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Well just 2 days shy of 11 months since we posted our application to CIO in Canada, we received our visas in London today!!!!!

In the immortal words of Vinnie Jones in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels “It’s been emotional” 😉



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19 responses to “Visas received!

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  1. Hey congrats Wayne! So happy for you… At last the wait ends! All the best to your family for the new start…



  2. congrats wayne! So happy for you!may i ask, i am done wd my medicals, is dat an assurance dat i can have my passport rquests as d next stage?i was doing great nd was vry healthy during my medicals…thanks!


  3. hi congrats and all the best

  4. Congratulations! We have just done our medicals so will hopefully be following you shortly to Vancouver!
    Have a great future!

    • Ok cool! Feel free to look us up when you make it over there 🙂 We’re hoping to settle in Abbotsford in the short term, but which area of Vancouver we eventually end up in depends very much on where we end up getting jobs.

      Best of luck,

      • Thanks Wayne. Perhaps me and hubby can meet up with you and your wife for a beer or two/coffee/meal or whatever…We hope to settle in the tri cities area but we did look at Langley and Abbotsford too. It was nice when we went over there. Best of luck with finding jobs and all that. Exciting times!!

      • Hi – yes meeting up would be nice. Will be continuing to update my blog once we’re over there (2 weeks holiday end of August and looking to move over permanently October/November time), so feel free to let me know once you’re settled.

        You can access my email address via this blog, also I can mail you my MSN address if you’d like (different address to my main email).

        Wishing you and your husband all the very best,

  5. Congrats to you and your wife! I was very disheartened to read the appalling back and forth “discussion” on the canada visa forum. I want to say thank you for all your help and advice. I trust your visit at the end of August goes to plan. Maybe some day we may share a beer in Vancouver!

  6. Hey Wayne …. Congratulations with a big hug!! Nice photograph …… 🙂

    Came to our tree after a long gap …and saw that it has been occupied by some unsocial elements who are slowly cutting the branches. And when you announced that you are finally leaving ….something struck me. I too will soon leave.
    All the best dear …. I wish you a great future.

    A wellwisher (mail me)
    • Hi – thank you for the kind wishes.

      At the request of the forum moderator, I have re-activated my account – although I think I will be spending less time on there. I find some of the people quite nasty and offensive, and also an unheathily large number of users who think it is ok to discuss how best they can cheat the system.

      But it probably isn’t fair on honest applicants to stay away because of the dishonest ones, so I am going to still try to help people on there where I can.


      • Dear Wayne ….
        I liked your attitude. Nice that you are coming back …still I won’t be.
        Have seen lot of ups and down in life …still fighting with that (you know who I am!!!) and not able to give enough time to thread. Moreover, I have seen members with really good knowledge deliberatley trying to pull down other members, just because at some point of time they didnt agree ….. its really disheartening.

        Anyways please mail me, so that will come to know your mail ID ….. 🙂

      • Hi Anil,

        I emailed you so you should have my email now. Don’t really blame you – to be honest it was very borderline whether or not I went back to the forum, since I knew I’d get a wave of criticism from users like Advance123 and Dr.Hasib accusing me of a big publicity stunt. But in the end as well as a host of other users asking me to come back, the moderator of the David Cohen forum asked me to return.

        I figured despite the criticism I know I’d have to put up with from a minority, it would be unfair on the majority of decent applicants to leave.

        All the best, and when you make it over to Canada if you find yourself anywhere near Vancouver please come and look us up! 😉

  7. Sir , i send all my docs at 5th Aug, 2010 and my application. status was in process from 26th january , 2011, can u tell me how many days it will take time ? Thanks.

    • Hi, well first of all, which visa office did you apply through? Some visa offices are quick, others are very slow. Buffalo and Accra and particularly slow – so it depends very much on your visa office.

      Can you access ECAS? What does your ECAS status say? As a general rule of thumb you might expect medical requests within about 1 month of going “In Process” and then passport requests within 2 or 3 months of taking medicals, but it can vary quite a bit from applicant to applicant and from visa office to visa office.

      Best of luck,

  8. sir, my visa office is Singapore. When i go to ecas i can the details like these……’We received your application for permanent recidence on Feb 25,2010. We reveiwed your application and sent you a letter on April 1,2010.Please consider in mail delevery before contacting us.Your application and supporting documents were received by the Singapore office.They are pending reveiw.We transfer your application to the Singapore office on April 7,2010. the singapore office may contact you. ” my noc is 4131 , i applied as a english language teacher at Vancouver.Sir can u suggest me what should i do now ? .Thanks.Tamanna.

    • Hi Tamanna,

      Since you are a pre-June-2010 applicant you will be on a lower priority than post-June-2010 applicants. Since NOC 4131 is no longer on the in-demand list, you may have to wait a while yet. Some pre-June-2010 applicants have been told they may have to wait up to 2 years, but others will be processed more quickly. Since the visa offices have more applications than they are allowed to issue visas for each year, it’s luck of the draw at the moment as to which pre-June-2010 applicants will get the remaining visas each year.

      You can try contacting the Singapore visa office with a case-specific query, but probably they will just tell you that your application is awaiting review.

      Hope you hear something soon,
      Best wishes,

  9. Sir , u r right, I send a email to Singapore office about my case then they said my application is pending for reveiw . Actually I got the 1st AOR . But 2 AOR is missing thats why I send I email about the query . Then the send me a number like Bxxxxxxxx like immigration file number Bxxxxxxxx.And inform me that they can do nothing about the missing 2nd AOR. Sir , thank you very much for your co operation.Tamanna.

  10. Hi Wayne,
    Paddy here from Dublin. Quick question for you.What is the average time for passport request from CHC London once Medical report is received? Medical looked good with no complication at all!!


    • Hi Paddy,

      Well usually the background document checks are completed once medical requests are sent, but security checks are ongoing once the medical requests are sent out. So generally passport requests are pretty quick if the security checks are complete once the medical results come through.

      CHC London medical services division does perform medical reviews for other visa offices which don’t have a medical services division and can therefore be slow sometimes. Generally when ECAS says “Medical results have been received” it means “Medical results have been approved” and you should expect a “Decision made” on ECAS and passport requests within a week or two.

      For example, we had “Medical results received” on 20th June, “Decision Made” on 25th June, and passport requests by email on 28th June.

      Hope this helps,

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