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Through various pages of this site you will see acronyms used to avoid wasted screen space and lots of electrons being horribly disturbed 🙂

I tried to include here any acronyms used and an explanation of their meaning. Please let me know if you spot any I have missed out.
AOR – Acknowledgement Of Receipt

CIC – Citizenship and Immigration, Canada
This is the umbrella organisation which deals with all immigration into Canada. It houses the CIO (Centralized Intake Office) in Nova Scotia as well as having many satellite Canadian High Commission offices (otherwise known as visa offices) throughout the world.

CIO – Centralized Intake Office
This is based in Sydney, Nova Scotia in Canada

CHC / VO – Canadian High Commission / Visa Office
CIC has Canadian High Commission offices, otherwise known as visa offices, around the world and are responsible for processing the country-specific elements of your application such as background and security checks. They are also responsible for issuing medical requests and for making the final decision on your application.

LMO – Labour Market Opinion
If you want to apply under FSW2 whilst working in Canada, you will need one of these! Basically once you have a job offer, the company offering you the job needs to seek a positive LMO from the HRSDC, which essentially means they need to be satisfied that no suitable Canadian could be found to fill the position, hence the need to employ an immigrant. In order to get this the employer will have to prove they have been advertising the job for at least 2 weeks during the past 3 months. Once you have been granted a positive LMO, you can apply for a TWP (Temporary Work Permit) and then begin to work in Canada.

HRSDC – Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
These are the guys who write the NOC descriptions, and who will approve LMO or AEO

TWP – Temporary Work Permit
Please see LMO above, but basically you apply for one of these after receiving a positive LMO to allow you to temporarily begin working in Canada so you can start your application process.

AOE – Arranged Employment Opinion
A job offer approved by HRSDC, similar to an LMO but with AEO you will apply for your residency from outside Canada, and will only commence your job in Canada once your PRV is approved. Since this involves finding an employer who will wait 12 months or so for you to get your visa, it is usually more difficult to obtain than getting a TWP with LMO and applying from inside Canada.

PER – Positive Eligibility Review
This isn’t really an official term but just something some friends on a public forum have coined following the way the applications are handled under the new rules. This is confirmation you will receive from CIO (usually by email unless you did not specify an email address, in which case it will be a letter by regular post) that your final eligibility review has been positive, and that your application is being sent to your visa office for further processing.

PRV – Permanent Residents’ Visa

RPRF – Right Of Permanent Residence Fee
This is the final payment you make, usually at the time you get medical requests, for your right to enter Canada as a permanent resident. At the time of writing (27 Apr 2011) the fee is CAD $490 for principal applicant and spouse (so CAD $980 for both). There is no RPRF fee for dependent children.


Posted January 19, 2011 by Wayne

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  1. thanks Sir Wayne

    great job and it really helps new comers.thanks

  2. Great blog Wayne! Thanks so much for keeping it all up to date as it’s been extremely helpful.

    One question for Acronyms – RBVO? It’s mentioned twice in your Expat Forum signature block.

    Thanks again!

  3. hi wayne,AOR stands for???

  4. Hi Wayne
    What is ECAS please?
    Thanks tgv

    • ECAS is the web interface to CIC’s computer system (GCMS, formerly CAIPS). It gives a very basic overview of the status of your application. But it is very basic and is often inaccurate and/or out of date. I wouldn’t suggest relying on it too heavily!

  5. Sorry if I post the same kind of question which has posted before. I find this website so useful that can’t control myself from posting. Thanks for making this site………………..I applied in Canada immigration under federal skilled worker category in last August 2011. I have got a letter in 30 October that my case is eligible for processing and it is a final positive determination (PER). After that last 6th Dec’11 visa officer sent me letter that s/he received the case (maybe 2nd AOR). Now my question is that how many percent of cases are refused from visa office at this stage ? And do you think that I will be able to get visa ? is there still chances to be refused ?

    • There are pages on the CIC website where you can find out fail and success ratios, although last time I looked it took some digging to find.

      There is always chances to be refused right up until the visa is issued. 2nd AOR means they have started processing your case, so you will get your visa providing
      a) All of your supporting documentation is genuine and in order
      b) You are not medically inadmissable to Canada
      c) You are not criminally inadmissable to Canada

      Generally MOST people will get their visa once they are through both eligibility reviews (CIO and visa office), but there can never be guarantees.

      I wish you the best of luck, but patience is your best friend at the moment.

  6. Hello Wayne,
    Results of our medicals was already sent to the embassy last January 18 and it’s almost 5 weeks since then, my question is, how much more time for my husband to wait for the RPRF? my husband is in Manitoba and my kids and I are here in the Philippines, what we are more to expect after my husband paid the RPRF? ..thanks in advance and Godbless…:)

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