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Below is a sample of a medical request letter from the New Delhi Visa Office, typed up by anil04_10 over at the CanadaVisa forum. Thanks for putting the time in Anil!


ON CHC Immigration Letterhead

Date ……

UCI :………. Application: E00………..
(Bar code) (Bar code)

PA + Address

Dear …………(PA)

In order to determine if you meet the medical admissibility criteria in Canada’s immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), it is necessary for you and your eligible family members to undergo medical examinations. All persons for whom we have sent medical forms must be examined, whether or not they are accompanying you to Canada. Please note that the issuance of these medical instructions does not constitute a guarantee that a visa will be issued.

Note : If this is a request for a second medical examination, it is because earlier results have expired. All costs related to the medical examination including mailing costs are to be paid by the applicant.

This examination must be done in the next 45 days. Please make an appointment with a doctor within 45 days from receipt of this letter. If we do not receive medical reports for you (and your dependents) we will assume that you are no longer interested in proceeding to Canada and will refuse your application.

Your medical instruction package includes Section A of the medical form, Client Identification and Summary, for each person who requires a medical examination. Please check the accuracy of the personal information. If there are any significant errors please advice us by fax or letter quoting your file number and indicate the errors. We will send you a corrected form. You should then destroy the incorrect section A. If we have included your maiden surname or other name(s) in Section A you may still proceed with your medical examination. This office has provided Sections B to E of the Medical Report directly to examining doctors.

The medical examinations must be performed by a physician on the list of Designated Medical Practitioners (DMP) that is included with this letter. The DMPs will provide the results of your medical examination to a Canadian Medical Officer who provides an opinion of your medical condition under the IRPA to a visa officer examining the relevant application.
It is the DMPs responsibility to forward all medical results directly to the Canadian High Commission once ALL test results are received. Certain medical conditions may require more investigation and the DMPs may have to refer you for additional tests.

Although DMPs may discuss your medical concerns with you, the DMP is not able to indicate whether you have passed a medical examination nor whether a visa will be issued. Visa issuance is the decision of the Visa Officer.

Please make an appointment with the DMP whose office is located close to your area of residence.

The DMPs conduct examinations by appointment only. Please be sure to keep your appointment as you may be charged for the examination should you fail to appear. If you or any eligible dependent are outside your normal area of residence for an extended period of time, it may be possible for you to be examined by a DMP in another area. Additional information on DMPs in other countries is available on the internet at

When you arrange your appointment, please also check what arrangements are to be made for your chest X-rays and laboratory tests.

When going for your appointment with the DMP you must take:

- This letter.
- Section A of the medical form for each member of the family being examined and any additional information as
specified in the instructions to applicants.
- Original, valid passports for each person being examined (photocopies are not acceptable). In the case of Refugee
applicants, present your Shanakhti pass, or Tazkira or UNHCR Identity card.
- Five (5) passport-sized photos for each person being examined
-The negative of a passport-size photograph for each person to be examined (preferably the negative of a black and
white photograph you submitted with your application)
- Eye glasses (if applicable), list of prescription drugs taken or any relevant medical report(s) from previous conditions
which the doctor may need to discuss. Documented evidence of Tuberculosis (TB) treatment is required if you have
been treated or TB in the past.

If you do not take all the above to your appointment, the DMP may not examine you and you might need to take a new appointment, thus incurring delay. The DMP will forward your medical reports to this office directly. You are not to handle medical results yourself.

What is included in the medical examination?
- complete medical examination – for persons of all ages
- chest X-ray and report – for all persons 11 years of age and over (and others if there are concerns of TB in the
- urine analysis including microscopic examination – for persons 5 years of age and over
- syphilis serology – for persons 15 years of age and over
- HIV testing for 15 years of age and over, children who have received blood or blood products or who have HIV
positive mother or all potential adoptees. If the first test is positive, a second confirmatory test must be done at
the expense of the applicant.

It is possible that after the completion of your medical examination and submission of reports, further tests or reports may be requested. You will be advised accordingly.

It is recommended that routine immunizations for all children and adults be initiated or completed before departure for Canada (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, mumps, measles, rubella, hepatitis A and B and meningococcal), and where available, immunization records should be brought to Canada. A number of Canadian provinces require presentation of such records for school registration.

Please consult the fee schedule for applicants in order to find the cost of the medical examinations. Please note that medical examinations are undertaken at your own risk and expense. Completion of the medical examinations does not guarantee issuance of a visa. Should you subsequently be refused a visa, there will be no refund of the fees and costs incurred.

Effective April 20 2010


Applicants 5 yrs Rs 700 Rs 700
Applicants 5 yrs to < 11 yrs Rs 900 Rs 150 Rs 1050 Applicants 11 to 15 yrs Rs 1400 Rs 150 Rs 400 Rs 1950 Applicants > 15 yrs Rs 1400 Rs 150 Rs 400 Rs 350 Rs 2500

- Please note that the saving should be passed on to the applicant in the event that the cost of chest X-ray,
VDRL and urinalysis is less than the allowed maximum.
- Do not change the applicant extra for postage as it has already been incorporated in the total.
- HIV testing for 15 years of age and over, children who have received blood or blood products, have a known HIV
positive mother, or all potential adoptees.
- If the First one is positive, a Second confirmatory test must be done at the expense of the applicant.
- An additional Rs 100 only may be charged for a furtherance when you see the applicant in your office.

The issuance of medical instructions does not constitute final acceptance of your application. Your application will not become finalized until we have advised you of final decision. You will receive a letter letting you know if an interview will be required to finalize your case. Sponsored spouses and dependent children may expect their case to be reviewed within six months from the date of the submission of the sponsorship. For regular updates on New Delhi’s processing times, please visit our website Please do not contact us if your case is proceeding according to the processing times noted on our website. In the meantime, we suggest that you not make any commitments related to the application until your case has been concluded. ANY STEPS THAT YOU TAKE NOW E.G. DISPOSING OF PROPERTY OR EFFECTS, OR GIVING UP EMPLOYMENT OR ACCOMMODATION OR TAKING OTHER COMMITMENTS CONCERNING YOUR PROPOSED MIGRATION OR VISIT TO CANADA WILL BE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
PASSPORTS: Please DO NOT send your passports to us until we request them from you. However, please submit any photos or height/ eye colour information that was requested in earlier correspondence at the exact address noted on this letter by whatever means you deem to be sufficient secure other than by hand. Delivery of these documents by hand at the High Commission will not be accepted.
Important: Since we do not mail passports to addresses outside of India, Nepal and Bhutan you must, if you have not already done so, provide a mailing address in that territory.
Reminder regarding the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) must be paid for you and your spouse (if any) before Permanent Resident visas can be issued. If not paid already, RPRF payment now will help avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of you case. f you are being sponsored as a member of the family class, RPRF must be paid by your sponsor in Canada.Only applicants in the Economic Class (i.e., Skilled Worker Class, Business Class and Provincial Nomination) may pay RPRF at the Canadian High Commission, New Delhi. Please refer to our website for current applicable fees.
If the medical results are satisfactory, we will continue processing your application and will contact you in due course. Please do not contact us to enquire about your medical results. You may be asked to come at the Canadian High Commission for a repeat medical examination by the Medical Officers of the Canadian High Commission. We will correspond with you if you do not pass your medical, or if further medical examinations are required.
If you have applied as a skilled worker, a brochure and application for the Canadian Immigration Integration Project has been included with these medical instructions. We encourage you to take advantage of this FREE service which is intended to assist you as you make the transition to working in Canada.


Immigration Section


Posted March 23, 2011 by canadajimmy

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  1. I got my medical examination in Dec.2010 and sent my passports in Jan 2011.How much more time shall I have to wait for my visa/to know status of my application

    Baljeet Singh Panesar
    • me also waiting for it send on the same date. i have applied in fsw

      • i submit my ducuments in july 12 2012,ang waiting of form for medical examination.How many days should i wait to have form of medical examination in canada….that im here in moscow.

  2. sir i want to know about medical examination starting age

    • All applicants (including children and babies) must undergo a medical examination before being admissable as a Canadian resident.

      Certain classes such as spousal sponsorship are exempt from the excessive demand element of medicals, but they still have to have the medicals in case they have any condition which poses a threat to public health or safety.


      • Hello ,
        FSWP 2013 – I got a medical request for me & my spouse on FEB 15th 2014 but on FEB 17th only we send them a reply that we have a new born baby and we have to include him also to out application . We had send a signed letter and his Birth Certificate too. After that by End of Feb 2014 we had send all his required documents and his processing few to New Delhi and they have received it . Now i have got our Medical date on 19th March from Hospital , Now Hospital is asking whether each of us have separate EMI No: . We don’t have any EMI no: we have got only one UCI no: Now can i do the medicals for all the three of us or should we wait for embassy’s reply . And all our medicals and other documents should be submitted back to New Delhi before April first week !! PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS !!

  3. This negatives for pictures is confusing to me. What if its a digital passport?
    Thanks Wayne.

    • If the photographs are digital then negatives are not required. However, I would add a covering letter explaining this with your application to be on the safe side.

