Visa Office roundup!   2 comments

Hi, just thought I’d post a visa office round-up for those not accessing the spreadsheet.

So far for 2nd AORs we have
Cairo – 1
Manila – 10
Mexico – 1
New Delhi – 5
Singapore – 6

Manila have also issued 5 medical requests, and are the only visa office currently doing so! Still not a sausage from the other visa offices. London and Buffalo seem eerily quiet!

Also I have added a VO Summary page to the spreadsheet which can be found here (also on my Blogroll link on the right):

This will tot up applications, how many PERs, how many 2nd AORs and how many med requests for each visa office dynamically from the main Tracker sheet!

Will post again when we have more news.

Keep it real,


Posted February 24, 2011 by Wayne in Uncategorized

2 responses to “Visa Office roundup!

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  1. Hi
    congrats on such a great blog. Can you please add me in the spread sheet. I applied in NOC 0631, my visa office is CHC London, from pakistan, and my application reached CIO on 24th january.

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