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Hi guys, I am slowly catching up on all these message.

I am still getting messages along the lines of “When will I get medical requests? How long will it take?”

These types of messages will just be deleted. Please read my previous post as for why – I can’t keep typing the same thing over and over and over again.

YOU CANNOT predict how long it will take for an individual to get medical requests/passport requests etc. There are far too many factors. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound harsh but I don’t have time with all the other messages I get to reply over and over again to people that this kind of thing cannot be predicted.

Happy New Year to you all and wish you the best of luck with your applications,


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  1. Hi
    I get my medical, passport,landing fees and PCC request on dated 20/11/11.I have done my medical on dated 23/11/11 and send all Canadian High commission New delhi ,India,but till date i did not get my visa,can anybody tell me how much it take time for stamping visa.

  2. Wayne I need to ask you a question buddy. Did they take your biometrics before you went to Canada? Or did they take your fingerprints during the process of getting PR. yor answer much appreciated …

    • No fingerprints or biometrics. Just the medicals.

      Why, are you trying to hide something? 🙂


      • LOL nha big guy I ain’t trying to hide anything it is just I read over the net Canada is starting bio n fingerprints so was just curious. Any way how’s life in Canada ? How ya dealing with the cold weather and how is the job market in Canada? Take care Wayne bro.

  3. Hi Wayne.

    I have just completed my medical and sent all updated forms back to London VO. Hoping to hear shortly.

    Could you do a post on your time since you arrived including the cost and how easy it was to get accomadation and all the other things you have to do when you make the move.

    My wife and i would like to have enough to buy a camper and travel for a few months and take in some of the sights of the country.

    Is there an area you would like to live other than the one your in?
    How long is the connote to work?

    I’m sure your a busy man but it you do get time that is a post i’d really like to read.

    All the best.


    • Hi – I secured accommodation as a subtenant of another forum user, who also helped me secure a job. So I am not sure my experiences would be typical of someone arriving into the country from fresh.

      I will continue to post experiences here as I think they’re relevant and helpful, but I don’t really have time for documenting entire pages of my experience.

      Best of luck,

      • Hi Wayne I just need to ask you that my my ECAS status read IN PROCESS further details of of IN PROCESS is we recieved your application for permanent residence on so and and so date . Does that mean that they have started processing my application and they are performing document check? Your answer is much appreciated Wayne thank you.

      • Do you have the line “We reviewed your application and started processing on XYZ”? If so, then they have started processing. If not, then probably this is just the glitch comment to a lot of applications when they are first added to ECAS, and your status will probably change to “RECEIVED BY VISA OFFICE” soon.

  4. Hi wayne,
    I would just like to ask coz I finished my medicals and sent other additional documents.will the visa officer check and verify by details each documents from birth certificate,employment,mariaage crtft,even my husbands’ past marriage and his wife’s death crtft? How will they verify it?

    • The background checks are done on the documents you have provided. They will not contact organisations on every single document necessarily. If the visa officer is satisfied that the documents are genuine they may accept them “as is”. As to how they verify it, I do not know their exact processes but I believe they do use third parties companies for some of background checks.

      If your documents are genuine then why worry? You have nothing to fear.


  5. Hi Wayne , your pictures are fab,great to hear things are going well for you both,nice checking out your blog havent looked at it for a while. Best of luck.

    • Hi thanks friend 🙂

    • Hey Wayne bro I am not gonna ask you, when will I get my medical request lol. Instead tell me something please, IN PROCESS with extra detail , we recieved your application for permanent residence on date xxxx. With no other details. What does that exactly mean? And yes I got my per one month ago.

  6. Hi wayne,

    I would just like to ask coz i finished my medicals and sent other additional documents.will the visa officer check ang verify by details each documents from birth certificate,employment,marriage cert, even my husband past marriage and his wife’s death certificate?how will they verify it?thanks

  7. Thank you so much wayne…. *religious comment removed*

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