      Best of luck,

  4. Respectes sir medical wanted to infants

  5. respected sir, i want to know about medical, my family got a medical, but one baby born now two moths, they have medical, i want to know this question answer

  6. how much time does CHC new delhi take to issue visa after medical for family class?it has been 7 weeks medical has been sent and passports also to CHC..plz reply..

    • Hi. As you will note this blog is mainly concerned with the Federal Skilled Worker class, since that’s the only class I have had any experience with. So regrettably I can’t really comment on timelines for family class.

      For Federal Skilled Worker it takes 2 to 3 months to get passports back with visa after medicals sent, so I guess you might expect to wait another month or so, but really all I can do is guess.

      Best of luck,

  7. thanks for your time and quick reply sir…..

  8. hello sir,,me and my husband did my medicals this week for federal skilled worker class,,i had a bit of chest infection at that time like little bit of sputum coming..its not TB at all…is it possible for the practitioner to reject my case on grounds of suspicion or because of chest infection,,more over i recently gave birth to a baby girl, now we want to add her as a dependent and gonna send her birth certificate soon so that they can send us her medical form as you think that including a child as a dependent increases the time line of issuance of visa or it would only be a normal delay not prolonged one..plz reply..thnx

    • Hi – the doctor will write a report and I am sure he will make notes of any chest infection. I do not think there is any need to worry – but the DMP will not make a decision regarding your medical admissability to Canada. This decision will be made by the medical services division of the visa office. If the hospital suspected TB after the xrays then they would contact you immediately – so if you have not been contacted it means they have not found anything which they think is serious.

      Adding a child onto your application shouldn’t be a big deal you just have to complete another medical and also send the necessary payment and forms to the visa office. They may also ask you for increased proof of funding since your family size will have increased.

      But I don’t think it will add a large delay onto your application – maybe a month or so.

      Best of luck,

    • Hello ,
      After you get your medical notification through email, within how many days did they send you the medical forms ?

  9. Hi sir, thanks a lot for your detailed reply, can you tell me how much time is normalyy being taklen these days for the complete processing of an application, forexample if a person applied in skilled worker class in february 2011, on average time how much time will be taken in the issuance of visa, Thanks a lot for your help.Regards Sara

  10. hi sir, can u tell me for apllications filed after june 2010, the back ground check will be made after the medicals are sent, or the case officer will make the back fgorund check before asking for a medical examination, more over if landing fee is asked with the back medicals then does it mean that there are increased chances of granting of visa?..thnx!

    • Hi,

      The exact process differs slightly from visa office to visa office, but generally the process is:

      1) A visa office eligibility review is done to ensure you are eligible for processing

      2) After this, background DOCUMENT checks are done to verify the authenticity of your supporting documents. Also they may contact your employer during this time to verify your employment and duties

      3) Once document checks are satifactorily completed visa office will issue medical requests and at the same time request the right of permanent residence fees if these were not paid with the initial application. At this time, they will begin background SECURITY checks. They may also ask for additional documents/forms along with medical requests and/or updated police certificates.

      4) Once medical results have been received and approved by the medical services division of the visa office (baring in mind some visa offices do not have a medical services division and so must get other visa offices to do this for them), then the visa office will issue passport requests.

      Hope this helps,

  11. Hello Wayne

    how does one get their information updated on the tracker? I posted my updated information in green on the forum since yesterday but it seems to have gone unnoticed and untouched.



    • Just post it again until someone notices. Regrettably I don’t get time to administer the tracker now, but there are a dozen or so other users who can do it.


  12. hi, i applied with all required documents including IELTS on May 2011 and received second file # on September 2011. When can i expect the medical request and what are the chances.

    • Hi – which visa office are you? But some late 2010 applicants are still waiting for medicals, and I personally know September 2010 applicants who have not had them yet. So as May 2011 applicants please expect that it will be a while yet.

      IMO you may get them by November/December time but it largely depends on the speed of your visa office. Also are you FSW1 or FSW2?



      • Ok the thing to check is ECAS – is your application “IN PROCESS” yet? Once in process, it varies from applicant to applicant as to how long it will take for medical requests. But 1 month is a decent average AFTER it has gone into process. Please note that going in process is not the same as 2nd AOR since there can be a delay between 2nd AOR and IN PROCESS.
        Best of luck,

  13. hi every one…i just have one query that i am the main applicant and am in pakistan and my husband who is currently in uk is my dependent. he has taken a loan of approx 10,000 pounds from uk bank but is regularly paying the monthly charges. we have sent our medicals and are waiting for the next stage. i have this question that during the security checks made by them after the medicals, does it involve evaluating any loan a person has taken..and if yes then does it lead to the refusal of visa..plz respond,,,m soo worried..Thankyou.

    • Your settlement funds should be net of any debts.

      Therefore take your total assets, deduct total debts (including this loan your husband has taken) and the nett difference should be positive at least the minimum required settlement funds.

      £10.000 loan is a large debt. If there is two of you I tihnk you’ll need almost $14,000 Canadian so your total settlement funds would need to be in the region of $28,000 to $30,000 to offset this loan your husband has taken.
      It is strongly advised not to have any debts at all when moving to Canada since it may take a while to get a job and it will be a financial challenge until then.


  14. Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for replying so wonderfully and accurately to so many PR aspirants. My concern is that I have got 2nd AOR on Jan 18th, 2011 under old 4121 (Univ Prof) NOC code. Till date, there hasn’t been e-cas activity. What should I expect? When should my application be attended vis-a-vis e-case update as “in process’ revealing?


    • For pre-June-2010 applicants regrettably no expectations can be set. These applicants ARE being processed, but slowly and on a lower priority than post-June-2010. Some applicants have been told by their visa offices it could take up to 2 years to process their applications, so unfortunately there is not much you can do but wait it out.

      I hope you hear something soon,

  15. I got medical requests and forms through email is soft copy is ok for taking medicals
    or should i wait for Hard copy from CHC for taking medical.
    now a days not sure CHC is sending medical requst and forms through email or post

    can someone please help me

    • I think a print-out of the soft copy will be fine – I have heard of quite a lot of people getting medical requests via email. A hard copy will not necessarily be forthcoming.

      Be sure to take your passport to your medical requests, along with details of any medical you are on.

      Best of luck.

      • Hi all,
        First I would like to thank you Mr. Wayne for providing us with such great information. After checking ecas, my application status is already “in process”, but after waiting for more than 1 month, the status is still not changed. I am just curious:
        a. when medical request was sent, what is the ecas status? Is it still showing “in process”?
        b. medical request will be sent by (1) email, (2) post mail or (3) both?
        Again, thank you so much for spending your time replying my query.
        Have a nice day to you all!
        Mr. G

      • Hi Mr G,

        a) Status is still “In Process” even once medical requests have been sent. Actually it stays in process until you get “Decision Made”. However, once medical results have been received by the visa office and approved by their medical services division, you will get the extra line “Medical results have been received” in the detail. Since the length of time to do background document checks can vary VASTLY from applicant to applicant, there is really no way of predicting when medical results are forthcoming once you are in process. Some people get them within a few weeks, others take many months. On average I’d say probably a couple of months, but I know people who have been waiting much longer.

        b) This can vary even within the same visa office (down to the personal preference of the visa officer it seems). We received our medical requests by regular mail, and passport requests by email. I know other people from the same visa office who got medical requests by email, and others who got passport requests by regular mail.

        Best of luck,

  16. Hi Everyone,

    My E-Cas is showing “Medical results have been received”. My worry is that I had my first medical in Feb’11 and since then there was 4 medical furtherance requested by CHC. My last results received NDVO on 11/11/11 and on 28/11/11 this additional line appeared.
    My question is – Have this time I made it through the medicals? and am i steps away from PP stamping?

    • Usually “Medical results have been received” after medicals have been reviewed by the medical services division of the visa office. There’s no certain way of telling if the medicals were passed until you hear from the visa office, but generally the visa office would not usually fail a case if there were problems with the medical results but would rather write to the applicant to ask for further information etc.

      Remember, the visa office are concerned only really with 3 things when it comes to medicals, that the applicant does not have a condition which pose ..
      a) .. an excessive strain on Canada’s healthcare system

      b) .. a threat to public health (such as HIV, syphilis)

      c) .. a threat to public safety (such as alcohol or drugs problems)

      So as long as you have no conditions which would fit into the 3 categories above, there should be no problems. The vast majority of applicants pass their medicals.

    • Hello , Initially you got an intimation email regarding your medical request and passports right and when did you get your medical forms ? After how many days and how it has been dispatched to you , emailed or Post ?

  17. Hello Wayne,

    Would like to ask your help… what does complete medical examination includes as stated above?


  18. Hi there

    I got request for medical tests but on the Section A of my form, it is written ‘single’ as marital status and my maiden name, but for my spouse it is ‘married’. My original application was as a single applicant and then I added my spouse last year. Is it normal?

    • Probably nothing to worry about but I would contact your visa office to let them know and make sure they update their systems with the correct information.


