Polite request regarding taking content   3 comments

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t posted here in the last month or two.

I am going to go around all the articles on the site and try to update them as time allows to reflect the very latest information and processes.

In the meantime though I have found posts on forums and articles on other people’s blogs where they have just wholesale taken the content from my articles without linking to this blog or crediting me as the source.

Not only is this practice very bad manners and discourteous, but without linking to this source blog, people will be reading old static content and will not see any updates I make to the articles here.

Please, if you are going to alert people to the content on this blog (and of course there is nothing wrong with that!) then the best thing to do is provide a link to the relevant page here.

If you must take the entire article AT LEAST have the courtesy to credit where you got the article from.


Posted September 4, 2013 by Wayne in Uncategorized

3 responses to “Polite request regarding taking content

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  1. hi admin
    please can oyu help me ? actually i applied for fswp on june 9 with my complete application which reached cio canada on 14th june 2013, after 5 months my application returned to me with cover letter stating the duties on my work experience were not acording to noc 3142(physiotherapist). again after the correction by making new work experience letter i applied on nov 17,2013 and my application reached cic on 22 nov 2013 ,(till the date the cap was 245 on physiotherapist ) 15 days after my application reached to cic the cap was fullfilled … now its been 3 months i have no reply from cic . WILL MY APPLICATION BE INCLUDED INSIDE THE CAP OR WILL BE REJECTED ,? i have once already applied in the begining of the programme was introduce . what will happen in my case ? please reply me . m so much worriewd about it ? thank you

  2. Hi wayne i just wanna ask my wife fet her medical and find out scar and tb she had done the follow up test and medicine according to cic.she is cleared now what u think how much time i am looking for fet my pr done. Basically i am pnp holder.

  3. Hi i went to my ecase this friday i saw that the status of my application for permanent residence (parents grand parents) changed from documents received to in process.When i clicked in they said that they started to process the application last monday september 22 2014.So my question was to know how long would it take for them to process it in order to call us for the medical visit.

    Regarding my case can i have a time frame in days or months.

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