6 months on!   2 comments

Yesterday marked 6 months since our application arrived at CIO in Sydney.

Since then we’ve had our bank draft cashed and we’ve received a positive eligibility review from CIO in Sydney.

Aside from that we can only guess what ECAS is saying is that our application has been “Received by Visa Office”. Around 6 visa offices are now issuing 2nd AORs + medical requests.

London is one of the busier offices so we still do not know how far “behind” they are. We suspect the delay in issuing 2nd AOR (indicating they have begun working on our file) is to clear the pre-June-26 applicants which are already at the background check stage.

We now have 4 months and 16 days until our PCC expires, so will touch and go as to whether we’ll have a decision by then, or have to get a new PCC!



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2 responses to “6 months on!

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  1. Hi everyone. I am july 2011 under FSW clacc. I emailed CIO last week for a case information, they send me a reply stating ” your submission is with the office and is awaiting initial review. You will be contacted in due course”.
    I am aware that my category on NOC has reached the cap(500). Does it means that my application is included in the cap? Can anyone help me please analize the reply send by CIO. Many thanks


    • Hi. The only way to really know if your application has made it into the cap is when the payment, either by credit card or banker’s draft, clears. At this point you know your application has passed the completeness check and is safely within the cap.

      “Awaiting review” is very ambigious since it is not clear if this means awaiting completeness check or eligiblity review. If you paid by banker’s draft you should be able to contact your bank to find out if the draft has been cashed by CIC yet or not.
      Best of luck,

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