  19. Hi Wayne

    Thank you,for creating such a lovely web site and information bank

    I have a query

    I lived in Canada as a student 2006 to 2008 and

    reapplied for PR in 2011 New Delhi

    I have submitted my medicals,pcc,rprf etc ( PCC from Canada was not requested from me ) on 5th dec 2011

    On query in Jan end I was told that certain background checks are underway and some agencies have been hired for this purpose and therefore, time frame cannot be predicted

    While in Canada, i had some credit card debt and phone bills pending of amount 6000$ My query is

    Does credit history effects my PR application.

    I came back to India due to my father’s health and intend to pay back once i return

    What do u say Wayne

    • Hi I think I’ve already replied to this – can I please ask you not to post the same query over again on different threads? I will respond but it gets tough enough managing all the posts as it is, without even more posts being generated by duplications.

      To reconfirm, CIC is not interested per say in your credit rating BUT they are interested in your overall level of debt. Your net assets MUST be greater than your net debts by at least the minimum required settlement funds.


  20. Hi Wayne,
    I have applied under FSW to Sydney in Nov 2011. I received my 2nd AOR from New Delhi VO. I am applying under 3113 category. I am taking my licencing exams in Canada and have one to give in June 2012. Looking at the timelines on the spreadsheet in canadavisa, i might get requests for passports by March. Problem is that i will need my passport to travel to Canada.
    Would it be possible for me to request the NDVO and maybe send them my passport after i come back in June?

    • Hi, there’s not much you can do until you get passport requests. If that happens and it is not possible for you to provide your passport within the timeframe given, then you will need to contact the visa office and explain your situation and ask for an extension.

      Hopefully they will be sympathetic, but they have a target number of visas each year to issue and they can’t wait around forever for peoples’ passports to become available, but you’ll have to see what they say at the time.

      Best of luck,

      • Dear Wayne ,
        Hello , Initially we get an intimation email regarding our medical request and passports right (New Delhi,India) and when will they send our medical forms ? After how many days and how it will be dispatched , email or Post ?

  21. thanks mate

  22. Hi Wayne

    recently on enquiring from CHC New Delhi I got the following reply,I have submitted medicals,rprf,pcc and passports in dec2011

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is in response to your recent email enquiry to the Immigration Section of the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi.

    Please note that the backgrounds checks have been carried out, however, we are unable to give you a committed time line for the final decision.

    Please note that your medicals are valid till 01 Dec. 2012

    Your file is in the process and we will initmate you as soon as the final decision is been taken.

    We trust that this information will be of assistance.

    Immigration Section / Section de l’immigration

    Canadian High Commission / Haut-Commissariat du Canada

    New Delhi

    This reply, I had recieved 10 days back, I have no clue as to wat it means , how long I have to wait ,please throw some light Wayne

    Love Amitabh

    • Since you have already taken medicals, I think the background checks are the security checks, not the document checks.

      CIC sometimes uses third party companies for some of these checks, so even they may not be able to tell exactly how long they will take.

      You’ve had medicals so you’re almost there, just be patient and hopefully you will hear something within the next month or two.


    • Dear Amitab , Hello , Initially you got an intimation email regarding your medical request and passports (New Delhi) right and when did you get your medical forms ? After how many days and how it has been dispatched to you , emailed or Post ?

  23. Hi Wayne,

    Can ya hear me?i just got MR from CHC london and i m done with the medicals yesterday, CHC also instructed to deposit the RPRF for me n my spouse which i already did a week back.
    Can ya pls guide me with regards to that how much time will CHC take to issue PPR1 or PPR2?
    I ve my CAIPS as well n in that they have checked n varified my dox and everything else. VO has entered the final selection and reviewed n varified my all documents…..They have requested for updated PC for me n my spouse and updated generic form and background forms as well.
    Looking forward for ur kind guideline Wayne




    • Ok firstly please don’t make the same post in several sections. I won’t make me reply any faster and it will just clog up the number of posts I have to approve. It can take several days for me to get into replying so please have a little pateince.

      One cannot accurately predict how long passport requests will be from medicals, since security checks will be ongoing during this time, and they will not issue passport requests until these are complete. Since they sometimes use third party companies to perform some of these checks, and also the number and complexity of the checks will differ from applicant to applicant, this can take a varying length of time.

      As a rough estimate one should expect PPR within 2 months of medical results being received by the visa office, but this can take longer on occasions.


  24. thanks to every body to share the experiences abut immigration my q is i want to know. i did my medical in feb second week and send rprf and pcc also send any body share me somthing if they hav any knwledge after this thanks

  25. Hi Wayne,
    My E-Cas status shows ” decision made” and on clicking it it shows

    We reviewed your application and sent you a letter on June 15, 2011 to 168 ************, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, *******. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us. If we have sent the letter to the wrong address, please contact us.

    Your application was reviewed and we started processing on November 21, 2011.

    Medical results have been received.

    A decision has been made on your application. The office will contact you concerning this decision.

    I. I don’t understand why they sent the letter to Canada (the above address was my residence while I was in Canada as a student) when I am residing in India?

    2.It has been a week since they made decision but I have not received my passport

    3. Moreover it is also showing my current address as Vancouver,Canada I am not understanding all this confusion.

    4. Today I’ve sent 2 mails regarding this to New Delhi Embassy I am waiting for an answer

    Please help me understand all this


  26. Hi Amitabh,

    Thanks for all your expert comments, You are doing a great job. Kindly let me know how New Delhi Visa Office works, How many months do they usually take once they had asked for the Passports and Right of Permanent Residence Fee. I had sent my passport to them on 14/02/2012. I know its less than a month now, however just wanted to know the approximate time frame to complete the process.

  27. Ok tHANK yOU WAYNE I got my visa and copr yesterday thanks for yor help

  28. Thnx Wayne…

  29. hello sir my family medical is time 6 month is over but canad immigration is not responce to me kindly tell me about this situation

  30. Hi Wayne, I just want to ask regarding my timeline maybe you can just help ke clear off my minds and worries. I have applied in CIC Nova Scotia on July 6 2011 and received PER on September22, 2011. Now it’s been six months but I did not receive my medical request yet. By the way my application was sent with approved AEO. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much! Bong

  31. Dear Wayne,
    First of all let me con grate you for the best blog on this topic. And u r really giving very pertinent, logical comprehensive answers to the people thank you very much for that.
    I am a prospective Canadian Immigrant for FSW category. I have gone through Medical examination with my family on Feb. 28th, 2012. None of our family member has any medical Problem. But unfortunately, my bp was recorded by DMP as 190/110 this shoot up worries me a lot. I have not been suffering from any renal or heart diseases or stroke whatsoever. The DMP charged me for extra blood tests and he referred me for ecg too. Sir, the shoot up was bks I did not take rest for whole night before medical test day and unknowingly took two eags and Oily bread (PARATHAS). Now kindly tell me is there something to be worried of? And how long will they take for further correspondence positively.
    Thank u a lot

  32. Very nice blog.Thanks Again. Really Great.

  33. hi can a current hepa A infection be a reason for refusal to canada?thanks

  34. Dear Wayne,

    Help urgently wanted……………plssssss……..

    i got my medical forms in feb, 2012 from CHC london. I have applied under FSW. i mentioned Toronto(Ontario) as my landing destination previously. I also applied for my CAIPS notes and according to the Caips notes they have entered seldec entered and they have entered my landing destination as toronto already.

    Along with the medical forms they have instructed to submit RPRF for myself n my spouse, Updated forms and original PCC for both of us…when i was updating………..i changed my landing destination from Toronto to Calgary(Alberta)…….Pls reply me that will it hurt the processing of my case further??or is it ok?

    i read another forum in reply to my query that this step of mine could have delay my case processing Wyne pls help me…

    I’ll B grateful.


  35. Dear Rajpar,

    High Blood Pressure (B.P.) is result of hypertension and not eating something once or twice. Its a gradual insidious problem, kindly check with your doctor,
    Canadian immigration is usually looking for any communicable disease and they do not stop any one from immigrating just for HT or cardiac problems

  36. Dear Prakash,
    Thank u for your advice. Actually i was trying to seek technical opinion of Mr. Wayane the moderator of this blog. You r right, I have already consulted the cardiac Doc. now my bp is in control. The Doctor asked me for certain blood tests like serum Creatinine, Lipid profile, Glucose Fasting, etc with Grace of God all is well and every thing is in ranges. Thanks to losartan Tab. that my bp has decreased to 135-40/85 now. Actually, the cause of high blood pressure was increased weight of 100 kg, excessive smoking following medical day although I stopped smoking in near past and now I am casual smoker, Further, I could not sleep for whole night of medical day and drove for 5 hrs.

  37. I am also 100kg and 6feet 1inches had similar problems but joined gym and now feel comfortable

  38. Dear Wayne,

    I am really waiting impatiently for your opinion.

