May 4th be with you!!   2 comments

So the FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program) gates have finally opened again on May 4th 2013 after new applications (for those without a job offer) were frozen for almost a year.

In order to apply (without a job offer) you need to have skills in one of the 24 in demand occupations, for which CIC are only accepting a maximum of 300 in each category. A total of 5000 applications will be accepted altogether. As usual, these caps do not apply for those applying with a job offer, but please note that AOE (Arranged Employment Offer) is no longer accepted, and that in order to apply with a job offer this will need to have a valid LMO (Labour Market Opinion) and TWP (Temporary Work Permit).

The occupations, and a running tally of opened applications for each NOC which should be updated approximately once per week can be found here:

At applicants are pooling together to share their timelines and to have an idea which NOCs are the most popular, how long things are taking to process etc.

You can view the spreadsheet here:

Also the thread for this is here, and if you are interested then reply to the thread to have your details added:

Looks like NOCs 2174, 2147 and 1112 will be filled very quickly.

Best of luck!

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2 responses to “May 4th be with you!!

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  1. How can I contribute to the spreadsheet here? And is there any way I can contact other applicants via phone/email? It will be easy to ask/answer questions around.. Thoughts?

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