An update on FSW and Citizenship   2 comments

Hi all,

Sorry for a long period of inactivity I have been pretty busy. I have started replying to some of your comments again – I will try to do this where I can but please appreciate there are too many comments for me to be able to respond to everything.


Don’t forget your can check here for a list of the how many applications have been received for each NOC category. This fiscal year CIC are accepting a total of 25,000 applications across 50 NOC categories, with a subcap of 1000 applications per category.

So far less than 10,000 applications have been received, and only 4 NOC categories are full, so there is still plenty of opportunity to apply. If you are interested in Canada immigration why not check it out and see if you have eligible experience?



Please note a few months ago CIC changed the rules on applying for Canadian citizenship. Formerly you had to reside in Canada for 3 years during a 4 year period. That has now changed and now you need to be in Canadian 4 years in a 6 year period, and also be present in Canada for at least 6 months for each of those years.

However, the good news is that the application process has been streamlined, and rather than requiring a Citizenship judge to preside over the application, this can now be finalised by a CIC officer. This will make the process significantly faster.

So in other words – it will now take longer before you can apply for citizenship, but the application will be processed faster once you do, so it kind of evens out!


Best wishes and good luck to all of you,



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2 responses to “An update on FSW and Citizenship

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  1. Just FYI, although the bill is now law, the changes don’t come in to force until 2015/16 –

  2. hello sir i am january 2012 applicant my question is in january 2014 immigration done my physical verification ,from that time to till the date they did not update my case , what is reasion behind this or may be …..i am waiting since long time ….feeling frustrated now plz guide me and show me the path….


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