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Well some more movement on the visa office front. Some forum members who have applied via Manila office have started to get, from yesterday, a 2nd AOR from the visa office. This (we think) means the visa office have received the paper file and have begun to process their application.

By process (we think) they mean security / background checks, which for straight forward cases take around 30 days. This means we could be seeing some medical requests by mid-March.

Now in the AOR Manila visa office were quoting 6 to 12 month processing times, and not to contact them before 6 months. However, (we think!) this is based on pre-June-26th timelines, and post-June-26th the timelines should be significantly less, since more work has been done on the application by CIO before the application reaches visa office (final eligibility review and selection/admissability/67-points calc etc).

So I am hopeful that from 2nd AOR we should be seeing medical requests within 2 months, 3 months tops.

Only time will tell!


Posted February 2, 2011 by Wayne in Uncategorized

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