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I had a major 1 hour of panicing yesterday. My wife phoned me at lunchtime to say “Hi, you need to phone the medical place where we took our medicals”.

So I had 5 seconds of terror thinking “Do I have cancer? Tubercolosis? Leprosy? Space measels? WHAT?” And she then told me not to panic but apparently the testing lab said they had not received my blood sample! The medical practice said they sent both mine and my wife’s samples but the testing lab said they’d only received one.

Well I phoned them up and they apologised prefusely, but they said unless they could trace them that I’d have to drive over there (60 mile round trip plus time off work!) to get another blood sample taken. And I HATE NEEDLES!

Anyway, an hour or so later as I was preparing to leave I got another call from them – apparently they had found my blood sample but it had been sent to the wrong testing centre. I had gone to London instead of Nottingham! So they should have tested it yesterday so the results should be with the medical practice today, and therefore the total results of our blood tests and chest x-rays should also be posted to CHC today!

I will give the medical practice a ring this afternoon, but was majorly annoyed to think I’d have to drive all the way over there and it’d probably have delayed our results by a week or so. Luckily this seems to have only delayed things by a day or two!

We have our RPRF for CAD $980 drafted out and we have our fresh Schedule 1s ready, we’re just waiting for new PCCs we should be here by the end of this week hopefully.

Of course the four days worth of public holidays we’ve had on 2 weekends running hasn’t helped! 😉



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One response to “False alarm!

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  1. I feel your pain. I am really stressing out about the medicals. Glad to know they found your blood sample though x

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