a mainland Chinese citizen. I just got my PhD from University of Victoria in August, and I am applying for the FSW under the PhD stream. I am now working as a post-doc researcher on a 2 year contract in University of Victoria. I am ready to submit the application except that I am not sure about the settlement fund. I thought I don’t need to provide the settlement fund since i have a full time job, but then i noticed that I will need to have a permanent job (not the 2-year post-doc contract) to exempt from the settlement fund, is that right?

    If so, currently I don’t have much money in my account, but my parents are willing to sponsor me the settlement fund. The money will be in China and in the form of Chinese currency. So do you have any idea what kind of proof i need to get from my parents, or the bank? Do my parents have to transfer the money to my account? Or they can just simply authorize that I can have the full access to the money? Thanks a lot! Let me know if my question is clear.


  72. Hi Wayne,
    I have the fund with me which is CAD 13000 but only thing is its not in the bank and if i put in the bank now then statement will not be of 3 months
    it might be of just a week old so is ok if i put the money in the bank and then get the statement and send with the application because if i wait for three month the quota will be over.
    so please advice


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  76. hi sir. how about as spouse open work permit? i am applying for that as my husband is currently on a skilled work permit, it says there to secure a proof of funds, though my son and i are not to live there permanently, but still we are to submit pof. how much would be likely is sufficient pof for sowp applicants? thank you for those who can reply. godbless us all.

  77. Dear Wayne,
    I was asked to show proof of funds in 60days. I have two cars which i am putting up for sale hoping to get sold. the value of both cars is about 25k dollars. How do i proof to CIC officer that this fund was not borrowed? Because i intend converting the money to dollars and depositing it in my dollar account. won’t they see this as a big lump sum deposit?

  78. I was asked to submit proof of funds and bank statement in 60 days. I have $23000 cash, $600,000 property, $ 100,000 (immediately available upon submission of resignation from my current job, $245,000 pension fund which can also be cashed after separation, $130,000 home loan, $ 64,000 education loan. If CIC considers only available cash, home loan and education loan then it would be negative in terms of available transferable fund, however, if they consider total including my assets and other funds to be available then it is ok. Do you have any suggestion in terms of presenting my proof of funds documents? Please advise as quickly as possible

  79. Dear Sir,
    I have applied for Canadian FSW 2013 and now awaiting medicals. Also, I may be asked to provide a recent bank statement. I need to show 21k CAD for a family of 4.I am maintaining an active bank account and there are more frequent transactions in and out of my account. Sometimes, the account balance is well below the required amount and sometime it is above. As a whole, If I sum up the whole transactions of previous 6 months it is like 60,000 CAD in and roughly 39,000 CAD out with a balance around 21,000 CAD. If I provide this type of statement to VO, will it be acceptable.??.
    Also, I have a property whose value is around 35k CAD? Whether it is acceptable if I provide property valuation.
    Please advise.


  80. hi
    I am applying for Canadian Visa (family Members) . what proof should I give for Proof of funds. if I give my wife’s jewelry receipt .
  81. hi
    I am applying for Canadian Visa (family Members) . what proof should I give for Proof of funds. if I give my wife’s jewelry receipt these will be enough
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  83. hi Wayne,

    I have applied under MPNP and I have shown my property(includes my home value + value of my running business) funds nearly upto CAD $ 150000 still I need to show cash in my accounts as I use to invest money in my business, so i donot have proper savings in my account. please advise. thanks

  84. I am currently working. And with the number of years I have with my current company, I am entitled to receive a separation benefit which amount can cover the required settlement fund. I can only cash out this benefit as soon as I retire with the company and this will only happen by the time I leave for Canada.
    Can I use this benefit as a proof of fund? What document will be admissible with CIC to show that I have this amount by the time I immigrate to Canada.
    I also have shares of stocks with the company, and all I have is the Stock Certificate. Can I just show the certificate as proof of fund indicating that I will sell
    the stocks as soon as I immigrate to Canada.
    Please help. Thanks.

  85. what should be included in my bank draft(proof of funds) papers for self employed category for immigration to canada ?

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  87. Hi Wayne,

    I am currently working in USA with H1B. I have around $8000 in my account now. I wanted to know if it is alright if I show funds from my wife’s account in India also? In fact, the fund available in my wife’s account is also sent by me. Also, please let me know if we can show gold jewellery as well.


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  90. Hi Sir,

    Good morning , i am a physical therapist by profession, planning to start with canada immigration process.

    I have following doubt pls clear it for futher step to take,
    It is

    1, for the proof of fund, can i show my land property documents instead of bank savings ,since it is on my name ,

    If possible what are ways to follow ie how to validate my land property documents-through which channel? who will authorise it

    Kindly reply, awaiting for your reply

    Thanking you


  91. Right now??

  92. Hi Wayne,
    My girlfriend is in New Zealand and we haven’t seen each other for 3 years. I am on Work Permit and have a decent job as a Computer Programmer. My girl friend had spent money for renovating her home in New Zealand and she don’t have much left in her bank account. So if she wants to visit me in Toronto, can I send her some money or should I just let the CIC know that I myself can support her 2 weeks stay in Canada?

  93. Hi Wayne, I have a query regarding POF. I dint find anyone asking the same question above. My husband and myself ,we have individual Current accounts and NOT Savings account in the country of our residence. Will CIC accept Bank Certification Letter for our current accounts as POF?? Kindly expecting a swift reply as we are applying this time through FSW Program and we need to arrange for these docuement ASAP. (Our Immigration Processing office will be London, UK Office)

  94. Hi Wayne,
    I Want to apply Under FSW category Canada,I am Having Short of Funds ,My sister is having Canadian PR ,I am also getting 5 point on her behalf .She is having sufficient Amount CAD 20,000 in her account .Can She show this fund as my POF with her sponsor letter by saying she is ready to bear all my and my dependent cost in Canada.Is it possible ?

  95. Hi Wayne,
    I Want to apply Under FSW category Canada,I am Having Short of Funds ,My sister is having Canadian PR ,I am also getting 5 point on her behalf .She is having sufficient Amount CAD 20,000 in her account .Can She show this fund as my POF with her sponsor letter by saying she is ready to bear all my and my dependent cost in Canada.Is it possible ? Can Anybody advice me on this ?

  96. HI Wayne,
    I want to apply for FSW program, i want to know about POF, me and my father has mutual account is it acceptable or I must have a seperate account. If I now open a seperate account and transfer the required amount, as mentioned for single applicant would that be a problem.

  97. i have funds in my father’s account. can i use his bank statement for FSWP application?
    if i cannot then what is the legal way? if my father transfers me the required amount then how to show it?can i use balance sheet ? or statement of 3 months is required?

    Salman Chaudry
  98. I am a US Citizen and in the process of applying for Residency in Canada. Do I need to show proof of funding if I will keep my US job when I enter Canada. Is it bad to keep my US job?

  99. You can sell the stocks, the property (morgage the property), sell the gold, in short encash everything and make fixed deposites with centralized banks will do, if you do not have enough proof of fund and nor even a LOA, Canadian Government doesn’t help its own citizen without having anything then why would it help you??

