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Hi all,

Just to say I am glad everyone is still using this site as a resource, and a means to talk to each other.

I seldom get chance to get on here nowadays.

We still don’t know exactly what is happening with FSW1 next year. There have been talks of EOI (expression of interest) whereby once you apply your application goes into a pool, and it won’t be approved until an employer expresses and interest in you.

Quote from Jason Kenney:

” And finally, we intimated in the budget that we will be working towards something like a system based on what we call an ‘expression of interest,’ where applicants will eventually go into a large pool of qualified immigration applicants for Canada, giving us their consent to share their applications with employers and indeed provincial governments ,so that those employers can come into the pool of qualified immigrant applicants and do their international labour recruitment from within that pool. ”


It seems certain there won’t be a “list” as such, and if the EOI system is not in place by January there may just be a free-for-all set of applications, probably 10,000 or so, in which people will need to meet the 67 points BUT don’t need experience in a particular NOC. It also seems certain that there will be a minimum language score required.

That’s about it for the rumours so far – will post again when I have something more concrete.



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  1.             Ok thank you Wayne for the info. pls. keep posted, for me to update.. how about this refund rumor whats the latest?.Canada Embassy should think the backlogs applicants should receive more priorities with regards to migration applications for such a long wait , they just gave a negative reply ,as for my case we been waiting . its been 6 years now, we filed our applications 2006.. it gives  bad impressions and reputations to the Canadian Government . I hope even this issues been dissolve, they still do something about it, perhaps to all still interested backlog applicants they could send letters or email them to show concern, if still interested or not.. .. how to get the refund of the filing fee applications.. Best regards ..  Susana G. Delos Reyes Profession …Dentist   Susan Delosreyes


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