About these proof of funds..   3 comments

I’ve just made a page about proof of funds, and why it’s NOT ok to borrow the money for them. This is in response to a concerning number of people either making posts or sending me personal messages asking advice on how to conceal their borrowed funds from CIC.


Since it’s a big bee in my bonet I figured I’d make a page to get the rant out of my system! ๐Ÿ™‚



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3 responses to “About these proof of funds..

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  1. hi, i have recently applied at buffalo cio under economic class, by mistake i send a draft on the name of Reciever general for canada instead of consulate general of Canada, i would like to know what will happen bcoz i submitted my file on jun 7 2011, and now they r taking 33 week minimum to review a case , if the want to return my application how much time wil they take they wil take the whoole 7 mnts- 8 mnts just to return the application for wrong Demand Draft name, as they have both the account mentioned Consulate general of canada for economic class and Receiver general for canada.. kindly need some help in this .

    • Ok – firstly the Receiver General for Canada is the CORRECT name for drafts for the processing fees for federal skilled worker/economic class. So IMO you have already specified the correct name.

      And at CIO it is a lot faster than 33 weeks. Currently people are getting through the completeness check and the eligibility review in 4 to 6 weeks – so IMO the draft will probably be cashed any day now.

      If for any reason they do reject your application it depends at which stage they reject it. If it fails the completeness check due to any problems with payment (although I believe you have the correct name, as I mentioned) they will send your entire application back, which can take up to 3 months (it won’t take as long as 7-8 months). If they fail your application at the eligibility review, you will not get the application back – just a rejection letter with a refund to follow.

      But stop thinking about rejection at this stage and think positive! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Best of luck,

  2. thank you wayne,

    srry i didnot mention that my economic class is considered as a provincial nominee as i was nominated by the provincial government, so i applied to the canadian embassy in buffalo, n i made a draft in the name of reciever general of canada instead of consulate general of canada, i did mail them but they replied back to me saying that they are taking 33 weeks to review the application and then to provide a file number and not to contact them in any manner till this 33 weeks , i have some friends who have applied in January 2011 till date they have not yet recieved there acknowledgement number or file number till r moving very slow at buffalo and plus the canada post strike is making things tough . if u visit there website they are mention too. i went to the bank last week to check the status of my demand draft it is still not cashed , so just keepin my finger cross as my provincial nominee certificate expire in nov 2nd week so hope they accept my dd .

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