  100. The Constitution of India says : All Indian’s are our brothers and Sisters, You can utilize this statement

  101. i am a married U.S. citizen and receive a pension income (Social Security and a public employee pension) plus a social security payment for my three year old son, for a combined total of ust over US$30,000 a year. I can show proof of payment of that amount for the past few years through bank statements. Does this fulfill the proof of funds requirement for canadian residence as a self employed worker? Thanks for your input.
    William Bennett, Braga Portugal

    william bennett
  102. Hi I am applying for the FSW program Canada this summer, can you please guide me that after gathering the required amount of funds is it necessary to show a past record of 6 months or just the current balance will fulfill the requirement however I will be keeping the amount in bank till the whole process time

  103. hi every one, i just recieved my immigrant visas from canadian embassy. i have little shortage in available funds agianst the required amount as per the CIC guidelines. i have multiple properties in my home town. can any one provide me guaidance than if i will just show proofs of the properties i owned in my home country in addition to the available cash funds. on the other hand, i have to saleout something from that to meet the proof of funds criteria. it is is important to mention here that while submitting my immirgation application in skill workers trade 4 to 5 years back, i have enough funds available in my personal account and have been shown with my application but due to continue devaluation of the local currancy, i have pulled max of the cash fiunds from my bank account and have invested in real estate.

    please help in sorting out this issue as i need to land in canada in next week or 2.

  104. Hi,

    My wife is primary applicant in my case and I am accompanying my first question is can my wife take Fixed deposit gift from her father with affidavit signed by her father mentioning this is gift and need not to be paid. if yes is there any specific format.

    my other question is we have around 10000 Canadian dollar in Public provident fund and provident fund in india. can we use the same for proof of fund. if yes do I need any letter from the bank.

    around 5000 Canadian dollar is in saving bank account can I show just bank certificate.

    Please help my application is almost ready I need to file the same a.s.a.p.

  105. Hi guys! I already filed my FSW application under NOC 1111 (Financial Auditors & Accountants) in May 2014. I hope anyone can answer my questions:

    1. How long does it take before you get a notification from the CIO on the status of your filed application? I sent my application via FEDEX and they received it. However, it is most important obviously to receive a notification from the CIO.

    2. Can you use the settlement funds immediately after you entered the port of entry in Canada?

  106. Hi Wayne,
    These thread has already answered many of my doubts.
    May possible i might have missed few things while going through this page.
    I wanted to know for how many months of bank statement we need to submit as POF for FSW?

  107. Dear bro I am a salaried person and survive only on my monthly salary. so I dont have 11000 CAD as liquified cash in my bank account and no savings,,,just my monthly salary. But apart from this I have a residential plot in my name which is worth 25000 CAD. Can I show that as proof of settlement funds with a cover letter that as soon as I will get visa I will sell this plot.


  108. hi
    i am in Saskatoon Canada on permanent resident my parents in Pakistan and they wana come to me on visit visa ,proof of financial support is required. my parents has some amount in bank account.but they invested money in Glod they don’t wana sell gold before submitting visa application….. can they show that gold receipts as a proof of financial support

  109. Hi, Wayne.
    Im from the Philippines.

    Im will be submitting my documents to my representative in Winnipeg within this month. I have 2 banks right now. One is my account since year 2000 and the other one is from a different bank which was just opened last week June 27, 2014. Is it possible for me to submit 2 bank certificates as proof of my funds?

    Also, would you know how long is the usual process for visa approval for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program? I just recenlty separated with my husband, and I he already signed the Declaration of Non-Accomnaying parent for my 2 kids.
    wIll be submitting all my documents within the month of August as soon as I receive my IELTS result. How long will it take for the approval of Visa? My application is being handled by a representative in Winnipeg Canada.

    Hoping for your advice regarding 2 bank certificates. Thanks.

  110. Dear Wayne,

    Thank for the valuable information you have provided on this page, since you have already mentioned that one can show his property as proof of funds but what about graduty ,provident fund and shares that will be available once you will resign from your current job, while moving to Canada?

  111. dear wayne,
    I applied under Canadian experience class (CEC). when I was in canada. I leave canada when my work permit was over. Now I am in India I received my visa in India . I am leaving to canada this month end with my wife and son, My question is do I need to show fund in my bank or not? As I applied under CEC not in FSW categories.

  112. Compliments…please send some reputation job sites in Csnada to my mail box, I have a Bsc in Geography/Regional Planning. Thanks!

    Inemesit Friday Smith
  113. Hi Wayne, i am applying for FSWP for Canada along with my husband and my kid. My father inlaw sold his land and now giving us CAD 20000.That will be ours. can I get the bank certificate immediately after depositing the money and send it to CIC office along with the application? If I need to invest in the land after that is it ok if I take out the money after a month of processing. Anyways at the time of going to Canada I will still have the amount I require to take it with me. Please suggest.

  114. Hi, I have applied to an ESL (English as a Second Language Course) for this summer and I have enough savings for this. I would like to know if it´s better to include in my application a letter of the school saying that I already payed for the tuition fees, homestay with three meals a day and medical ensurance for the month I will be there or just pay for the school application and give proof of my savings. I can´t do both because after paying all that in school I would only have nearly 1100 CAD for my expenses in Canada such as activities and going out. What should I do, give the school letter or my bank account info?

  115. wayne.
    hi. pl clear my query on POF
    1. how to wright asset,liability and settlement of fund…
    2.what is the difference b/w POF and above mentioned things.. that is ok if i borrow this money from someone for one year and do the FD and saw as my POF?i will get gift deed for it from my relatives . is compulsory to mention my home loan dues or car loan dues in my liabilities i am not mentioning it in my assets .. IS THIS ALLOWED?? because i am living vary far from my that proparty and it will creat vary much headach for me to go there ,find any valuer,and get that certificate,.
    5.AS I want to submit ..1.Assets–XX000(FD)
    2.Liability– NIL
    3.settelment of fund–XX000(FD).
    please comment……..

  116. Wayne,

    My partner will be coming to canada as a visitor over the Christmas holidays. Is it sufficient to only show my personal account information as proof of funds? If I transfer money into his account can I provide a letter stating the money was given and not needed to pay back?

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  118. Hi Wayne! I am from the Philippines and the principal applicant for the FSWP and we are almost done gathering our documents to send out to Canada. My husband, who will be my dependent, has a savings in the US and we are going to use this as proof of funds. It’s a joint account between him and his sister (who is an American citizen). Can we use the bank statement of this savings account to show proof of funds even though the account name is under my husband’s and not under my name (and I am the principal applicant)?

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  121. Hi Wayne,

    Im hoping to claim points for my uncle who is currently living in canada as a permanent resident. CIC asks for birth certificates of my father and my uncle in order to prove my relationship with him. Unfortunately both these documents are not available since both the said persons were born in a time when these documents were not taken care of as such. Moreover, in my country birth certificates become irrelevant and are usually discarded once a person gets a National Identity Card after the age of 18. To prove my relationship I have the following things:

    1. Notarized translations of mine, my father’s and my uncle’s national identity card
    2. Copies of passports

    Lineage to my grandfather can be traced through these documents.

    I will also attach a note to with them stating why birth certificates are absent and will state in that note that my uncle will provide a sworn statement about the relationship in case it is requested by the Visa officer. Please let me know if this should be enough. Your kind response is appreciated.

  122. Hi,
    I’m Electrical Engineer and I want to apply for FSW immigration category. I just started for this process with my credentials assessment from WES. I am planning to send my application to CIO,Sydney, Nova Scotia within two months. My concern is, can I use my salary account (current) to prove my funds? At the moment I have only SR 20,000/- (5,836/- Canadian Dollars).However, in next two months I can manage my End Balance to reach SR 50,000/-(Approx.14,720 Canadian Dollars required for two family members) after being paid two salaries.
    My bank statement shows transaction description of my salary deposit as “Payroll Deposit”.I can attach my payroll slips with my bank statement to prove that the amount transferred is my salary..

