“Here is my timeline – when will I get medicals / PR / etc…?”   3 comments

Guys, PLEASE stop asking this.


All these types of post will be trashed. I can only say “I don’t know” so many times…


Posted February 6, 2012 by Wayne in Uncategorized

3 responses to ““Here is my timeline – when will I get medicals / PR / etc…?”

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  1. Hello Wayne… My application couldn’t get through the 500 cap of 0631 this year… when I sent my application there were only 220 completed applications as per the website… even then my application failed to reach on time… I don’t know why… Anyway… Wayne… I just want an opinion of yours (since you can’t decide what CIC is going to do next)… do you think that NOC 0631 would survive in the 2013-2014 session… I mean… do you think that I will get another chance to send my application again…

    • Hi – sorry I can’t possibly predict this.

      Whereas the list of occupations for the July 2011 set of ministerial instructions were exactly the same as June 2010, it is highly anticipated that the list in July 2012 will be altered. As for how much, who knows? It is likely that some will be dropped in favour of new ones, and others which are still in demand will change.

      The only thing you can do is get your documents in a state of readiness ready to respond to a probably late June announcement of any new ministerial instructions from July 2012 onwards. Please note that it is highly anticipated that not only will the occupation list change, but a new points system will be in place which will favour younger applicants and also place more emphasis on work experience and less on education (after all, not too many Crane Operators etc have PhDs, so the current system penalises non-academic applicants somewhat).

      Well that’s all I can really say at the moment. Best of luck,

  2. How are you doing? I understand your frustration :). I gotta put the same note on my blog 😉

    Indira Prabhakaran.

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