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Hi guys,

OK I have finally responded to all unanswered comments that needed approving, so I am up to date. I will try to respond within a few days maximum in future to keep on top of things.

Not much more news to post at the moment. Seems likely that the 1st July 2012 intake will be a new set of MI, with a new occupation list and even some more points matrix rules. But it’s all strong rumours and nothing official at the moment, so I will post the actual news once it becomes official.

Best of luck with all your applications,


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7 responses to “Up to date!

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  1. Hi Wayne,
    Hope you well, and I hope you can shed some light for me or really my brother in law. I also hope my question isnt too annoying. So my brother in law applied from Bangladesh in Oct 2010 and in May 2011, he recieved his 2nd AOR, being processed in Singapore office, and giving the link to check online, however, it is now Feb 2012 and everytime he enters his information to check application status, this is the information he gets:

    We were not able to identify you using the information you provided. There could be three possible reasons:

    Please be sure the information you entered is correct and then try again.
    This service is only available to clients with applications in process. We may have received your application but not yet begun processing it. The following link may help you determine if your application is being processed:
    Application Processing Times
    At this time, you may use this on-line service to view the status of your application ONLY if you have:
    sponsored a member of the family class;
    applied for permanent residence from within or outside Canada;
    applied for a permanent resident card (initial, replacement or renewal);
    applied for Canadian citizenship (grant of citizenship);
    applied for Canadian citizenship for a person adopted by a Canadian citizen (on or after January 1, 1947);
    applied for a citizenship certificate (proof of Canadian citizenship);
    applied to renounce Canadian citizenship; or
    applied to resume Canadian citizenship.
    The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) may help you to access the status of your application through CAS.

    Now I have said to him to enquire with singapore office or get a CAIPS but he is very afraid that if he enquires he will get rejected! So for assurance I was wondering if you could advise pretty please.

    Thankyou very much in advance.

    • Why would he get rejected if he enquires about his status? That’s nonsense.

      The worst thing that would happen is that they simply will not respond.

      CAIPS notes will only be of use if his application has actually gone into process at the visa office yet.

      My advice is to send an enquiry to the visa office, stating that he is unable to access ECAS – giving his full name, data of birth and file number.


  2. Hi Wayne,
    I got my visa. I applied under 1122 this year. App reached on 6th July’11 (cap closed by July 13/14th I gues).

    Special thanks to you on my visa journey.. I have been following your blog it really helped me in this..

    thnx again.

  3. congrats……….

  4. hello..just want to ask if do have to wait for PPR after my medical or just have to send my passport to the embassy? i am confused right now because according to my med ref on nmuber 3 which is additional information. They said i have to submit the following to their office, Original passport, NBI and police certificate within 45 days from the date of the letter ( Feb. 16, 2012 ). Need you advice pls….

    thank you….

  5. Hi Wayne
    first I have to say thank you so much for your advice previously, it did bring more confidence to my brother in law to contact them.

    However, I need help again for another quite more serious reason, after my post of not being contacted in over a year by Canada immigration they got sent a letter to send a copy of a birth certificate and a utility bill/bank statement anything with address of my other brother in law who lives in Canada…. unfortunately due to family issues my Canadian brother in law has now refused to send the utility bill or to help further 😦
    They had shown that he was family in Canada and initially had given his information when they applied initially. Now we are lost on what to do, as with his help their points had got to 70, we have gotten some advice and have been told to send information of another brother in law who lives in Canada with a covering letter.
    We are a bit confused on what to do? What do you think? Also, have you ever heard of such a case as ours and still gotten to Canada?
    I appreciate any words of advice.
    Thanks Shammi

  6. Hey there Wayne.

    Do you have any information regarding how the London Visa Office tends to process its files, as in what goes on once E-cas says that the file is ‘In-Process’?

    From what I have observed, the process seems very arbitrary (as in they do not seem to operate on a First in First out basis). Is it just a case of random processing of whichever file happens to be ‘on top of the pile’?

    If they look at your file and see some concerns, do they just put it aside for further review?

    I believe alot of the annoying queries you get asking “when will I get my medical request?” stem from anxiety, because people don’t really know what else to do (not that I am justifying people’s constant negligence regarding your posting rules)

    Any request for information is simply brushed aside with a standard template email sent in response to any and all Case Specific Inquiries.

    To a person who has spent both money and time, a simply stating “your file is awaiting review by an officer” seems very inadequate when people who have applied much later seem to be zooming through the immigration maze.

    If only the process were a little more transparent, alot of unnecessary trouble could be avoided.

    People are generally in the dark regarding what happens once their E-Cas status changes to In-Process, as there seems to be no-one who can provide a satisfying answer to an applicant.

    I must admit that I too am suffering due to the London Visa Office’s tight lipped operating protocol regarding my application.

    Of course, as an idle mind is the devil’s playground, the first thought that comes to mind is one of ‘I’ve been rejected!’.

    If you have an earlier post about the inner workings of a Visa Office review that I’ve missed, please do guide me there.

    I hope this request doesn’t break the posting rules.

    Cheers for the good work you’re doing on this blog, and other immigration forums.


    Muhammad M. Naqvi

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