    With Regards,

  39. Dear Sir,

    I had a question regarding medicals. I submitted my application on the 1st of march and on 8th had been asked to undergo a medical examination. My concern is I was diagnosed of Non Hodgkin lymphoma (Cancer of the Lymph system) in December 2005. I got my treatment done in US and in May 2006 I completed my six cycles of chemo, since then i am doing great and have been going to US for my regular followups. I did tell my condition to the Doctor doing my medical. As asked I did attach a letter from my doctors stating my treatment finished in May 2006 and that I am in complete remission till date and i will now have to visit them for an annual followup as i am out of the treatment from the last 5 years. Someone told me my Visa can get denied due to my condition. My question is can they deny my visa even if i Had cancer and that now i am in complete remission can it still effect my application.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Hi I am going through a similar condition would be grateful if you could provide some information on this situation pls. Thanks

    • Hi, Have you got VISA ? I have also gone through NHL treatment in 2011 and now in CR. Looking for Canada migration for better Software Job prospects.
      Your response will help me to proceed further.



  40. Dear Sir,

    My application is for a work permit from outside canada.


  41. I think Mr.Wayne is on long leave

    • Hi – as I mentioned on the post on the front page, the number of messages and posts I am getting is exceeding the amount I find myself having time to deal with.

      I logged on the other day and I had over 50 posts to respond to, and I simply don’t have the time.

      Therefore if I can’t respond please don’t take it personally, use the information on this blog and also feel free to use it as a mechanism to ask each other questions.


  42. Hey Wayne,
    I got my medicals done on the 7th of March. My wife had TB 14 years back .She is fine now. I have submitted her 14 year old xrays, a clean chit from a chest physician and also a recent CT scan report which shows an old scar.
    My ecas does not show medicals received. People who did their medicals around the same time as mine have got the medicals received line in their ecas. Do you know of any case that has not been delayed because of such a scar.
    And do you think that they will ask for further tests for my wife?
    How long does it generally take in such cases for them to issue a second medical request cause i haven’t heard anything yet.
    Thanks in advance

  43. hi
    i have done medical examination on 26 March in Dubai.
    i would like to know how long it takes to finish the process and what is the further steps.

  44. hi sir..i had done my medical exam …but unfortunately i found a problem in my x ray.whic was reaally unexpected….i had no signs of tb in my past ever…..what is is the effect of it on my visa process?????

  45. HI today i received my all original education documents alonge with a letter to send right of landing fees and proof of fund do you think they approved my case but they don’t send any medical papper

    • There can be no guarantees but if they are asking for RPRF this is a good sign.

      I do think it’s very strange that they have not sent medical requests yet though. Which is your visa office?


      • Hello mr wayne, re: rprf. I am wondering how come lvo asked for updated forms, pccs and mr but no rprf. My husband thinks it is est not to send cse about this since they would have included it if it is important. But i am anxious about this matter and believe that we should send cse. Because isnt it that rprf and mr or pccs are usually bundled when requested by the visa office? What do you think?

  46. sorry to mentioned you they also asked recent photograph alonge with landing fees

  47. my visa office is London and i am from Pakistan they only ask picture can i send my spouses pictures also or onlly mine

  48. Hi Wayne
    First of all, thanks for starting this great forum. We are Indian passport holders but presently resident in Ethiopia. I and my family have been approved to apply for the Canadian PR under the PNP program and the next step for me now is to apply for a temporary work permit, which I intend to do in Delhi. I have 3 questions:
    (i) Is it possible to get the medical done outside India (in Ethiopia from the CIC approved DMP in Ethiopia?)
    (ii) If yes, whether we should get it done before applying for the work permit or after?
    (iii)If we can get it done before hand, from where I can secure the Medical form?
    (iv) When I apply for the work permit, I assume they will keep our passports. In that case, how do we get the medicals done, since they require original passport for the medical.


  49. hi wayne i am Amber from son got admission in Canadian uni.he is healthy each & every test is normal except a chest x ray dr advised him a antibiotics 3000mg a day for 15 days and said that they send the medical examination to canadian high commission…after 15 days they took another x ray but the patch is still there, there is no indication of TB in other tests…so can you tell me wether they reject him for that…i am so much worried

    • Hi wayne, already medical r done for all family in dec 2011 ecase also updated after that blessed with baby girl in jan12. Baby has been added to the app. Its been 5 months have not reced baby medicals how much time it will take from chc new delhi. Our pps are already with them.

  50. bronchitis found in xray during medicale examination do you think it creat any problem

  51. Hello Mr wayne,
    Its very kind of you to take time to reply to all of these post,i have reading these all.
    I want to ask to certain things..!!
    1) my Dad applied for FSW from LONDON UK CIC and we have received our medicals in feb and we completed our medicals on 6th March 2012, we were also required to send PCC for All of Us (DAD + Mom + me + my younger brother).we have send these, butas my dad i in UK , it caused delays for the indian PCC to be send (although an extenction was taken). so how much time i would take from now for our Passport requiest ??
    2) me + mom + younger Brother are in India So where do we need to send our passport , to UK or to CIC delhi?
    thanks in advance,

  52. yes forgot to mention also the Landing fees for DAD and MOM was asked..!! we alread send the Draft amount and the PCC of ME MOM, Brother to UK CIC just the Pending was Dad’s India PCC which is sent today..!! so how much time should i except it will take..?

  53. Dear Wayne,
    Will you be able to save some time and tell me that how long CIC London office takes now a days to complete the process of Routine Background Check. I am from Pakistan and applied in FSW category. I am a post Feb.2008 applicant and completed medical examination in Feb.2012.

    • Background checks vary vastly from applicant to applicant, and there are no accurate average timescales I can give. I can be a few weeks, it can be many many months.

      Sorry to say but patience is the only tool which can help you at the moment.

      Best of luck,

      • I live in Canada, and my husbands spousal sponsership is being processed in Islamabad Pakistan. They requested for remedicals and he completed on August 25,2012, and it’s been two months now and I still haven’t heard anything. However I did ask for extension. But considering this scenario, how long is this going to take until I hear from them?

  54. Hi Wayne,

    I have submitted orginal paasports of family, proof of medical and RPRF on 19th March at New Delhi. The RPRF was debited to bank on 10th April. Medical results had already been received by NDVO in March 1st week. Till today I have not got any update on my application or change in online status. My online status is Medical received. My employer wants to send me to Australia for short business trip at the earliest possible date. Could you please advise what is the expected time to get my passport back from CHC Delhi so that I can give idea to my employer about my travel plan. I do not want to say no to my current employer as I am planning to travel to Canada in Nov and till then I want to continue my current job.

  55. Hi Wayne,

    1. I got my ‘In Process’ status on 11th April 2012, i am not sure when i will get medical. Any average time?
    2. I have applied with AEO, do i also need to show $13,680 to show, as i have a job in my hand in Canada.


  56. Dear Wayne,

    My PR application online status is showing below mentioned details.

    We received your application for permanent residence on June 7, 2010.

    We reviewed your application and sent you a letter on October 4, 2010. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us.

    Your application and supporting documents were received by the New Delhi office. They are pending review.

    Your application was reviewed and we started processing on April 23, 2012.

    Now Please let me know approximately how much time this next means “processing” will take and what they are actually doing under this process.

    I will be thankful to you.
    Your early response will be highly appreciated.
    Awaiting reply.

    From Naresh Mann.

  57. hi wayne some 40 days ago we send the right of landing fees and proof of fund and 2 recent photograph but still dont get the medical would you please lets me know when i get the medicale

  58. wayne they retrun all my original education certificate some 2 month ago and requsted me to send right of landing fees and proof of fund my visa office is london and i am from pakistan

  59. Dear Wayne,

    I have just gone through the whole link and found your answers so helpful and informative. Adding to the above I do have a quick clarification to make. I come under the skilled worker category and have applied as a family and our passports are already submitted at the Canadian Emabassy, New Delhi in March along with our medicals. Following which they had requested for my PCC from DUBAI after my medicals were reviewed in April. I was given a deadline till May 29th 2012 to submit my PCC and I succeeded in sending the same on the 16th of May. Could you please give me an idea how long it will take for the visa stamping from now? What will be procedures following the submission of my PCC? I would be so grateful to you for your help. Please do revert back.

    Best Regards,


    Mili Elsa Abraham
  60. please ignore my previous query..:-)

  61. How is your case progressing, Did you got your visa ?? Kindly let us know. Under which sub-class you applied.

  62. i finished my medical for canada. i have applied for work permit , through lmo and offer letter. the hospital have sent my report to cic newdelhi. what is the next process, in how many days can i expect to receive my work visa.

  63. hi wayne,
    sent allmedilas, pof & pps .Sent second time due to new born baby . how much time for stamping .
    secondly for pof bank saving certificate showing balance in account is ok as pof or not.

    • Cannot predict how much time for visa stamping, please see the numerous posts on this already.

      For proof of funds, when landing, you should bring bank statements along with the certificate. The visa officers will want to convince themselves that the money is yours and that it has not been borrowed. Any large recent deposits will have to be explained.

    • Let me know your mail id to contact you……….Urgent

  64. Hi Wayne,

    I desperately need your suggestion on this. Please spare some time. Here’s my situation.
    I applied for my Canada Permanent Resident from India in Oct 2009, I received my file number in March 2010. After a long wait on Jun 15 2012 , I received a medical request. But, Im currently in Netherlands from DEC 2011 and Im on a work assignment for a long time till DEC 2012. I have to submit my medical results within 45 days.. Can I submit from Netherlands ?, If Yes, How do I submit my original passport ?? Can you please suggest.
    Or shall I go to Canada COnsulate here and enquiry ?? . Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

    Prashant M J

  65. Hi Wayne,
    thanks so much for sharing experiences. your blog is absolutely helpful to thousands of applicants like me. i did apply for RSW in 2012 while i was in UK through global visa services agent . last week i checked my application status and it says we have reviewed your application on 10th May 2012 and in PROCESS ! Lets see whts waiting for me.
    many thanks

    • Hi – in process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, so not much to do now but sit tight and wait for them to contact you (hopefully with medical requests).

