Update: Still no MR for us – but PPR started at Manila!   1 comment

Well after the excitement 2.5 weeks ago with two London applicants (October applicants at that!) reporting they had medical requests, it’s all been rather silent from London VO. Yesterday a couple of applicants reported getting emails for further information (PCCs and updated forms).

We haven’t heard a peep from anyone since our PER in December 2010 – although we’ve been “In Process” for 3 weeks now. It largely depends I think on how long the background checks on your documents take. I think they have brought forward dates, and some third parties are involved in authenticating the documents. So if you just miss one brought forward date, then after your documents are authenticated it could still be a several week delay before they get round to looking at it again to see if they can send medical requests.

Anyway in other news – the first few Manila applicants have started reporting they have got PPR (passport requests). This is very significant since, unlike New Delhi, Manila do not ask for passports with medical requests, instead they ask when they are ready to issue the visa. What does this mean? It means the first actual maple leaf visas in passports could be heading to Manila applicants in the next few weeks.

Here at London we are going to be lucky if we get them by the end of July!

We are hoping to land at the end of August/start of September so really hope London gets a shift-on soon! šŸ™‚

Ah well, I am going away for a weekend of drinking beer and playing cards with the lads tonight and no internet access for 3 days, so hope to come back to a wave of good news!



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One response to “Update: Still no MR for us – but PPR started at Manila!

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  1. Hi i m new to this forum, bit worried, so came down to seek guidence.
    I am in Canada, AB. Applied for PR on 13 Augest 2012 as NOC 6242, under FSW send it to India via Sydney.
    1- file no from Sydney on 23 October 2012.
    2- another from India on 8 November 2012.

    Since than I am still waiting…Pls any clue or suggestions.

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