RPRF / Schedule 1s / PCC finally arrived at VO!   4 comments

Well after a longer than expected wait for PCCs to arrive on the 10 working day service (which actually took 15 working days as well as additional delays for bank holidays in April/May) our RPRF / Schedule 1s and PCCs finally arrived at CHC London yesterday (16th May).

We had additional delays due to the total incompetence of our local post office. We sent the items by Special Delivery on Wednesday 11th May for next day by 1pm guaranteed delivery, and by Friday the tracker had still not updated. After many conversations with Royal Mail customer service, who after investigating said that they could not trace our package at all – eventually managed to track our documents to the post office we handed them into and it had never even left there!! It had just fallen behind a desk.

Anyway we demanded the documents back and a refund with a view to getting a courier to deliver the documents on Saturday for Monday AM – only to find that none of the couriers seem to pick up on Saturdays and we’d have to wait for Monday so the documents wouldn’t be there by Tuesday.

So we went to the central post office in town and posted again by Special Delivery, making SURE they put the package in the Special Delivery bag this time – and the items were signed for yesterday by EMMANUEL at CHC London at 08.57!

So no more things to send now! Just a wait for passport requests. When we get the requests I think we are going to go in person to CHC London to hand in the passports, and collect them with visa stamp in 2 weeks later. Fastest way of getting the visa and also more reliable that postage/courier!

Will keep you all posted (no pun intended) 😉



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4 responses to “RPRF / Schedule 1s / PCC finally arrived at VO!

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  1. Dear Wayne,

    Congratulations for your RFRF and PCC request. Could you please explain what do you mean with “Schedule 1s” ? Did you have to fill any new applications or IMM8 applications again ?

    I appreciate your time and assistance. wishing you the best of luck in future.

    A. Mozart

    • Hi friend,

      Schedule 1s are just the background declarations. It is fairly common practice for VOs to ask for renewed declarations, in case anything has changed regarding your employment etc since you mailed your application.

      We didn’t have to send any other updated forms. Since all details were the same except for a change of company name for me (my company got bought out towards the end of last year) it was no biggy to just re-print the forms and re-sign them.


      • Thank you very much for your quick response, you’ve been so helpful.

        A. Mozart

  2. I recieved Request for PCC and RPRF and Schedule 1 too. Please advice does that mean I am through or i am being ver optimistic

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