      Best of luck,

  66. hi..wayne…i m a physiotherapist from india my vo is new delhi…on 14 th of june 2012 i got a COMMMON medical request for me n my spouse(WHO IS STUDYING IN CANADA SINCE WE PUT OUR FILE)…THEY HAVE SENT ME A MEDICAL REQUEST FORM N INSTUCTIONS PAPERS N SOME QUERY about marriage and asked to fill up a marriage questionaire attached n ask for maariage photos TOO…BUT THEY HAVE NOT SENT DIFFERENT FORM FOR MY WIFE WHO WILL HAVE TO COMPLETE HER MEDICALS IN CANADA ITSELF?????ALONG WITH THAT THEY HAVE MAILED SOME PAPERS ASKING FOR RPRF FEES AND PASSSPORT OF BOTH OF US……now i m very much confused shoud i send a scaned copy of medical request for my wife to complete her medicals in canada or should i contact my vo by mail???????????/i m also bit stresssed because of my marriage related queries along with passsport request..n again can she send her passport in a courior frm canada to india for get it stammped????????//////very much tensed pls help me brother….i wiill be highly obliged
    pls tell me wat to do i have very less time only one month to do all this

    dr.chirag makwana
  67. Hi,friends,am from nigieria i did my medical in 31th march and was confirmed that it has been received on the 12th of april.i have been curious to hear from them ever since then,going to three months now,like what time do you think they can get back to me for visa issuance.hope to hear from you soonest.tthanks God bless

  68. hi wayne,

    for updated pof asking new delhi high commission due to new born baby, i have sent bank certificates. please suggest once again i m really confused . earlier 6 months ago sent them statements this time i have sent certificates. is that ok or need to worry.
    thanks . please reply soon.

  69. hello sir/ madam ,, i just want to confirm that i have sent my passport and draft of landing fee after medical examination.. how could i confirm that whether canadican high commission has received my passsport or not.

  70. Hi Wane, We all know that Canadian Embassy introduce the new Skilled Category list on every 1st July. Is it a reason for the cases of Mar-July 2011, that they are very slow. Cases after July 2011 are very fast. even some of them get visas in 5 months. I am not sure that it matters that, when you apply for PR.

    • Historically when they issue a new set of MI, those people get priority over previous applicants. Hence why July 2011 are processed faster than those before July 2011.

      However, as per today’s announcement, there is a pause of at least 6 months on new FSW1 applications, so that should free up visa office resource to handle existing cases.

  71. I will be very happy if you kindly reply me. I applied last Aug 11 . I got PER in Nov 11 and 2nd AOR in Dec. I got Med Request in April and done my medical in 15 May. At the same time they asked for RPRF and I paid the fees. Now my ECAS is showing WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR MEDICAL RESULTS. Now I have two following queries :

    (1) at this stage is there any chance for rejection ?

    ( 2) Can you guess how much time I have to wait for Passport request after medical ?

    ( My VO is Singapore and I’m from Bangladesh.

    Thanks for your helpful website


  72. SUltana, Congrats you have made it. As per your inputs you will be getting your PPR and visa stamped subsequently. I am speaking tru experience. So chill & start packing.

  73. Hi,
    I have been waiting for my MR for last 3 months. I email the London HC and was told that MR was send on 24 April 2012 but it never got delivered to me. I have checked all elevant Post Offices but in vain.
    I have requested them to issue a new copy of medicine as i have not received the doc. PLease Advice?? Totally confused.

  74. Dear seniors

    Pls clarify my doubt

    • What are the medical tests we need to undergone?
    • Is there any problem if the dependent is pregnant, we will Get any exemption in taking the x ray test? I need to inform the LVO now itself or once they issued the MR?

    Is there any exemption for the babies (2years old) from medical test?

    Pls advice



  75. hi. my fiance is in australia from 2 years but now he is illegal .my question is that he can apply from australia to canadian immigration

  76. rab202,
    He can apply for sure but when the stage for Police Clearence come he’ll be in deep shit. a) Australian will not issue PCC and infact he’ll be detain there and b) Canadian will black list him for fraud. UK, Australia are some nation share immigration intelligence.

  77. Good day! I want to follow up my application for PR in Canada
    Im just waiting for my passport request it’s been 6 months.
    Do you have to send follow up letters??

    Thank you!! take care.

  78. i mean sir wayne.. Do i need to send follow up letters??
    Can u please give me sample??
    Thank you!!

  79. Wayne, I m “In Process” for AEO. I get letter from Embassy asking “Is your job still open from your employer?” I got job offer in Oct 2010 and Applied in May 2011. Now after 2 years of job offer, why they are asking me this stupid question. I am worried that employer hired some one else for that job, because 2 years is long time. Now what is the option for me? Will embassy reject my application? Or there are other ways. Please suggest me!

  80. plz reply me if my fiance come back to his country then he can apply for canada immigration.i m waiting for your answer.

  81. kindly sir reply me


  83. Hi Wayne and other members of this group I applied for canada migration from India currently Residing in Australia they asked me for MEDICALS PCC RPRF PASSPORTS and they said they will send me medical instruction papers through mail to my australian address . My Question to you how much time does it take to receive the those documents from them ?? Are Those documents coming from CIC canada or CHC India ?? I would be thankfuk to you if you answer me it has been more then a week i didnt receive any medicals intrustion documents from them .

  84. Dear sir, I was just told my by my agent that †ђε̲̣̣̣̥ nigeria canada consulate have ask me to under go a medical test. Well now am a bit scared, I have not done any test for †ђε̲̣̣̣̥ past 1year. And I will like to know how long will it tàke †ђε̲̣̣̣̥ embassy to send me my visa. Thank you, hoping to hear from you.

  85. Wayne, I m “In Process” for AEO. I get letter from Embassy asking “Is your job still open from your employer?” I got job offer in Oct 2010 and Applied in May 2011. Now after 2 years of job offer, why they are asking me this stupid question. I am worried that employer hired some one else for that job, because 2 years is long time. Now what is the option for me? Will embassy reject my application? Or there are other ways. Please suggest me!

  86. plz if any body know about the answer of my question plz reply me

  87. Hi Wayne, Can you please help me to clarify couple of things-
    I am going to submit my application package for work permit (temporary resident visa)next week at New Delhi canada high commission. Will they reatin my passport on the same day? When they will send me back my passport? When they will send me the medical form?- will they give me on the spot ot send through mail? if you please explain the sequences. I need my passport in between for business travel… so wondering how it will be possible?


    dreamland canada
  89. Hi Wayne,

    Many thanks for all your support in providing great insight on the immigration process.
    Regarding my case, I applied for FSW1 in Sept 2011 and got my PER in Dec 2011. Mine was through an immigration Law firm. My ECAS is showing ‘IN PROCESS’ and states that, My application for permanemt residence as received on ??? Sept 2011′ and no further information or details were provided.

    I was told by my immigration firm to wait for 5-8 months after PER to get a reply from CIC on my application on next steps…I have now waited over 7 months after receiving the PER notification , I do not have the 2nd AOR yet from the local embassy in Accra Ghana (which is the local embassy that handles immigration processing for countries in my Region). Kindly suggest what I should do going forward:

    - Should I contact my immigration law firm if my 2nd AOR has been received by them, and yet to be forwarded to me, just in case?

    - I usually check for changes on the CIC portal for my application status weekly – currently, just one detailed line is provided….’we received your application for permanent residence on ……’ . I have read from your portal that it usually takes less or a range of 8 months or so, to complete background checks….Is it usual for the ECAS to be wrong with no new updates? your own opinion what do you think?,
    What time estimates do you think, I may likely hear from CIC to proceed for medicals?

    - I have a son who is currently studying in a Canadian University in Engineering for the past 2 years out of a 4 year programme…peradventure, will he be required to undergo the required medical test within Canada, whilst the rest of the family undergo their own medical test outside of Canada…is it usually allowed by CIC to have this – members of the same family having different medical centres. In my submitted form to CIC, I have earier indicated that, my son is a student in Canada with a valid study permit (all supporting documents attached).

    - In your best beit, how long do you think, the entire process can be completed…..the fact that waiting and waiting is almost getting my heart sick…I really want to move over to Canada as soon as possible to have a fresh start to life.

    Once more, many thanks for your excellent support and feedback to all ‘would-be’…Canadians in the future. Well done to all your great work!. I am indeed very grateful to everyone for their postings and the great insight of solutions you have provided, Wayne – well appreciated.

    Cheers, Henry.

  90. seniors plz share abut airlines which one u choose and why ?