  123. Hi,

    I have required funds of CAD 15k in my Saving / term deposit account. But at same time i own a house property jointly with my father. Fare market value is approx. CAD 175k & me along with my father have jointly take mortgage of around CAD 65k. So net value of our house property is CAD 110k. If i show my property & bank balance, wont it happens that they will first set off my liquid balance with mortgage.

  124. My entire family is canadian citizens expect of me and I have had been tourist visa denied couple of times.. I have my fully paid own house in new delhi which I am willing to sell it in order to reunite with my family in canada how do I go about it.. I am the only family member left behind in india due to age factor I am dependent child of my canadian citizen parents… Please help

  125. Please help me through this.. My entire family is canadian citizens.. I am the only family member remain in india because of age factor I am dependent child of my canadian citizen parents… I would very much like to join them in canada I do have proof of funds and I have fully paid my own house in new delhi which I will sell to move to canada by selling it I will have 30 thousand canadian dollars to support myself in canada.. Please advice how do I go about it I have 2 visitor visa denied by canada high commision delhi.. Please help me get reunite to my family.. Thanks ileen

  126. hi wayne,we just received our passports with visas(we applied under family stream MPNP) it okay to withdraw money from our account which is our settlement funds ($12000CAD) to purchase plane ticket for canada?

  127. Hello.
    Please let me know can i show lic policy and savings under new pension scheme in india.

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  129. hey ! actually i want to enquire about … the liquid funds we have to show for the 2 yr programm in canada . how much funds is requid to shooww in general catagory .

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  131. Hi Wayne,

    Appreciate your assistance and efforts.

    I need your advice on this please:

    I have submitted my FSWA application last May when I submitted 6 months bank statement as POF knowing that I deposited the funds just 2 days before issuing the statement as I recieve my monthly salary in cash directly from the company, have received a request last week from VO asking to resubmit 6 months bank statement including my salaried account.

    I have two questions please:

    1- does VOs do that with all applications to make sure that applicants still have the funds or this happened specifically in my case as the statement showed large amount deposited before the statement was issued so they want to make sure that the money is mine and not borrowed ?

    2- if I issue a new 6 months statement now it will show also large amount deposited before the issuing of the statement as I am still paid in cash and do not deposite money every month in my account, so how can I prove to the VO that this money is mine ?
    Can I submit a letter from the company stating that I have been paid in cash ? Will that work to prove that I own the funds?

    Thanks a lot.


    • CIC’s main concern is that these are genuinely your funds, and have not been borrowed.

      Are you saying for 6 months you have been paid in cash and just keep it under your mattress then deposit it all at once just a few days before the proof of funds are due? I think CIC may have a hard time swallowing that, and they are going to be suspicious that these funds have been borrowed.

      When CIC see the large deposited amount they will need proof of the source. A letter from your company may help but ultimately it’s going to be tough proving the funds are yours. This is why you should keep the funds in your account (which should have been there at least most of it throughout your application).

      All you can do at this stage is get a new 6 month statement to comply with the visa office’s request, and also a letter from your company explaining the payment in cash to explain the large deposit. Whether the visa office believe it or not remains to be seen, but you don’t really have much choice at this stage.


  132. my wife is principal applicant ,for settlement funds ,can my funds will be accepted –vkg

    • Proof of funds can be in the name of the principal applicant, OR the spouse, OR both – providing the spouse is on the application and will be accompanying the principal applicant to Canada.

  133. Any Friend would please answer the following questions
    1- Only principal applicant is required to submit his bank statement for immigration to canada or it is necessary to submit bank statement of spouse ??
    2- The verified educational certificates of principal applicant will be submitted or the spouse as well ??

  134. Hi Wayne, I am going to apply under Federal Skilled Worker Class. I have 3 bank accounts (all current) which in total make the amount required as settlement fund. I booked a plot on installments this year and I have paid few installments of it and remaining will be paid by me in 4 years on every 3rd month. Does this come under my liability and I should mention it? Can I show this plot in my asset? If it comes under my liability and I can’t show it in my asset then my settlement fund will go down to negative value however I will be paying my installments from my incoming monthly salary. Please guide me what should I write in my liability and asset in this case.

  135. Hello can you please suggest me..while applying for student visa do i need to maintain funds in canadian account along with the indian account…can u please suggest me…please

  136. Hi wayne,
    I am principle applicant for canada immigration.I have two bank accounts ,one in India and other in Uae as I am working in uae.for pof I have shown Uae bank statement and bank I want to transfer the funds from uae bank to my Indian bank .I recently posted my entire application to cic ,my question is can I replace the bank letter and statement now.if yes what will be the side effects if I do so.note both my bank accounts are almost 1 year old.

  137. All the bank accounts in our family are joint accounts. Is it possible for me to give a list of specific accounts and have a certification signed by all members of the family stating that those accounts are solely mine?

    Thank you!

  138. Hi Wayne,
    I am a Canadian Citizen and my wife is a Filipino who is still in the Philippines , she does not work there and she does not have a checking account , but i wired transfer a good sum of money in her American saving account , and she will apply for temporary visa to visit me , in my case she got the money transferred to her but I am her husband the person whom she depends on in money. what should I do in my case?


  139. I want also to add that bank certificate only shows her balance.

  140. is gold jewelery can be a assest for proving settelment fund? or any own real estate?
    let me know as soon as possible.

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  142. Hi Wayne,
    We now have funds in my husbands account and it is a salary transfer, it has not been in the account for the past 3 months, is this ok for usage as settlement funds as the amount is only there for around 1month and some of it was drawn out and re-deposited back in the account.
    Thanks Rekha

  143. Hello,
    Thank you do much in advance for your response. I am going to the States in June to work for a camp program. I wanted to visit Canada as a tourist for a few days. I will be getting paid for my job in USA. Can my contract serve as proof of fund to apply for a canadian visa ?

  144. I started filling up the PR form and got stuck at this question – What funds do you have to support yourself and your family in canada? I tried answering CAD 17000 but it didn’t accept, then i tried entering $17000 but it didn’t accept. Can you please help me know how is this to be answered. Does one have to write exact saving instrument information like, FDR no. XXX for XXX amount from 2015-2018. Please guide.

  145. Hi sir! I would like to ask , im in the stage where i had my medical exam result sent to visa office already. When do u think will the cic asks again for a bank certificate showing my proof of funds? Will they ask for it again in this tage of the application process? Im in the stage where i am done with the medical exam already… Thanks! After they receive the medical results what are they going to do next in the process? Thanks pls reply

  146. Hi wayne,
    We have submitted a canadian study permit application with my mums company account with 67,000 USD but we have re-drawed some of the money for business purposes. Will CIC check the account if the balance is still in the business account because its a business account and we need to re-draw the money for other business purposes.
    Waiting for your reply.

  147. Hi,

    I am applying for a study visa and my common law partner and 2 children under 5 will be with me.

    i have funds of over $9000 CAD in my British account ready to be transferred to any account i want and also another £45000 in a British bond which doesn’t mature until 2017, do i have to transfer the bond money into a current account or can i leave it as it is and use it as proof of funds?

