An update, sorry for the silence!   4 comments

Hi. Well it’s been a few weeks since our last update!

Our ECAS went “In Process” on 15th March, with the extra line “Your application was reviewed and we started processing on March 15, 2011”.

Two London applicants from our thread have reported getting medical requests – and strangely these are October applicants! July, August and September applicants still have heard nothing.

My little theory is that July, August and September were all added onto CAIPS initially (with B05 file numbers) and so have to be migrated to GCMS before they can issue med requests.

Our address on ECAS which disappeard for 3 weeks or so is now back, so we’re hoping this is a sign that we’ve now been added to GCMS.

Hoping now for medical requests by the end of March, but we shall have to see!



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4 responses to “An update, sorry for the silence!

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  1. Hi Wayne

    great site thanks for all the info

    I received my PER March 17 March but as yet am not showing on ECAS is this normal ? my application was sent from sydney to London after this but Ive not heard anything , should I be worried ?


    • Hi. ECAS is quite unreliable – a few people cannot access it at all for seemingly no reason. Since your file will probably not yet be at London visa office – or it has only just arrived if it is, I wouldn’t worry too much about it yet! πŸ™‚

      Keep following the post-June-26 thread on (linked on blogroll on the front page) for up to date info on what’s happening at London. Regrettably it seems slower than most other visa offices though.

      Best wishes,

  2. Hi my name is samir
    I had applied for the federal skill visa in Canada on 5/07/2011
    Following this I had got replied form CEO on12 /10/2011 statede that my fine is received and it’s in initial review and on partthey will contact me.
    My my question is how much time it will take for the initial review ?
    And I have not got any details like my file number or any thing so I can check my process on internate
    So could you plz Gide me how I should check my status on internate?
    Regards : Sam


    • Hi Samir – please refrain from making the same post twice, it clutters my already overloaded inbox πŸ™‚

      Once you get your eligibility confirmation email from CIO (sounds like that’s what happened 12th October?) your file will be forwarced to the visa office where your background document checks will begin, although there will likely be some delay before they look at it (known as going “In Process”). Once in process it varies greatly from applicant to applicant with timescales, which is why I can’t give you any accurate timelines.

      Some applicants get medical requests mere weeks after their file reaches visa offices – others have been waIting almost a year and heard nothing yet. It sadly is quite hit and miss.


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