Please stop taking the %^^&*   1 comment

Guys this is the very very last warning, it is getting SOOOOOOOOOO annoying that nobody is paying any attention and continually hounding me with “Here is my timeline, when will I get medical requests?” posts again and again and again, completely ignoring my continual requests for people not to do so.

So this site will be closed down the next time I get such a request.

Yes, it is annoying me THAT much….





Posted February 20, 2012 by Wayne in Uncategorized

One response to “Please stop taking the %^^&*

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  1. Guys I’ve just had to trash another load of posts saysing “how long will background document checks take?” “When will I get PPR?”

    How many times must I tell people – there are many factors and it varies so much from applicant to applicant that this cannot be accurately predicted.

    I can start guessing random dates if you like.

    You will all received PPR / Medicals / Visa at precisely 10.32am on Monday 19th March 2012. There, will that do you?

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