    • Good day Sir,
      My name is Anih Chikaodi, I am a Nigerian Citizen, I got admission to study Public Relations at Mohawk College, I am using my father as my sponsor,currently he doesn’t have any money in his bank account but has a treasury bill worth 69000$ and 2 houses,.but.on his normal account has nothing because he’s currently building another house at.the moment so.any money that goes into it, goes out, should I still apply or wait till the treasury bill becomes cash?

      I want my application to be as truthful as possible to avoid any misinformation, please advise me, willing to defer my application till January and begin my visa application by September because he’s also expecting almost 150000$ any moment now.

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  149. Hi, I want to ask, I got my FSW Visa with me, and plan to land in Toronto in around Oct 2015. While my wife would be in Dec 2015. If already land and bring the Proof of Fund, will it be neccessary for my wife to bring Proof of Fund as well?

  150. Hi Wayne,

    I just want to know that I m gonna apply for study visa for Canada and my bank statement is for last 4 month instead of 6 month, is that be okay??Another thing I got my bank statement from the bank 2 weeks ago, so can I submit this bank statement to the embassy for study visa or shoud I take fresh bank statement ??

    Your answer will be the great help for me..

    Thank you


  151. I’m applying for temporary Resident visa is it possible for me to use my acknowledgement receipt together with an affidavit from the lawyer of the parcel of residential which is still on a period of payments and a parcel of farm land in which I only have paid half of the price yet and had an affidavit too from the lawyer can I used this as a proof of my personal assets?

  152. Hello sir Canada embasy send me a letter saying that the authendity document of employment letter and bank letter is verified but confirmed to be fraudulent but I will give u opportunity to respond this information ..I hve no.idea what it means n what is the best reply to cic??help

  153. Hi,
    I am from India and have a query regarding the funds. I have some funds with me in the form of equity shares, mutual fund and in my wife bank account. Some fund is with the government provident fund account. The provident fund is with government and I can get the letter from government which will indicates that that is my earned money. My question is on equity shares and mutual fund. I want to know how can I show these funds at the time of filling application? Do I need to sell all my equity shares and mutual fund? Since, value of equity and mutual fund is changing time to time, then how they will calculate the value of these funds. Please help.

  154. Hi i have a query. I have just collected sufficient funds but they are gifted by my mother and brother and i have a affidavit that states it is a gift card. Is this acceptable. When should i apply. I have got my credentials verified and ielts exam done. I am all set for applying but do not have sufficient tenure to have to show for my funds. Pls help and let me know on both the points : Q1. Tenure of 1 month would do ?
    Q2: i got funds as a gift but i have a gift card with me ? Is this sufficient ?

  155. Hello Wayne,

    Can one apply for a Temporary Residential Visa for transit, with proof of support in “cash”? Reason for asking, is that a friend of mine will be transiting through Canada to go to Japan. He recently got accepted for a job there. It is required of him to bring his money in cash. Therefore, when applying for the visa, is there a way by which he can show the “cash” he has for the trip, instead of showing a bank statement?

  156. Hello Wayne,
    Can we use provident fund as proof of funds for canada? provident funds are transferrable in a month’s time when we leave our current employer.
    Also, if sell our gold then do we need to keep original buy receipts and the Sales deed as well or original bill/receipts will suffice?

  157. Hello Wayne,
    what is the expected duration the proof of fund is expected to cover? How far back does the statement have to go?

  158. HI wayne,

    i applied for my post graduation which has four semester 5600 CAD each semester, i transferred two semester tution fee in advance and show my bank statement for the amount of available balance 15,300 USD after paying my tution fee for one year. so i have 15300 usd remaining for accomodation and one year tution fee which is generally less than required. I may work part time for my accomodation. please clarify if they will reject my visa or not.

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  160. Hi Wayne,

    I hope to get your opinion on my proof of funds question. I have a substantial amount of savings, easily exceeding the required amount. So, no worries there. Except for the fact that I also have a mortgage. The outstanding debt of my mortgage is of course much higher than the amount of my savings (but not than the value of my house).
    In my case, where I have more than enough liquid funds, do I even need to include the mortgage in my POF letters?

  161. It’s sad how proof of funds is an issue even for immigration. Well I assist clients with that. 1% fee for proof of funds that can be verified

  162. Can you share your idea on Financial requirements for spousal open work permit. I have an investment certificate jointly owned by me and my brother of which a consent letter to support my usuage will be given by him.
    I will also appreciate other tips on getting my SOWP/TRV approved

  163. Hi i have a serious question to the senior members(Asviad Anac).

    I have recieved a PT Letter of Interest from OINP to apply for nomination. Score is 435 CRS

    I am a lonely applicant and noone is accompanying me to Canada

    I need to know if i can Show my fathers Bank Statements along with a letter stating that he is sponsoring me and has no objection for this money to be spent on me or my excuses.

    Alternatively , Kindly advise if i should get this money transferred to my account and have him write a letter that he will be giving this money as a gift.

    In both Scenarios are more or less the same.

  164. Hi Wayne
    I have applied for a study permit and I have received a mail from CIC that my bank statement is fraudulent. Meanwhile it’s actually my mother’s money and she is my sponsor. How do I prove to CIC that, the fund is genuine and real

  165. Hello , please i am an undergraduate working with a bank in nigeria and need to further my career in canada, can i get a job in canada as a store custodian with my school cert with some years of experience in bank as a custodian? And if yes what can i do if to come to canada

    Ezumezu chudi mike
  166. Hi Wayne
    I am going to apply for province nomination program through express entry for which i need to show POF, so can i show my Endowment policy (Tax free savings) as a POF

  167. Hello Wayne,

    Can I show “Money in provident funds” held with current employer as POF ??

  168. Hello Wayne,

    I logged an application for express entry on 17th Jan 2016 and i have received a letter of interest from Ontario under PNP. So you can say i am just in my stating face of application. I have 45 days to apply under Ontario PNP but before that i wanted to know that if i show recent fixed deposit receipt as proof of fund, will it be acceptable to solve the purpose. If Ontario accepts my application then their processing time is 90 calendar days so than CIC ITA and everything which comes around 4-5 months so by the time of CIC application my fixed deposit will be 4-5 months old so will it create any issue or it will be accepted.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance.

  169. can i show the proof of fund as a FD in POST OFFICE. Please reply soon.

  170. Hi Wayne
    I am leaving for canada within a month as a PR ,my query is -is it necessary to transfer and carry all the POF which I have shown as poof of fund in my application before cic.we are a family of 3 and and I am planning to open an account at Nova Scotia bank from my country of orgin before leaving and transfer $CAD 25000., which is more than the required fund for family if 3and show that the rest of fund will follow later.though all the fund belongs to me and my husband,as we might opt for short landing after getting PR card and come back after activating our PR.please reply as nobody is able to guide me on this issue and I am in a dilemma,

    Regards candy

  171. I am a teacher in ghana but my parents are sponsoring for my further studies of masters in educational foundation in canada. I will be using my parents financial statements. Do I still need to present my personal financial statements as well though all the sponsorship are coming from my parents and I am not paying a dime from my pocket. Thank you

  172. Dear Wayne

    I have invested my money with my brother in law which is the more than the amount asked for the settlement fund by a few thousands and have only proof of international transfer that was sent right into his account which i can ask at any time and make readily available into my account, plus my savings which doesn’t amount much ( few thousands), my question how do i establish the fact this sum is genuinely mine and not show as is if it was borrowed . is there a legal document for this for? or will the proof of transfer from my side to his bank account be enough ( i can show i had the money in my bank account back then).
    i am a little confused and would appreciate any help on this matter.