  91. dear rrd i think u r under catagory as a clinical psycholigist nothing hav to worry if u hav a regular job then in my openion u get pr with in a year surely surely

  92. thank u so much my friend . m a child psychologist. thanks for comment.

    dreamland canada
  93. respected sir we have applied for pr for canada under skilld worker category on march 5 ecas status is in process we have not yet received any medical request…….. plz tell us how much time we have to wait for it….

  94. Dear Wayne,

    I would just like to ask what to do if I received a call from the embassy (Aug. 22, 2012) asking if I have undergone my medical examination since they still have not received the result of it. I already have undergone my medical examination last May 16, 2012, and that I have not been asked by my DMP to take any further tests. I called my DMP today (Aug. 23, 2012), they informed me that if I have not received any call from them then they have forwarded it to Ottawa which in turn will forward the result to the correct embassy (my embassy is Philippines). Is it possible to inquire in Ottawa regarding this, if they have really received my medical result and as to the reason why the Canadian embassy in Manila have not yet been informed of it. I would greatly appreciate any help or assistance you can share regarding this to me. Thank you very much.

  95. Respected Sir
    I have applied under Alberta immigrant nominee programme..I have sent my passport, medical and fees. one month ago.PLs sir rly when will CHC send me passport with more Q.if they send via post, courier or by hand

  96. Dear Mr Wayne,
    I have been reading your blog and thanks for replying to some queries. I also have a question regarding medical requests. We got the med request forms last week and was ready to book an appointment to the local DMP. I told a relative in Canada and he advised me to get premedicals first before going to the DMP just to make sure that we pass the medicals. Is this advisable? If we are found to have TB or Hepa, can our application be rejected? We want to go for premedicals to make sure that we don’t have TB or hepa. So that if we have, we can ask for an extension to the LVO because of the treatment. What do you think? Thanks!

  97. Hi Edlyn,

    Doing a premedical is really not going to help now. Had you wanted to do this test, you should have done this much before receiving the medical request from the CHC. The reason being – the medical request from CHC have a time frame. God forbid you do a premedical now and something comes up you really do not have much time to take medication to change it.

    As per you question about TB & Hepa, Yes CHC is very strict on these two ailment. However they do not reject you right away they will give you sufficent time to visit a specialist, medicate and gave another medical test on a later date. This could be after 6 to 8 months. So bottom line is if you have medical issue your PR will be delayed but not rejected.

  98. thanks for the insight philip!

  99. Hi wayne,
    i have been reading your blog and it is very very helpful and thanks for replying to queries.And i have one query.We got medical request from new delhi visa office in JUNE 2012.And we did medicals & sent original passports,pcc’s,RPRF as they were asked by visa my query is, is there any documents check after medicals issued and how much time it will take to get visa.waiting for reply.


  100. Hi Wayne,
    We have done our medicals last April 1 , 2012. I have checked also that the landing fee that I have sent was being debited last June 22, 2012. My concern is when we should probably be sending our passport? It’s been 6 months now and yet we did not receive any update. Waiting for reply.


    Lcyd Marie P. Panganoron
  101. Hi, I’m currently working here in hong kong as a helper. I’m just waiting for my LMO to arrive around mid september. My agency said that after that, they will now process for the request for me to have my medical and police clearance done. And by that time, it will be end of september. The problem is, my contract here in hong kong will expire by end of sept. Is it possible that I just get my medical done in the philippines since I’ll be going home around 1st wk of oct? Thanks

  102. i send the medical three month ago from Karachi but did not get any response from London visa office do you think they find any abnormalities in my medical?

  103. I mailed to London visa office, they told me that medical papers were sent to me on 17 Aug,2012 but I didn’t receive any mail or email.
    Can I anyone suggest me ?

  104. Hey wayne, Can a person with only permanent canadian visa but not with PR card can travel abroad..I have to go back to India and I just got Permanent visa but someone told me that i have to wait for pr card to travel is it true. I dont have multiple visa previously I was on work visa…Can i still travel to india or not..Thanks in advance for your rply.

  105. Hi there I m moazzam from Pakistan I applied for few and last week receive medical request from London vo. I completed medicals, send rprf fee , n other forms to London medical division. but dmp sent my medical results to chic new Delhi instead of london. Please advice is it appropriate action from doctor…?
    If so how long new Delhi will take to send it to London office.????
    Many this for yur assistance

  106. @sahiba. I get medical by normal post. Wht is 2nd line????????????

    • 2nd Line : ” We have started your application …….. ”

      Actually, In my case, I mailed to London visa office they told me that they have sent me Medical papers on 17 August,2012 but I did not receive any email or normal post. They told me await for these paper.

      I can’t say anything in your problem, You must inform by email to London Visa Office. They will suggest you within 5 days.

  107. @sabina they started on octobr2010. When I was studying in London, n now they send me medical that I ave done 2weeks ago, let see what happens next
    I informed London v.o bat I ave done medical but not that dmp sent it to newvdehli,
    Shod I write them again ant it or write new Delhi vo.???????

  108. hi can u pls tell us before june 2010 skilled workers files still waiting september 2012 ,now how much more time time we will wait for our files ,pls reply me soon

  109. Today my online statuschanged to Medical recived, I trust nxt news ill b final decision, let see how long it takes. fingers r crossed.

  110. hi
    i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for much more time we will wait for our MR

  111. I received letter from CIC dated September 4, 2012 advising our family to undergo medical. We have only 30 days to submiti the additional requirements. But it is almost three weeks have not receive the medical forms yet. I am worried about the 30 days given to comply. How can I follow up for the medical forms. kindly help .

    Many thanks
    nd .

  112. @ nelson, same problem with me. I mailed to London visa office they told me that they have sent me Medical papers on 17 August,2012 but I did not receive any email or normal post for these paper.
    How do you get letter by normal post ?

  113. yes normal post. Have u sent the PCC and RPRF ahead of your medical. I plan to send it this week. I will mention to my cover letter that I did not receive any medical forms until now..

  114. Can I follow up for my medical forms to his email address of CIC here in Manila.( )

  115. I think you must go to official web page of cic then fill webform for inquiry.
    In my case, I only get e-mail of my inquiry and they told that they have sent medical papers on 17 Aug,2012 but I didn’t receive any Medical forms yet.

  116. Hi i recieved medical ppr rplf pcc rqst by email on 16 june i done my mdcle on 30 june.i send all dacument on july 19.but still i do not get any response

  117. hi
    i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for much more time we will wait for our MR

  118. Mine the 1st AOR was June 12,2012 then 2nd AOR was Sept. 4,2012 CIC requested for PCC, RPRF and MR. But the medical forms have not receive till now.

  119. hi
    i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for medical

  120. Can anyone pls help me: I have applied work visa after with company job offer and LMO. Last week Myself, wife and Son resubmitted our passport together to new delhi high commission after the medical. I have received my passport and my son passport back with visa. But for my wife it is still showing ‘under processing’. How this can heppen? What could be the possibility?

  121. Hi,
    LVO requested for MR+RPRF+updated form+PCC. I have paid RPRF & done with Med but didn’t send yet updated form + PCC. I am going to do with in 3 days.

    But they have updated 3rd line on E-cas, ” Medicals have recieved on xxx “.

    What does it mean and how much time will be taken by London visa office for passport after submission of form ?


    • Hello , Initially you got an intimation email regarding your medical request and passports right and when did you get your medical forms ? After how many days and how it has been dispatched to you , emailed or Post ?

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  123. my passport has been cleared from canadian embassy in singapore and it is in transit to vfs canada in dhaka they replied me this on my email but they did not send me any medical form attached? so does this mean my application got rejected. or will i get the medical form from the vfs canada in dhaka if any one knows any thing please do email me as i am very much worried and scared here is my email address thank you.


  124. i gave my medical exam in india while i was on for hoildays..i applied under sinp class….do i have to contact them whether they got my medical or not…

  125. Hi wayne
    I applied under FSW as Pre june 2010. I got my medical request in April 2012 and submitted in May 2012. my status changed to medical have been received. Then after have not got any reply from Rome VO. Would you suggest me when do I get reply Right for landing fee and for my passports. At present I am in Australia.


    • Hello , Initially you got an intimation email regarding your medical request and passports right and when did you get your medical forms ? After how many days and how it has been dispatched to you , emailed or Post ?

  126. HI
    My hubby applied for FSW2 from Pakistan in April 2012 and we received our file number on 11th October 2012, how much time do you think will it be to get our medical request ??

  127. hai..i had filed my case(Federal skilled worker category) in the year 2006.Later on ,in 2010 i re filed my case.I was asked to undergo a medical exam and was asked to remit the landing fee along with my passports.I had done so.But when i checked my ecas ,it shows me” decision made” for the first case.i’m scared.can anyone help?

  128. hi
    i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for much more time we will wait for our MR
    plssssssss frnd sugeest me any thing else


  129. Hi Naveen!!
    wait some time you will get the medical request soon, based on my case. if you do not mind where is your VO?

