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Well not too much to report since getting our visas a week or so ago.

CIC have updated their total applications received a few times, and as of 29 July 2011 NOC 1122 was already have full (259/500) and almost certainly there were unopened applications to also include, so in my view this NOC will be completely full within the next few weeks.

For those thinking of applying soon, you can view the total applications received since the caps reset on 1st July 2011 here:

We now have just under 4 weeks until we complete our record of landing in Canada, and a lot to sort out between now and then. As well as trying to sell our house (proving difficult in the current climate) we a lot of stuff to sell and sort, and also our Goods Accompanying and Goods To Follow lists to sort out!

Will keep you posted.


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5 responses to “An update

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  1. Hi Wayne,

    Wonder if you can help me as I’m a bit confused.

    I have to pay my RPRF, have been to the bank to order a bank draft and they said that they can only do a foreign draft in Canadian Dollars and that it works in the same way as a bank draft. I’ve ordered one. I’m just wondering if this is what you sent to CIC. If it is then it should be ok as you got the visa. Also, on the form to order it, it asked for the country the draft is to be paid in. I put Canada but now I’m paranoid that it’s wrong as it’s beig sent to London VO.
    Sorry if this is something really obvious that I’ve overlooked! Just don’t want to mess things up at this stage! Best of luck for landing.


    • Hi – we ordered a draft in Canadian dollars from HSBC in the UK. They charge like £20 admin fee and then just charged the equivalent UK sterling to the account. I don’t think we had to specify the country is it being paid in, but I don’t think it’s that relevant. As long as the payee is the Receiver General for Canada and it’s in the correct amount of Canadian dollars it should be fine.


  2. Hi Wayne,

    Sorry to be a pain- Could you please tell me which address you sent the RPRF and updated Police Certificates to? On the letter we received from CIC asking for the updated documents (and medical request) it said to attach the enclosed reply label (with the address on it) on the envelope you send them in. But there was no reply label enclosed. The address on the top of the letter we received from CIC is:

    High Commision of Canada
    Immigration and Medical Services Division
    Macdonald House
    38 Grosvenor Street
    London W1k 4AA
    United Kingdom

    Is this the correct one? Heaven forbid I send them to the wrong address!

    Many Thanks, Nicci.

    • Hi Nicci,

      Yes that’s the correct address. Actually 38 Grosvenor Street and 1 Grosvenor Square are different entrances to the same building, but 38 Grosvenor Street should be used for correspondence.


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