  173. Hi,
    What is POF requirement for short term business visa B1 to Canada?

  174. Hi,
    What is POF requirement for short term business visa B1 to Canada?

    Also Is their any proof required if I borrowed money from my family members and which I don’t required to repay??

  175. I am landing soon. I got COPR.Now turns the money bringing fact. I am getting fund with me as bank deposit to a Canadian bank of one of my family friends. I was unable to open an account from outside Canada that’s why. How safe is it to carry a lot of cash by hand so i am seeking other options. Any way can I get money transferred to my friends account as it is swift within 10 minutes deposit as PIN and easy with a great transaction exchange rate! Is it unacceptable to immigration officer when landing or I can explain my case. Actually I found this quite convenient. My concern is whether it is enough to meet the requirements as money order is from my name to friends name temporarily . reply soon plz

  176. Hi,

    First of all thankyou for such a informative website.
    I am a 4 year experienced Java developer and thinking to move Canada , please guide which city is best to move in (I am planning to land in Canada after getting PR from India and then search for a job over there).


  177. Hello.
    I am from Ivory coast and I want to apply for Turkey Tourist Visa
    Now I want to know you maximum how much money I have to show on my proof of fund ?
    If you give me this advice it will be good for me..
    Thank you.

  178. Hi Wayne, i have applied a job in Canada through a agency. They told me, i have to show CAD 10000 in my account at Scotia bank , after getting my work visa. Actually should I produce pof?

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  180. Hello Wayne,
    I am applying for study visa with my 3 dependents (2 kids less than 5 yr old and my husband). I have offer letter for admission, My tution fee is waived off, I have 15000 CAD/year funding other than the tution fee waiver. I have 1. saving certificates, 2. lots of gold as asset which I am planning to mortgage to get bank statement and 3. thirdly some amount in my bank but not much. Will all these assets be considered valid? What else do I need to make my application strong? My husband’s cousin ( close to our family) is willing to serve as a guarantor/sponsor and has got more funds to support us. Will this help?

  181. hello. i will be working in art expositions in canada. i have contract of different fairs now. do i still need the proof of fund since i will be going there to sell my arts.

  182. Hi. Can i ask? I want to go Canada as a tourist. I want to visit my boyfriend in Canada. I go site online for visa application but they need proof means financial support and medical. my problem is I don’t have work. How can get visa??? They allow bank statement for proof financial support?? Thanks

  183. hi , I have C$18600 which is required for a family of 3 , and apart from this we have some Employee Provident Fund (C$ 6900) which can be liquidated and we have a home loan for Rs.6200000 . should we disclose the loan amount also .

  184. If we have a sponsorship in Manitoba n thn there is any need of showing proof of fund if yes thn how much money we need to show..

  185. What if as at the time of submission of application the official conversion rate was 150 naira to one Canadian Dollar and later increased to 220 naira to one dollar will it affect ur application

  186. Hi,
    I need a fresh point of view on proof of funds, am applying for a study permit next month and i made deposits to my bank account from April till June with over 29,000 CAD(deposits of 3,300 CAD – 3 times per week for 3 months), during the same period using the same bank account i paid 7800 CAD for the 1st term tuition as required by the school. the transaction details of my deposits are mostly generic and getting the source is not substantial , since i made money mostly on freelance jobs that pays by cash and without contracts. I’d like to know if my bank account is tenable as my proof of funds. Thanks

  187. Hi there,
    Wondering if I can get a bit of insight on this. The proof of funds must it be in the principal applicant’s account or it can be from the spouses account as well.

  188. I would like to request further information of POF. What is my company want to assist me with furthering my education. What else do they need to submit to cic as proof of funds besides a letter. My organization may not be willing to provide a bank statement.

  189. I have 29000 CAD in account of my parents and I have paid the reservation fees and the charges for the high commission from my own account. My college fee is 14100 CAD. I do have the bank statements and their certificates. Are my documents valid for the student visa

    Tulasi Ram LAmichhane
  190. I recently showed my spouse account statement along with mine after the birth of my newborn son. Will they consider my spouse money too for POF?

  191. Hi, thank you for this write up. I am preparing my application for EE under FSW, just waiting for ICAS report. But the proof of fund as always been a source of concern. Now with your post I know that we can use property as proof of funds. My husband and i have a house in both our names that can fetch almost three times what we require, but the question is, do you know if this option is acceptable under EE? If it is, do we still need to provide bank statement to show we have other money in the bank? Or will the valuation report be sufficient? My hubby also has some savings in a cooperative with some tellers he used to deposit the money into the coop account as evidence, if we closed this account to get the money out and produce those bank deposit tellers, can that be accepted? Though not up to half of what we need. Thanks.

  192. hi. applied for a canadian visa in june 2016 after receiving an invitaion from my family friend . he invited me and sponsering my stay and tickets for 3 weeks. my visa was rejected due to.
    1 insufficient funds and assets
    2. travel history
    i have showed them my joint accounts having 15000 CAD. account is joint me and my mothers. Asset of one plot worth 35000CAD
    travelled once to saudi arabia in 2013.
    kindly guide me where i went wrong.

  193. Hi
    I am have received an acceptance letter from a universitity in Canada. Now I am struggling to show the proof of funds. I have couple of questions
    1. As my course is a 4 year course so do I need to show the tution fee for 1yr or all 4 years.
    2. How can my uncle in India can help me to study in Canada if he is willing to provide money and he is also has sufficient funds.

  194. My tution fees is 60000 aud and I’m going on student loan
    And maximum loan amount for me is 40000 aud
    Course is for 2.5 years can I get Australian student visa on this much fund for the time

  195. hello…can u pls tell me that do i need $1550 as i m applying for 2 at the time of filling form for express or can i also show the funds that i added before getting ita?

  196. Hi
    I have applied for SINP OID. Yesterday I have got an email to show funds maintaining atleast for three months but my funds are not 3 months old.

    We removed my wife’s mother postal fixed deposit and credited my savings account through my wife’s father saving account

    Then from my savings account I opened a term deposit In my account

    All this happend in one day

    Sep20 2016 funds were transferred to my account
    Oct 4th applied for SINP
    OCT 26th got an email from SINP to show funds which is maintained for three months

    Your help will be appreciated

    Seshamadhav Bhaskarla
  197. Hello! Can you plz guide me about proof of funds for a visit visa for canada from spain plz???

  198. I have a factory singly owned by me with good financial stands, can i use its bank statement as support for my family and I request of Canadian study and temporally visa?

  199. Hi,

    Can I use my TIME DEPOSIT as proof of funds? I have the certificate with me and it is well under my name and my husband wuo is comingbwith me too. Please advice thank you.

  200. Hi I’m employment and I will to go Canada for writing one exam which held by British Columbia government. can I show my account statement which is cash deposit in my account as proof of fund for canada visitor visa ?

  201. Hi

    Please I am writing from Nigeria I have a property which is in my name with my mother. Can I use the property as proof of funds . Or is there anything I need to do as regards this .


