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OK guys I am here to make a polite request and PLEASE stop making posts/PMs along the lines of “here are my timelines – please when will I get response/medical requests/visa?”.

Short answer = I am not clairvoyant, I am not a fortune-teller, and I DON’T KNOW 🙂

If you are pre-June-2010 it will take longer than if you are post-June-2010 (some pre-June-2010 applicants have been told it could take up to 2 years) – but either way it is impossible to predict.

The length of time it takes to get to the medical requests from “In Process” relies on a large variety of factors:
– Visa office
– Speed of the visa officer/s
– Complexity of your case
– Number of documents to check
– Number of countries live in
– Even the speed of third party companies visa office may use to help with background document checks
– Sheer luck

Some people get medical requests within a few weeks of their application reaching the visa office, and I know some applicants who have been waiting almost 1.5 years since July 2010 and still no medical requests. So I hope now how you can understand it is futile to try to predict these things?

I will always try my best to help people but the number of factors involved, combined with a fair amount of randomness experienced at most visa offices with regards personal timelines, make it impossible to predict.

Anyway, sorry but any more posts which are solely “when will I get visa/medical requests” I regret will just be deleted.

I am in the process of replying to all the other posts now 🙂

Best wishes, and best of luck to you all,


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12 responses to “A polite request

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  1. Hello Wayne, thank you for this site, I got across the threads of your application and your journey with your residency application for Canada and I find it helpful to ask your opinion.
    This is concerning my application for permanent resident. I had been nominated by PND of Alberta for those who are under HI B visa in the U.S.
    After my nomination was approved, it was forwarded to Buffalo to complete the processing, then I had my medical done last June 16, 2011 then my file got transferred from buffalo to Los Angeles.
    I do not really check ECAS regularly since there was no changed in the update since Buffalo received my application last October 10, 2010.
    However, out of curiosity, I went to ECAS last October 13, 2011 and a big changed on my ECAS happened and this start my everyday anxiety as to what is going on. My ECAS has these thins in order:
    Per ECAS:
    “We received your application for permanent residence on October 21, 2010.
    We started processing your application on October 12, 2011.
    Medical results have been received.

    A decision has been made on your application. The office will contact you concerning this decision. “

    Many bloggers said that you need to have PPR first before any decision made on ECAS, I am so worried to see those statements in ECAS but have not received any request for PPR nor had received any letter.
    Until this time, it has been almost close to a month and I still have not receive any letter nor request for PPR.
    Did you have same experience as mine? Hope you can help me.
    Thank you and God Bless.

    • Hello. PPR can come before or after “decision made”. We had decision made a few days before we got PPR by email, so no need to worry 🙂

      Wish you the best of luck.


  2. Thanks a lot.

  3. Just a quick query (I’ve found your blog extremely useful in getting the gist of what to expect during my application, so many thanks!!)
    I’m a post June 2010 applicant (sent off April 2011, and currently *still* rbvo in London). I provided an email address on my forms, does this mean any contact from the CHC in London will be via email or will they still send some info via regular mail?

    It’s been 6 months since my application was given a PER and was received by London VO (nearly 6 months ago now!) and nothing has changed on ECAS to say it’s in process – I’m hoping this is just the inherent problems with ECAS and that something is actually happening. I’m trying to resist hassling them for info but have this niggle something could have gone awol in the regular mail and I’d hate to find my application had been rejected as I hadn’t received the requests for medicals.

    Many thanks for your help!

    • Hi – some information may come by regular mail.

      We got our medical requests by regular mail, and our passport requests by email. It seems it depends purely on how the individual visa officer processing your application prefers to do things.

      London VO in particular is quite slow. My neighbours here in Canada applied under FSW2 one week after us (almost 1.5 years ago) and they have still not received medical requests yet.

      Regrettably it is quite hit and miss and all you can really do is be patient.

      Best of luck,

  4. Hi wayne.thank you for this website. Its been four months now that we didn’t yet receive any confirmation from cio. Our embassy is in london. I am very much concerned of what happen now to our application. I have not yet receive aor from cio or london embassy. I do not know if my application reach the quota or not. Thanks for the advice.

    Kind regards,


  5. Good Evening Sir,

    I have some queries for PR file. I heve applied under skilled worker in restuarant catagory in feb 2011. In my work regards, I had submitted my appointment letter, experience letter & Promotion letters.
    Last month I received a letter asking additional papers which may prove my working.The docs asked were salary slips, bank statements, Itr, PF statements.

    But In India, at small restuarant the pay was being paid in cash and thus to produce PF statements, salary slips, ITRs are not possible, Though In reply of that letter I submitted my affidavit stating my working, salary certificates produced by the employer, letter form employer for non generation of PF and C.A. statments of required term.

    Please guide me weather all those docs are enough to satisfy the visa officer. Is there any chances of rejection?

    What would be next call?

    Please answers.

    • Hi – the duties are the most important part. But they also want to be satisified that the work was full time and that the salary was reasonable to the duties performed.

      If your appointment letter clearly mentions the duties and hours then IMO it will be ok, but any missing information such as salary it is down to the discretion of the visa officer performing the eligibility review.

      Did your application pass the initial eligibility review at CIO?


      • Hi,
        Thanks for reply….
        And yes my file passed through initial eligibility by CIO.. and in appointment letter, experience letter and promotion letter clearifies the hours and remunration drawn.
        Just a day before I checked my online status, the same has changed into IN PROCESS, what does it mean?
        Please guide….

      • IN PROCESS means that they have begun the background checks on your supporting documents. Once they are satisfied all the documents are in order and that they are all genuine, they will issue medical requests to you and begin the security checks.


  6. hi Wayne,

    Just a quick update to say firstly thanks for your reply! I eventually sent an email to the visa office just to ask what was happening and was a little disheartened to get a reply saying it was still waiting to be reveiwed etc. However, after 9 months sitting at the visa office my application finally went into process (no email, just changed on Ecas), and surprisingly after only 2 weeks a letter dropped through my door requesting medicals and rprf (exciting times). Hopefully by the start of May I’ll be heading over the pond!

    your blog has been really useful and I hope you and your wife are settling well!

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