FSWP to open May 2013   6 comments

I’ve been in the UK for 2 weeks and got back last night, and have not had chance to check CIC whilst I was away. I thought I’d post this here though in case anyone had missed it:


FSWP applications will open on 4th May 2013.

May 4th be with you !:)

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6 responses to “FSWP to open May 2013

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  1. Hi,
    I applied in FSW category in November 2010, I got PER email from CIC where it mentioned that my application got final determined of illegibility for FSW, in June 2011 my file transferred to London after that no update yet. But in 17/08/2012 I received a letter from LVO and they asked me to submit some documents and I sent all documents with in 3 weeks I mean in September 2012. Recently I put CSI to LVO, interestingly they replied that they await to receive my documents asked for and if they don’t received it with in next 30 days than they could reject my case. Further more recently I cheek GCMS note where it mentioned that current location of my file in London but in Put Away section.

    So please give some advice on my situation that what can I do??????????????//


  2. hi
    i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for medical.now much more time we will wait for our MR
    plssssssss frnd sugeest me any thing else


  3. I am currently working here in Canada on a Work permit. My wife is here on open work permit. She also has got a permanent job offer. We want to apply for the FSWP 2013 program. CIC says there is no cap(300 per NOC category) on applications with a qualifying job offer. She is the primary applicant for PR. Can you please tell us if we fall under the cap or not?

    • Hi, it depends on the nature of the job offer and the skill level. As of May 2013 CIC are no longer accepting AOE (Arranged Employment Offer) – a system where formerly the applicant did not start work in Canada until after residency had been granted. For a job offer they are now only accepting applications for those with a positive LMO (Labor Market Opinion) with a TWP (Temporary Work Permit). In this case the applicant applies for residency once they being work in Canada. This route is still very much in tact.

      So “qualifying job offer” means a supporting LMO, and the job is in skill levels O, A or B.

      As long as this is the case, and you meet the 67 point minimum and also the minimum language requirements, then you can apply under FSW Category 2, without worrying about the cap, and without needing to provide proof of funding. Please note that I think you will still need the usual supporting documents – educational credentials now have to be recognised with their Canadian equivalencies – and of course work experience letters, and proof of language (e.g. IELTS).

      Best of luck,

      • Thanks Wayne for the information. Actually my wife is on an open work permit which is LMO exempted based on exemption code C41, spouse of an intra-company transferee worker. And she has got a full time permanent job offer in a skill that falls under the new list doled out by CIC. Initially I was under the imnpression that we will not fall under the cap. But today I was told byone of the immigration lawyers that the LMO exemption is valid only for intra-company transferee worker from US. SInce I am an intra-company transferee worker from India, my wife can’t apply without cap. This was news to me. I didn’t find any mention of such a fact anywhere. Would you have any idea on this?

  4. hi i am FSW PR Applicant since 2012 . after that chc done employment verficaton on september 2012 and he was not satisfy with my verificaiton and said we will come again to verify ur employment , after that no updation , pls anybody suggest me what happend next and when they will come again to verify my employment .? 2 year going to funish. pls suggest me ..

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