  202. Hi there…

    I dont know whether you have replied this query or not but as i was very desperate as i just got to learn this today i thought its good to check from the expert rather than going around getting the solution to it..

    my question is,

    I have got a capital of 49Lacs in Indian Rupees and is indeed good and we are three in the family meaning the minimum required fund should be around 13 Lacs in Indian Rupees but that can only be proved by the balance sheet which gets submitted for Income Tax Return filing. My Bank account has a balance of just 45,000 rupees as I have invested the rest into National Savings Certificates, given as unsecured loans to my uncle and some value is under accounts receivables (as professional fess to be collected). Yes, my balance sheet is certified by the Chartered Accountant with his stamp, seal and signature as I file my return regularly. I can provide 3 years balance sheet also if need be.

    Now I was just checking on net and no body had a clear view on this and they all said that this certified balance sheet will not be accepted. My question is will my certified balance sheet considered as POF for the eligibility or not ? as it is cent percent genuine as I am into business.

    Please guide and help me as its very urgently required. I am planning to file for Demand Express Entry to Nova Scotia and most likely it may open up in March.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  203. Hi how much proof funds I need to have while I apply for student visa? I don’t own any property under my name. House is in the name of my father. So showing house documents of my father can it satisfy the counselor?
    Ty in advance..!

  204. Respected Sir/Madam
    I’m Gurpreet 36 year old (male), in family my dad and mom and me and my married sister
    Mom dad retired government employee, they also submit income tax, bank statement, good bank balance. Last months I’m going to Singapore mom sick then I’m come back in India in a 4 days. My education 10+2 and diploma in welder(7 year exp). last day I’m going to Chandigarh city and going to many immigration service offices, some say you are eligible go to Canada visitor/tourism, some say no .one person say if your parents write one affidavit letter: we are government retard person, we afford all expenses for our children Gurpreet .because Gurpreet dream want to see Canada .and we are depend on our child Gurpreet. One other for our care. He is come back after few months. These words say agent. And one agent say visitor visa is not tourist visa then I’m so sad; please send me all all information, and solution to come in Canada as tourist. most important one thing I want to say you last few year I’m working in newspaper without any income i am press photo reporter .but I now I m stop this job .if you say then I’m start this job. No friend no uncle any one no live in Canada, im mostly depend our parent and my mom dad depend on me. No problem shows money. surfing time I’m see your website .if all information and solution send mail then i am so happy ,I am so thanks full to you,

  205. sorry i m not say i am from India state Punjab,city Muktsar, and who help me i want make my case strong , sure U read my fist question my 2nd THIS question is any other (which) country give me 6 month tourist visa.PLEASE send me email,and friends who use this so beautiful site i am also want your help,plz email me

  206. Hi Guys,

    I have funds in my wife savings account for more than a year now is it would be OK as POF

  207. Hello Sir,
    I have the sufficient funds with me but those are fresh funds ,means current funds and not the old funds. Will that work for OINP Human capital category ? Please assist sir.
    Thank you in advance

  208. Hi.

    How much money do I require if my partner is not accompanying me to Canada? I am the principle applicant. My partner is going to NZ to pursue her masters and she will join me later in Canada after her Masters. I have mentioned in IRCC form that she is my common-law partner and won’t be accompanying me to Canada now. I read on a discussion boars that even if she is not accompanying me, I still have to show funds for 2 people? Is this true? Or I just have to show for one person. Please advice.


  209. Hi recently I hve applied in sinp on Nov 23rd and I received a mail on Mar 23rd as ineligible due to lag of settlement fund…but really am maintaining funds of 18617 cad prior to 3 there a possibility to accept my application nw

  210. Hi,
    I am in a situation. A week back , I have submitted the POF to my agent and subsequently to CIC. However, some documents were missed in the attachments and the only POF that has been submitted is a bank account which is a joint account between Me and my Father. On questioning the agent they said that it would be a problem. I do have Funds to show only on my name which were sent to the agent, but were missed out. My question is will CIC take these documents post the submission. Any way to connect with them? and what suggestions do you have? Please help. Very upset that after all these years a document missed , may cause a negative impact.


  211. Hi Wayne,

    I have a doubt. I have all the money saved in my wife’s account, and its not a joint account. Though her full name has my name it.
    So this fund will be considered legal by CIC ?

  212. Guys this is a good read for POF issue when you have funds GIFTED by someone else

  213. hello
    Please i would like to find out if one can use a family member (eg father) as a financial sponsor for the canadian express entry visa. That means using this person’s account and showing proof of relationship like its in student visa applications

  214. Hi can i use travellers cheques instead of a bank statement as proof of funds?

  215. Hi We have received an invite to apply for Canadian PR via Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Category1. We have sufficient funds to show in our bank account however we do have an ongoing Home Loan, we make transactions to this home loan account which are traceable. Will an ongoing home loan be a problem ?

    Anubhuti Nirmohi
  216. Good morning Sir,
    I applied for MPNP SKILLED WORKER OVERSEAS, I have received from visa officer for account statements of last three months Will the funds in my wife accounts be considered for me. I have to reply visa officer before 02/05/2017. Please advice.

  217. Hello,
    I want to know can we use gifted amount with affidavit as proof of fund for permanent residence for Canada
    please guide us

  218. Hi,
    I have a doubt here. I don’t have enough money in account but I have a property which worth more than the amount required. Should I sell the property to show POF? Or can I keep the property and show necessary documents when coming to Canada. Please reply. I have asked the same question on several forums and none of them could give a correct reply. I hope you know the answer. 🙂

  219. Hi Friends,

    I have below question:

    Can I apply for canada PR if I dont have enough funds required as one of the criteria to show proof of funds.
    Also, when are these funds required to be in your bank account in the application process for PR.

    Many thanks in advance !

  220. Can it be from any bank?

  221. Can I show cash in my spouse’s bank account as proof of funds as he is accompanying me to Canada and is a depenedent applicant. Or ask him to transfer money to my account since I am not a joint holder on his account still.

  222. Hi wayen
    What i understood from ur words that if i have a paper proof that i own a house or anything else with price more than the pof can work with them ??
    I own a house with price over 700000 egyptian pounds and i have paper with this price, is this can work??
    Thank u

  223. Hello Wayne,

    I am planning to apply for ‘Express Entry’ soon. I have 90% of the documents that is required to submit but the ‘proof of funds’ section is still very confusing to me. The reason it is very confusing to me is because of the situation I am in. So far I have not found an answer on any forum and website that could help me. I tried contacting the closest Canadian office in my country but they keep referring me to the CIC website.

    Anyways, my problem is that I am still currently employed in my country. My contract finishes next year July 2018. The contract is not the problem, it is just that I do not have the funds required right now. I am relying on my monthly wage from my job to add up until I finish my contract. After calculating from this month until I finish, I would have come up with more than enough money than what is required. This is before I deducted whatever payments CIC requires though, but I still have a small savings account and my own car.

    How can I work my way around this? Legally of course and the right and valid way. Is it possible to provide several payslips and my job contract maybe as one of several documents for proof of funds? To ensure that I will get the funds when I finish my contract?

    I really hope you can provide me with some really good advice and/or refer me to someone else that can help. Like I said I have not found anything on the web that could help me. This is the only thing that is stopping me from applying now, once this problem is solved I can be on my way.

    Hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience Wayne. Have a good day.

  224. Hi Wayne,
    I’m a PhD student living in Canada and I have experience back in my country so that helped me to get into the express entry pool. I’m also receiving a scorlaship that is more than enough for our day to day life. However when I trying to apply for express entry I have to show that the funds available for my stay. So I’m wondering whether I can include the scorlaship letters as the proof of funds. Thank you.

