HAPPY CANADA DAY!!   2 comments

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Me and the Jasper bear!!

Well now having had our passport requests we have booked trains to London. We are delivering the passports on 7th July, and should be collecting them again on 21st July!!!! We already have our landing trip booked for 27th August.

So our final timelines for those interested will be as follows:

23 Aug 2010 = Application sent
30 Aug 2010 = Application received by CIO, Sydney
10 Sep 2010 = Bank draft cashed by CIO
15 Dec 2010 = PER (Positive Eligibility Review) confirmation
26 Jan 2011 = ECAS available!
11 Feb 2011 = ECAS “Received by Visa Office”
15 Mar 2011 = ECAS “In Process”
14 Apr 2011 = Medical requests received!
19 Apr 2011 = Medicals done
28 Apr 2011 = Medical results received by CHC London
16 May 2011 = RPRF/PCC/Schedule 1s received by CHC London
20 Jun 2011 = ECAS “Medical results have been received”
25 Jun 2011 = ECAS “Decision made”
28 Jun 2011 = Passport requests by email
07 Jul 2011 = Delivered passports in person to CHC London (Train booked)
21 Jul 2011 = Collected passports in person with visa stamped from CHC London (Train booked)
27 Aug 2011 = LANDED!! (Flights booked)

Getting exciting!

In slightly less favourable news, we might be struggling to sell our house without losing a lot of money in the current climate, but will have to see how it goes over the next month or two!



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2 responses to “HAPPY CANADA DAY!!

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  1. Congratulations Wayne …..
    & wish you all the best in Canada.

    Wayne I would like your expert view of on following :

    I am the post June 26 applicant of FSW1 Catergory and my application was received by CIC on December 7, 2010. PER confirmation received on 31st May, 2011 via email on enquiry (whereas e-case details mention that PER letter forwarded on March 3). I had been trying to get my application status through e-case since I got my PER on 31st May but every time I failed to get information as Client Application Status Link ever returned msg that unable to identify based on infomation provided.

    I have Pakistatn nationality but I was born in Malaysia as my father was working there at the time of my birth, consequently I have mentioned Malaysia as place of birth in CIC forms. I used to mention Malaysia as Place of Birth every time I tried to used CAS link. Once on CAS web page I mentioned Pakistan instead of Malaysia against field ‘Place of Birth’. Surprisingly, it worked. It lead to conclusion that a mistake is made at CIC end and instead of mentioning Malaysia as Place of Birth they mentioned Pakistatn.

    I would appreciate your advise whether should I report this anomaly to CIC or CHC London or e-case information have not much significance and direct relation in terms of application processing.

    looking forward to your valued comments pal.




    • Hi Fakhir,

      I would certainly drop CHC London a case-specific online query, just saying that you believe they may have your incorrect place of birth owing to how you log onto ECAS, and can they please confirm that on their files the place of birth is correctly set as Malaysia?
      At least then you have informed them, so if the mistake comes out at a later date you have covered yourself.

      All the best,

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