Took our passports into CHC London today!   Leave a comment

Hi guys,

Ok we took our passports to CHC London today. We got there at about 1.40pm. Basically there are 2 entrances to CHC London – 1 Grosvenor Square which overlooks the green lawn square, and 38 Grosvenor Street which is to the side. It’s 38 Grosvenor Street you’ll want to be queuing at. There’s a small sign on the left which says “Queue here” however you should know that as you face the door, people dropping off passports queue on the left hand side, people picking up passports queue on the right hand side. A security guy will come out before they are about to open to double check everyone is in the correct queue.

There were about 15 people in front of us when we got there. They started letting people in just before 2pm, with those collecting passports going first. They were all done by 2pm (very quick to collect).
Actually someone from BritishExpats forum who was collecting her passports recognised me from a photo on my blog and said hello to us as we were queuing 🙂

We got in there about 2.15pm I guess. The security guy said we needed chart, passports and photos, and that only 1 of us could approach the desk so I stayed in the lobby whilst my wife went up to the desk. She said a Canadian lady asked her to read her file number, then they took the documents which passed through a metal detector.

You then get a sheet of paper asking you to come back in 2 weeks with a raffle ticket attached to it! I assumed this was a metaphor but no – it is an actual raffle ticket! I was expecting a least something with a maple leaf on it, not something from a tombola stall! I wonder if there are prizes like a joint of beef involved? ;p

A bit of an anticlimax but I am sure it is a lot more exciting collecting the visas in 2 weeks time! 🙂



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