At last, we got our medical requests!   7 comments

Just when we thought all the staff at CHC London had taken an early summer break, we received our medical requests by post this morning! 🙂

As well as medical requests for us both, they also ask for:
– Right of permanent residence fee
– Updated Schedule 1 forms
– Updated Police Clearance certificates

Guess the updated Schedule 1s are a fairly standard thing to ask for, and also our current PCC expires in mid-July, hence they probably think it’s cutting it a bit fine to finalise it by then.

We’ve got our medicals booked for next Tuesday (19th) and will send off for the new police certificates tomorrow which should take 1 to 2 weeks. I’ll also apply for a banker’s draft tomorrow with my bank which should take 3 to 4 working days to get – so we should be good for everything reaching CHC within the next 2 days.

However, since they’ve given us 60 days I am not expecting we will hear anything about passport requests until mid to end of June.

Still, exciting times! 🙂



Posted April 14, 2011 by Wayne in Uncategorized

7 responses to “At last, we got our medical requests!

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  1. Congrates Wayne,

    Thats a great news, really great!!!!!! 🙂
    & wishing you for extra fast processing.



  2. Hi Wayne,

    Congratulations on a brilliant site! It’s great that you’ve put in all this hard work, and it sure makes the process easier to know there are others out there going through the same thing.

    A BIG congrats too, for getting your med requests! Bet you are thrilled!

    Myself and my husband have applied via the FSW route, and it seems as if we are on pretty much the same timeline as you. We’ve been transferred to London VO.

    We applied mid August and got PER on 16th Dec 2010. That’s one day after you. I noticed that you had a theory on June/July/Aug applicants not receiving med requests because of files being transferred from CAIPS to GCMS. Well like you, our address was on e case, then it disappeared, today it is back. According to my calculations, you received med requests approx. 3 weeks after your address appeared back on e case. Do you think that means we may get med requests in 3 weeks, or am I just clutching at straws here? 🙂

    Also, my husband lived in Gran Canaria for 4 years (we’re both from the UK). I understand that this means the security checks may delay processing as they have to do them in 2 countries. Do you think they do them before med requests or after?

    Wishing you speedy processing! 🙂


  3. I forgot to ask, did you ever get 2nd AOR or are London not sending them to post June 26th applicants?

  4. Hi Nicci! 🙂 Thanks.

    To answer your questions;

    – Our address did not appear back on ECAS until Wednesday (13th) evening. We got our medical requests on Thursday (14th April) morning!

    – According to all the information I have seen, security checks are supposed to commence ONCE medical results come back. Having lived in more than 1 country for more than 6 months will likely add a delay, but not sure how long. Someone on the BritishExpats forum recently got passport requests only 1 month after taking medicals, so it is certainly possible for the security checks to be done fairly quickly, but if you’ve lived in more than 1 country I would certainly expect at least a small delay

    – 2nd AOR nope. We never heard anything between received our PER from CIO on 15th December to getting medical requests through the door from CHC London yesterday!

    Best of luck with your application

  5. Thanks, Wayne 🙂

  6. Congrats Wayne!!
    I received my MR, RPRF and PC request today!! Cant believe it!

  7. I finally received my medial request 4 months after sending my application to the visa office.I never received a 2nd AOR either!
    i was asked to send police certificates again which is strange as i sent them already.also have to send permanent resident fee.
    But it’s all good.hoping to send everything within 2 weeks and to receive my visa by august!!how amazing it would be!!

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