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  226. Sir,im from India.I got LOA from St Lawrence college( 2year programme).My husband would like to accompany with me to Canada.I will be depositing in GIC as i am going via spp program.If so,we both will be staying together.I want to know whether my husband have to deposit money seperately to show the amount to get visa.If so,how much should he have to pay?please reply.

    Reshmi Annie Jose
  227. can i use my family asset if i dont have one

  228. Hi. Can bank account be in name of dependent accompanying spouse? If yes, can a link be shared of CIC where it mentions this? Regards


  230. Hey, I applied for a bank loan of Rs. 25,00,000 that equals to $50,000 and a GIC of $10,000 and attached bank statements which show my fathers monthly salary consistently but it doesn’t exceed $2500. As I am giving financial proof in form of loan and GIC do i still need to show bank balance.

  231. Hi…I lended money to my parents and friends through cheques, paying flight tickets, paying credit card bills, now after getting call for express entry, I got my money back through cheques, will this be counted as borrowed money or they will consider as my money. I can produce documents and bank statements proving my point. Thanks

  232. Hi, I am planning to apply for Express entry. The funds in my account have come from my real brother. Will that be any problem. Also, do I have to show 6 months statements from the date I have applied or from the date I receive an ITA.

  233. Hi,

    Can annual bonus money or quarterly reimbursement money from the company I work in India be considered as a valid POF?


  234. Hello!

    Below are several questions i have for you:

    Do I have to provide the proof of funds for all my dependents even if they won’t be travelling with me?

    Will proof covering 1 person not be sufficient?

    I have spent much money on my consultant but to my shock they read out from their resources and from Internet as an answer when I call them for.

    Your reply would be appreciated.


    Irfan Aziz Mohammed
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  236. You are right. I have one question. I got ITA from CIC under CEC class. As rules told that i dont need to show funds because I am in canada and working full time now. I have one confusion for one express entry profile. Question is “ How much funds you will bring to canada to support….. ? What should I answer of this question ? I can say zero or not . Because I am not showing any funds as I am applying under CEC. Please reply me. Thanks

  237. How to show funds for canada study visa
    While gardians are in uk

  238. Hi just wanted to take ur suggestion that I have FDR of Rs 15 lacs but also have HL of Rs 43 lacs will this loan need to be mentioned in Balance certificate

  239. Hi,

    My sister is going to apply EE, she’s a medical laboratory technologist and has bachelor degree. We don’t have enough proof of funds, can we make a letter of explanation instead? that me, my husband and my mom can support and provide her and her 5yr old daughter for all her expenses when she arrive here? Thank you!

  240. Hi There,
    I am leasing a house and that fund is equal to $20K CAD, will that be considered as a Proof of fund. The Govt. Agreement is on my name. Pls let me know. Thanks.

  241. Hi Mr. Cohen, i am Hina from Pakistan, i have recently got ITA and now i am working on organizing all my documents to apply for visa. I am living with my guardian since i was a child and he has transferred a big portion of the required amount in my account 2 months back to help me manage my funds requirement and i also have complete authority over that amount, i am now confused whether a gift deed between me and my guardian will be accepted by CIC or not? and what other documents should be submitted along with gift deed to provide sufficient POF? Need advice urgently.

  242. Hi i am Hina from Pakistan, i have recently got ITA and now i am working on organizing all my documents to apply for visa. I am living with my guardian since i was a child and he has transferred a big portion of the required amount in my account 2 months back to help me manage my funds requirement and i also have complete authority over that amount, i am now confused whether a gift deed between me and my guardian will be accepted by CIC or not? and what other documents should be submitted along with gift deed to provide sufficient POF? Need advice urgently.

  243. Hi Wayne,

    I do have a slightly different case and I haven’t found any answers online yet. I got my PR visa last September under FSW. I will be landing in Toronto on February 1. I was also lucky to secure before I land to Canada a job offer which start date is on Feb 7. However, due to some reasons and inflation I’m afraid my funds will not be able now to meet the minimum required proof of funds. During my Pre-departure orientation in my country, i learned that there is no need to show proof of funds upon landing if you have a valid job offer: Question: What documents will the Canadian Borders need to support this valid job offer? is an employment letter enough? Or are there any standard forms that should go with it? Thank you

    Best regards,

  244. Thank you for that enlightening information. Could you please tell me what my position is like- I had worked in 2012-2013. My organisation paid me salary by cash. It was just about 10000 inr/month. I have cash vouchers issued by organisation; but no bank statements. Does it effect my application? I have inherited sufficient funds from my parents to support myself otherwise.

  245. Thanks for the article which needed to be said.
    I have question around POF and I would appreciate if you could help –
    I have student loan which I showed in my POF – I wanted to know considering my Student Loan what is the way of calculating how much amount I need show?
    Should I add Yearly interest on the student loan + actual fund required?
    I need more information on how CIC will calculate the total amount I need to show in POF.
    Thanks in advance.

  246. Dear Wayne

    Many thanks for such a comprehensive blog – very useful. We are applying for PR under the self employed category. On the application document check list it doesn’t ask for proof of funds evidence – just a narrative explaining where funds have come from. Should we send in proof of funds documents at the application stage or is this something they ask for at the assessment stage?



  247. Hi Wayne,

    Im required to take 16,000 CAD as proof of funds for myself and spouse. Could i take whole 16k CAD in cash (its in my bank accounts (INR) and can get bill from the FX conversion firm as well). Reason to ask – travellers cheque and bank drafts are working out to be very costly due to the enormous FX spread they are asking for + commissions/fees.


  248. Hi Wayne,

    I have already created my EE profile and my spouse will accompany me. I would like to know if I can show my Spouse’s Provident Fund amount as a Proof Of Fund. There are many websites stating that any form of a fund in the name of your spouse will not be a valid proof. Everything should be under the Primary Applicant’s name.

  249. Kindly let me know if “Gift of the deed” is enough to prove the amount in my account is not borrowed?

  250. Hi Wayne,
    I have been reading your replies to posts here, and I must say you are doing a great job, I really hope you can help me with my dilemma.
    I have applied for the EE under FSW and my CRS score is 438. I am waiting and hoping that the draw results will come down to that level and keeping my fingers crossed.
    My query is regarding the POF.
    the situation is, I have a loan under my name of approximately 86k AED and this reflects on my bank statements. What I would like to know is, apart from the money required to show my ability to support myself in Canada(i.e. 13k CAD), how do I go about stating my ability to pay off the loan:
    1. Do I need to show the amount equivalent to this loan in my account as well.
    2. Do I close the loan altogether, or can I give a document stating a guarantor fro my loan? i.e. my brother or my father.
    3.Can I submit a document stating my guarantee to continue paying this loan till 2020 and then moving to Canada and not before.

    Your help would be appreciated in tackling this situation

  251. If you do not have funds and if you skip category 1 as advised above, (according to category 2 ) will employers even think about hiring someone from India without that person not holding a visa yet??
    What I heard, no employers from Canada think of hiring someone from overseas without that candidate already holding a work permit or visa.

    I may be wrong, hence correct me please.

  252. Hi wayne, I have just a couple of questions. I do have an account and it is joint with my sister but the money on the bank are all mine. It was just being joint so whenever I am on another country someone could withdrawn the money in my behalf. You think the CIC would accept it as a proof of funds? And what if I would present a certificate of employment from my job indicating the amount that I’ve been paid for would that consider as one of my proof of funds? Thanks!