  130. Hi hanu
    whts the meaning of Vo actually i dont know about this pls explain me than i will told u
    and whats ur processing time

  131. hello wayne,

    i want to have a benefit from yr great knowledge about the subject, u r relly good at it. i have applied in fsw my case is in process. and now after couple of months they have asked for few more forms , right of payment residence fees and police report. but as was expected they havent asked for medical as yet,
    so can u please tell me that is a normal thing to happen that they would ask for police cert and rprf before the medical, and also pls give an estimation of time that how long do u think that it would it take from now onwards to finish, by getting a visa in hand. so i just have a rough idea that how long is left.

    hope to have a reply from u soon.


  132. Hi Naveen,
    VO is Visa office, fortunately just today i got PR and RPRF request. But i am confused whether i have to pay the RPRF in Canadian dollar or Euro for Rome VO. In their website its confusing, at the top mentioned both currency are accepted but after wards for Rome it says nly euro is accepted. I do not know whether that is true for FSW class immigration or for all category visa application. It would be great if any can explain me this from Canadian embassy Rome, Italy web site in their fee schedule.

  133. okk actually my visa office is new delhi

  134. my visa office is new delhi india and i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. i want to know now how much time i will wait for medical.

  135. hallo wayne
    Thanks a lot for this blog this is vry helpful.
    And my question is how long is the time period to get a medical certificate from canadian medical dept. Coz i have submitted my medical reports on 1st week of dec 2012 and i have stil not received. When can i expect my certificate? Day to day is getting vry delayed.

  136. hi abhi shek pls tell me ur file is pre june and when ur status showing in process

  137. hi anil
    wat exactly u tryin to say?

  138. Hi friends,
    Finally Rome Vo asked my passport and landing fee. I forwarded that through DHL but unfortunately I forgot to mention my application file number or anything. Does it make problem to them or do they will return my doc back to me? please friends looking your reply…


  139. hi abhi
    acytually i have applied my case pre 2010 and now it was in under process from 28 may 2012. and now 2013 is start and still my satatus showing in process so mai yhii jana chahta tha ke apki file pre june kii hai and apka status kubse in process show ker raha hai

  140. i hope dey vl find ur app num sum how wid d help of ur name, dob n etc. So don not worry if not dey vl return ur docs n u can resend wid ur file num.

  141. dear,
    i have send my med.on 25 Oct.12 now me waiting for PR1
    how take time for send PR1 request.

    any have idea..!

  142. hi,

    i am an indian student studying in canada…my wife has applied for Open Work Permit…she got the below mail from embassy…
    strange thing is…there was no attachment..can you please tell me if you had received a similar mail…and the attachment was the one you have typed in the post?
    the thing is recently people have been getting mail for medical requests without their wondering whats going on…

    Dear xxxx

    Please find information concerning your application in the attached document. If you are unable to view the attached document or did not receive a document, please advise us by forwarding this e-mail to delhi

    High Commission of Canada
    Visa Section
    P.O. Box 5209
    New Delhi
    110021, Indi

  143. Guys i got my canadian medical certificate yest

  144. abhishek yaar tuhadi file pre june 2010 to pehla vaali ci

  145. Hello,

    I am a NIgerian and I applied to the Office in Ghana. I was recent sent a request to send my passport for visa. Please do you have an estimate of how long it will take for me to get my passport back?



  146. hello ,
    is their any one know this help me please
    they sent me a latter from kenya canada embassy which say i have to take dna check to know the relationship between my uncle and me. i take and also they sent me the result and it is know 6 month and i didn’t know what i have to do …is that ok if i wait ..and i live in ethiopia

  147. hello
    i am ethiopian and They sent me a latter i have to take DNA check the relationship between uncle and me .i took the DNA and the result is sent to me and it say it is provied and the DNA latter says that they issue new medical instructions if my present medical results have expired by that time but it is 6 month after i gate the dna result but their is not any news and Is that ok if i wait and how long it take ….
    thank you …

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  150. hi can any one tell if Hepatitis C (PCR Negative) can affect the medical exam admissibility for canadian visa?

  151. I want to know when to expect my passport request. i did apply for my Quebec certificate of selection in Sept 2011, got a selection certificate in paris November 9th 2012, send application for ferederal received December 3 2012. got RPRF Request feb 6, 2013, Medical request Feb 7, 2013. RPRF received in ghana 14th Feb 2013, medical done 14th Feb 2013, received received in london high commission 24th of Feb 2013. I am waiting for passport request now from Ghana. any one with the ideal of how long it takes accra to request for passport for Quebec skilled worker on priority list? (Chemist).

  152. Hi sir my husband sponsored me for pr in Canada New Delhi visa office demand for medical& pcc in January 2013 & I send all documents after week means 7 January,, am waiting for my visa,, can u tell my how much time they take to send visa. Now??

  153. Hi sir my husband sponsored me for pr in Canada New Delhi visa office demand for medical& pcc in January 2013 & I send all documents after week means 7 January,, am waiting for my visa,, can u tell my how much time they take to send visa. Now?

  154. Hi guys,
    Does anybody get the same problem like me?

    I got in CIC website to check APPLICATION STATUS & got a message as below:


    After clicking on this, I got another message & it is said:


    I’ve been waiting since then & today I get an envelop from Canada Visa Office in Singapore.
    When i open it, I see my proofs such as mail, telephone bill, postcard, photos, wedding photos… that I’ve already sent with my applications to CIC before. There is no letter or any note to tell me what is going on.

    Anyone could help me out?
    Thank you very much.

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  159. Dear Sir/ Madam

    Please be advised that we have received your medical results and are ready to proceed with your file. Please present yourself at the Canadian High Commission from Monday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 10:00 am.

    If you received a request for additional documents please provide those documents when you present yourself at the Canadian High Commission.what does it means.

    abass mohammed
  160. Hi.
    I have finished medical exam almost 1 month ago. and then i didn’t asked for landing fee.
    So, is this good way for the faster processing that i pay for landing fee before it is asked from immigration visa officer?

  161. Hi, me from Pakistan Karachi. i have submit my medical on Oct 24,2012 but still i m waiting for PR1 anybody have idea or / anybody they submit own medical submit on 24 oct 2012 and still waiting for PR1

    how will take london visa office for send my PR1 ……?

  162. Greetings! This is my first comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your articles.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same
    topics? Many thanks!

  163. last december the embassy want additional document then we pass it then march 2013manila embassy request medical to us we and my wife had medical in philippines march6 2013 then the requirement of manila embassy to pass our document and right residence on march 28 2013.we did it. how many months we wait our passport to be pass in manila embassy.

  164. we and my wife had medical on march 6 2013 then all our document submited to manila many months we wait our pasport to pass in manila embassy until now no received reply from them.

  165. me and my family had medical on 11dec 2012, (6 months before) still no update on ECAS ,can any body tell me the time line after medical? my VO is london.
    I shall be very greatful for the reply to my question.

    • Hi hazil,
      Me from Pakistan I have submit my medical on Oct 12 but still no any update I write mail to CIC they write me still in process tell me u write to cic and any update u have or not tell me

  166. hey guys … anyone of u have any idea abt my query pls reply… i filed my case in fsw is filed since 2010 and till now i am done with prpf. police cert . medical and everything now i am waiting for ppr 1 its 2 mths plus thst i didnt heard anynews from them can pls anybody help me that why is this delay now and how long it would more for ppr 1 to come . ,my visa office london.

  167. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further post thank you
    once again.

  168. how much time does CHC new delhi take to issue visa after receiving medical ,passport,lending fees for FSW? It has been 3 MONTHS 1 weeks medical has been sent and passports also to CHC.NOW THE STATUS IS “MEDICAL RESULTS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED”.. AND AS WE KNOW AFTER THREE MONTHS DRAFTS WILL EXPIRE. BUT MY DRAFTS OF LENDING FEES COMPLETED MORE TIME. plz reply..

  169. get ready to fly guys . its a good sign . with in few days or may be tommorrow u get ur pps stamped and soon shall be in ur hands . enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  173. we and my wife apply immigrant last year the embassy suggest us to send another document and additional document to prove that we are not lies our work then we submit last year then the embassy send us letter to have medical and the deadline is march 28 2013.we finish medical march 8 2013 submitted to canada of our medical then and then we submmit our document on march 28 2013 for deadline of manila embassy.but the embassy did not tell us to submit our passport of both me and my wife.the principal is my been july 24 2013 not yet response to manila embassy.which we waiting and pray to submit our passport to manila embassy.for visa stamp?does we have interview ?i just wanna ask this sir.

  174. we and my wife apply federal skilled immigrant last year the embassy suggest us to send another document and additional document to prove that we are not lies our work then we submit last year our document then the embassy of manila send us letter to have medical and the deadline is march 28 2013.we finish medical march 8 2013 submitted to canada of our medical then and then we submit our document which include landing fee and we submit our document on march 28 2013 for deadline of manila embassy.but the embassy did not tell us to submit our passport of both me and my wife.the principal is my been july 28 2013 not yet response to manila embassy.which we waiting and pray to submit our passport to manila embassy.for visa stamp?does we have interview ?i just wanna ask this sir. we waiting 4 months now.pls reply me sir?

