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Check the VO summary here for the latest on status at each visa office!

Manila is leading the way – we 93% of their applicants have PER, 63% have 2nd AOR and 34% have med requests
New Delhi is not far behind – 88% have PER, 53% have 2nd AOR and 25% have med requests
London has a strong 92% on PERs, but so far a lowly 2 medical requests (no 2nd AOR cos they seem to have a different system)!

This VO summary automatically updates from the spreadsheet so it is always accurate – and serves as a strong global picture for what is happening at the different visa offices!

The data is from our thread on which (at time I write this) is 314 applications of the 9431 reported received at CIO, which is 3.3% or approximately one 30th of the total applications.

So basically to get a rough idea of total applications – just multiply any number by 30! For example, New Delhi has 93 applications, 82 PERs and 49 2nd AORs and 23 medical requests – so we might imagine the grand total for new New Delhi is approximately 2790 applications, 2460 PERs, 1470 2nd AORs and 690 med requests/PPR.

Please note, before getting too excited about the PPR at Beijing and New Delhi – that their system is to request passports at medical request stage and hold onto them until security checks are complete, then issue the visa directly from there. Most other visa offices will not ask for passports until they are ready to issue the visa.

The advantage for New Delhi applicants is that this trims a few weeks off the process. The disadvantage is that could be without your passport for 3 months or more.



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2 responses to “The Visa Office picture…..

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  1. hello wayne
    can u ad entemaia also to the spreadsheet

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