  253. Can my cousin guaranty me with his bank account ?so I’ll show It as a proof of funds.

  254. Hello, I have a letter of Scholarship for POST DOC selected and the amount will be transferred once i report my appointment at Canada University. I got approval for VISA application and have to show proof of fund. Can i explain the officer about letter of scholarship. Also i have a constant saving account of 2000 cad since a year, will this help me. Also i have a property with me, my mother and my brother combined in it, will this be useful?

    Vijay Babu Koreboina
  255. Thank you so much. You are doing a great job.

    Inderpreet Sidhu
  256. Hello,

    May I ask this- if my spouse applies for and receives his an open work permit (he will be accompanying me for my PhD, we have our visas) will we still need to have Proof of Funds for two, or will it sufficient that we provide for myself alone, for our application for FSWP?

    thank you

  257. Hi,
    Can i use my end of service funds, a letter i can get from my current employer as proof of funds?

  258. Hi Wayne,
    I have 3yeara experience in sports site as data entry and after 2.5 years I joined in USIT Recruitment and currently I have 1 year recent experience in USIT Recruitment. I’m very much interested to get Canda PR also I don’t have Proof of funds, if I want to get savings it takes around 5+ years which I don’t want. Is there any possibility to get Canada PR with 1+ years experience in recruitment and without POF. Please suggest, Thanks !

  259. hello everybody,

    I need your advice. As I have shown enough funds for my student visa application for canada. But out of all the documents by mistake I also attached one Fixed deposit detail which we already withdrawn from the bank. So what I need to face because of this mistake??

    Give your suggestion.

  260. Hi
    Your post is very informative and genuine. I have one question for you. I have sold my property and received half payment through check and half by cash. How could I show this as proof of income? By self declaration or any letter from government officials?
    Thank you

  261. Hi, I have received my ITA, and now i have to show proof of funds. I have some money in my bank, movable assets and some gold reserve. My agent told me that after receiving ITA, I must not make any further large deposits into our account. However, I want to liquidate my asset and gold reserves for moving to Canada. How can I liquidate my own assets without raising a red flag? Had my agent told me this before, i would have liquidated my assets long back..! How can i prove to the authorities that the large transaction is actually liquidation of assets?

  262. Hi,

    I have already got PR for canada and planning to land in the month of feb 2019. what happens if i move there in feb and my family moves there later? As a primary applicant i will be required to show proof of funds. However, what happens when my spouse and kids arrive later? Will they be required to show proof of funds at the time of their entry also????

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  264. What is the time line or period after getting ITA to show proof of funds?

  265. Hello Sir,

    I have a couple of questions for you, please:

    1) I received a huge performance bonus from my company just last month. This has had some impact on my balance. Will it cause a problem in my POF?
    2) I closed my fixed deposit account this month; another huge credit on my bank statement. Again, will this be any issue for me?

    I eagerly await your response.

  266. Hi, I have enough funds in my account to apply for immigration but my husband says that he being the primary applicant should have the funds and not in the joint account with me (spouse) but separate and only in his account. Is this correct? I want a joint account with him though.

  267. If I get a LMIA Approved job Offer, then can I apply under category 2 where proof of funds is not mandatory?

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  269. I will be applying for OINP Masters Grad stream without Job offer. I need to show around 13k. I have sold some of my belongings eg: jewelery and camera bought overseas and accumulated the amount. Amounts received all in Cash form and will be deposited into bank account. Can I present that for my application? Do I have to explain the source of fund? I don’t have any receipts/tax cleared for that. Any advice would be helpful.

  270. Hi, I am from India and planning to borrow money from my cousin and a friend of mine to show proof of funds, as a gift notarised. Please suggest is it acceptable as a proof of fund.

    Mohammed Siddiqui
  271. I shall land on 28july in totronto but i did my bank letter for proof of funds on 27june.please say me ,is it acceptble or just i have to do another bank letter recent .because my letter is before 1month of landing

  272. Hi, I worked on h1b visa in usa for 2 years and all my money are in usa banks. Due to my visa extension denial i came back to india. Now i am trying to apply canada pr through express entry from india. can i show my USA bank accounts as POF. I have all the money in USA. Its been 1 month since i came to india.

  273. hi, I did not mention about my gift deed and land sales during my POF submission. Recently I got a mail from the Visa Office asking for pay stubs and statement of account from my employee and it is evident that those sum would show as thy are gifts from my siblings during my wedding which I put in fixed deposit. Is it okay to write a gift deed (notorized) to that effect and send alongside my pay stubs and statement of account?

  274. Hi, am currently in the express entry pool but applied to one of the province and I was nominated. I don’t have up to the required funds in my personal account but I have a booming business on which I am the propietor and sole signatory to that account with more than the funds needed. Can I use it as my proof of funds since it is my business. Thanks

  275. Sir,
    Pls clarify, we are applying for permanent status visa.Now my husband cannot provide a bank statement bec. he has no bank account, instead he use mine and our agent is aware about it. Our agent says that we should deposit our proof of funds to ESDC for security reason???? Is this valid, and whats the assurance that we can get my money back???

  276. What are the options, where someone having less fund?

  277. hello everyone,
    I have a gold account in my bank. It is a gold account that has account number and IBAN. Is it valid as POF for Canada?

  278. hello everyone,
    I have a gold account in my bank. It is a gold account that has account number and IBAN. Is it valid as POF for Canada?

  279. Must the money your account for at most.6months under fixed deposit before it is admissible as proof of fund

  280. Excellent advice! I appreciate this. Thank you for this more insight. I didn’t know asset could be used as prove of fund.

    Maryanne mgbeahuruba
  281. Good day, please I have just one month left to submit my application to Saskatchewan province and i want to know if I can use proceeds from sale of a property as proof of funds alongside evidence that property belonged to me. The province states that funds must be available 3 months before you submit your application. Does anyone have an idea about this?

  282. Hi! I got a job offer for a Post Doctoral Fellowship at a University and I am applying for a work permit. Do I need to show proof of funds? Also, does my spouse need to show her proof of funds too, if I am applying for them as well? Many thanks!!!

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  284. Pls, I need your advice.
    I have a valid job offer from an employer in Manitoba under Strategic Initiatives (SWO)

    It was stated in my offer letter that the company will sponsor my air ticket, close 2 months accommodation and transportation during training.

    I have a property with current market value done by a registered Estate Agent in my country, I just want to be sure if I need to show any proof of funds again cos am a family of 5 and I want to travel with my family.

    Thanks you.

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  287. Hi Wayne

    I arrived here quite late. I hope you are still replying to comments.

    I have a rather weird query, I have worked approx 10 years outside my home country and returned back in 2017. Now I am considering applying for PR. I have a operational bank account in the foreign country where I have worked for 10 years with 20,000 cad in it and that amount hasn’t been touched yet. Can I transfer that money to a Canadian bank to show proof of funds before applying and at the time of landing instead of producing statements from my bank in my home country.

  288. We offer Cash & Asset Backed Financial Instruments such as Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit (BG/SBLC) for lease and sale, and loan facilities. We offer Verifiable Bank Instruments via SWIFT from genuine providers capable of taking up time bound transactions. Issuance is by AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA.

    Our Instruments are easily monetized on your behalf for project funding. Our rates depend on the face value of the instrument needed, we can also monetize the same BG/SBLC for up to 100% cash proceeds if you do not have a monetizer.

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