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Well it’s all been a bit quiet again lately. The PERs are still coming in for the forum guys steadily (around 3 per day or so). At the end of last week things got a bit exciting in that we can now check our ECAS status! Yay!

The downside is that it is painfully inaccurate and is listing everybody as medical results received. Nobody has had medical requests yet, let alone done the medicals and had the results sent off!

Tomorrow there will hopefully be another ECAS update so they may correct this mistake and give us some more details about the status of our applications, we will have to see.

In other news we got a rather unexciting reply from London CHC regarding my change of company name:

“Thank you for your correspondence.

We have noted the content of your email and have made a note on file and it will be reviewed by the immigration officer.”

Whether they will send any further correspondence to us or simply dump a note on their file we don’t know. What I found interesting is that below this they listed our details. At the top it says “Protected B”. Could this indicate what the “B” means in the application number? Some people have an “E” at the start of theirs.


Title: XXX
Name of Applicant: XXX
DOB of Applicant: XXXXXX/XX/XXX
Nationality: XXX
File Number or Client ID Number: XXX
Telephone number:
Type of Application: Permanent Residence in Canada

Name of Requester: XXX
Relationship to Applicant: Applicant
Email Address: XXX
Consultant CSIC No.:

Ah well, will keep your posted!


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