  175. Me and my husband got the immigrant visa,as I was in 34 th week of pregnancy we couldn’t travel at that time and now my child is four months old and we surrounded our passport along with the child passport and we received a medical for our child and we did that and send it three weeks back to CHC Delhi,but I am fed up looking eagerly for the visa,can you tell me how long will it take to receive my passport back with visa

  176. hi sir ,,,i am a hepa b healthy carrier and taking medications now…i am waiting for my LMO to come and my fear is my medical exam….by the way i am applying as a housekeeper in alberta canada…does my condition will be a reason for me not to be admitted to enter canda?

  177. Hi there i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anyplace,
    when i read this article i thought i could also create comment due to
    this sensible post.

  178. Sir, I just submits my medical and landing fee to chc new delhi for my federal skill work program. It shows online application status ‘medical result has been received on 11th July 2013. I already sent original passports. My question is how much time it takes for visa stamping? And second i had fixed deposite to match my fund. So can I withdraw my fd at this stage? Is it affect to my file?

  179. Dear sir ,
    I applied for work permit on 19 th August & i got this mentioned reply on 30 August Passport dispatched by OC Delhi OC on 30/08/2013 and is in Transit. Is it possible to get answer from high commission within short period or possibility of rejection or passport they are sending back for medical purpose pls advise.

    • its most likely be a refusal since if they need medical or additional docs they write u to do so plz dont be upset and b prepare urself for the bad news. any ways u can always resubmit ur application for workpermit once u get the refusal and try to cover the shortcomings they highlight on the refusal letter. feel so sorry for u mate.

    • mine is also d same ..applied on 31st got the same msg can u tell be wt was ur result??

  180. We are waiting for our medical please give me information thnx

  181. i applied my case under fsw pre june 2010, and in last month augest 16 2013 i have done my medical now how many days i m waiting for my visas

  182. Dear Sir,

    We had submitted our FSW PR application on June 2011 and the same is approved on Aug 2011. We got the medical request on January 2012 and that time my wife was pregnant. We wrote to embassy for exempting her from chest X-ray and we got the medical extension till Oct 2012(Till her delivery). Upon the birth of the baby we completed our medicals and send to New Delhi Embassy (on 10th Oct 2012). All our passports are with embassy for last one year. We haven’t received any response from visa office except a mail saying they are processing our application. Our medical is expired now.

    Should we go for another medical now? Also do we have to go for PCC again or only the medical will do?

    We were working at Oman from January 2010 to June 2011. We collected the PCC from Oman Police and submitted to embassy. Do we have to get the PCC again from Oman?

  183. Dear Wayne
    I sponsored my wife 20 months ago from islamabad imigiration and the second medical sent 4 months ago and I also sent some forms with wedding pictures, prove letters facebook messages and ext. I emailed cic they said its in process and the decision has not been made yet my question is is it normal thanks

  184. Hello
    I applied for pr under pnp from canada. My wife lives in india and i came in india for a few months vacation and now i got medical exam request letter from cic. I am wondering that can i do my and my wife’s medical from india or should i wait to go canada and do medical exam there? Please help me.

  185. I just want to know that Immigration department informs about Medical through e-mail or post mail or through call. please anyone can tell me

  186. I just want to know that Medical request is informed through email or post mail or through call. any experienced one, can answer

    • normally MR is sent to u by email. sometimes u also receive it by post . so plz keep an eye on it. thanks

      • dose the passport is sent along with the medical form ? i applied on the msg today the passport is dispacthed? so wt iz it meanz??

  187. Hello Everyone
    I have applied for work permit along with my wife as dependent on 9 oct 2013, we received request for medical on 16th, we completed the medicals on 19th, however, i have been asked to give another view of chest x-ray. After completing all medicals, the practitioner told that all reports have been sent. Till now I have received any confirmation from canadian embassy regarding the receipt of our medical. Will you please let me know, whether visa office acknowledges us the receipt of medical results and how much time it takes for the final decision after medical tests.


  188. hi all. i have applied for a work permit visa from london visa office. i received medical request and done so two weeks ago. now awaiting for the further response from the visa office. it seems my medical is all clear since the panel physician dint contact me as they said they contact me only if there seems some problem.
    my query are as follow:
    1. how much chance do i stand to be issued with work permit after the successful medical test?
    2. if i stand chance to get visa, how long do they take for the passport request for visa stamping.
    3. does my previous refusal on same catagory application affect on the final decision on my new application even after i have been asked for a medical test this time?
    will b waiting for ur advice and share ur experiences.
    many thanks.

  189. Hi Wayne,

  190. hello
    I have applied for FSW from newdelhi in june 2010 and I got my medicals and I have sent my medicals on August 13 2013 and ecas status is inprocess and added medical results received but till now almost 3 1/5 mths completed but I didn’t receive any information of sending passports or rpf can u please give reply why it is delayed?

  191. Hello sir, my wife and me has applied for a permanent resident visa under federal skilled worker. Now we have recieved a mail dat our medical form has arrived. When i contacted the agency they say that the medical should be submitted before jan 15 2014. My problem is since i work on ship i wont be able to carry out the medical test before i reach back which will be around mid of february. Is it possible that only my wife who is the primary applicant can do the medicals now and i can do it after i get back home. My agency is still insisting it should be done before mid of jan 2014

    Prasanth kanakkaparambil
    • Hello ,
      FSWP 2013 – I got a medical request for me & my spouse on FEB 15th 2014 but on FEB 17th only we send them a reply that we have a new born baby and we have to include him also to out application . We had send a signed letter and his Birth Certificate too. After that by End of Feb 2014 we had send all his required documents and his processing few to New Delhi and they have received it . Now i have got our Medical date on 19th March from Hospital , Now Hospital is asking whether each of us have separate EMI No: . We don’t have any EMI no: we have got only one UCI no: Now can i do the medicals for all the three of us or should we wait for embassy’s reply . And all our medicals and other documents should be submitted back to New Delhi before April first week !! PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS !!

  192. hi i am from Pakistan i had applied in 2010 through my consultant but the case refused but second time i applied by myself in dec 2011 now in jan 2014 i received medical forms by email but problem is that the address mentioned on medical form is the consultant one, reminding u that i had submitted cancellation of representative form in my application file documents and changed my mailing address as well. so please can somebody tells me what i should do now,where i have to contact , by this procedure there will be any delay in my process, thanks.
    immi77 .

  193. will I be refused visa if I did my additional test before I was asked, the additional result was done because the panel physician advised I do it after she found out that I have high blood pressure

  194. hi, the agency told me that after i apply for the work visa,, 2 to 3 weeks from the day i applied, i will received a mail from the embassy and that would be the referral letter for medical. but its almost 2 months now and i still haven’t received any referral letter.. what would be the problem? where can i follow up or inquire? thanks!

  195. fk

  196. Hi, I have been asked to send medicals & passports together on 28th Oct, both have been reached to CHC, Delhi by 13th Nov…. still there is no update from CHC, can I know approximately how many months it takes to take decision??

  197. My medical was submitted before Sep 2012. They also requested my passport with RPRF.
    I submitted DD of RPRF, not passports because my new born baby not included in application. So,At the same time I also submitted documents of my new born baby to add in application.
    When I check e-cas status on 18 Jan 2014, It shows Decision Made. Details r as follows..

    We received your application for permanent residence on February 15, 2010.

    We reviewed your application and sent you a letter on March 25, 2010. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us.

    Your application and supporting documents were received by the New Delhi office. They are pending review.

    We transferred your application to the New Delhi office on March 30, 2010. The New Delhi office may contact you.

    Your application was reviewed and we started processing on January 25, 2012.

    A decision has been made on your application. The office will contact you concerning this decision.

    What it means….?

    • Hello ,
      After you get your medical notification through email, within how many days did they send you the medical forms ?

  198. Hi, I just want to ask an advice if I have a greater opportunity that my student visa will be approved If a had a medical results submitted at the Canadian Embassy already? The hospital said that all my medical results were normal and they forwarded already the results to the Canadian Embassy. I applied as a student to Cambridge Western Academy last May 2013, I had a Letter of acceptance form the school which started my in take last Jan.6, 2014 but before that I was requested to undergone a medical examination which I already done. Please advice me if I have a 100% approval of my student visa, hoping for your kind consideration thanks and God bless! sincerely, jay dee(Philippines)

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  200. Hi sir/madam I’m waiting for medical request for almost 3 months now. How long it takes to receive it on my email? I’m just worried because I wrote down the incorrect email address on the application form I submitted to the Canadian embassy. But I go to the Hong Kong Canadian embassy already to discuss this matter and they asked me to make a correction letter and I did it.
    Is there a possible that the Canadian embassy got my correction of email add?
    Thank you very much!

    everlyn a. lubuguin
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  203. hi I am fsw 2013 applicant. I got medical request on 20 th december,2013 but not received passport request letter alongwith that. so done my medical in frsy week of Jan,2014 and cic has updated as medical results have been received”. sent case specific inquiry for passport request letter confusion but no reply from NDVO. In medical forms, 60 days period mentioned. so 60 days is going to expire in second week of february,2014 for PPR to submit ( with prediction that they might have sent PPR request letter email but not received ) . pls advice what to do?

    • Hello ,
      After you get your medical notification through email, within how many days did they send you the medical forms ?

  204. Hello. i verfication of employment done in jan. 2014 . when CHC will ask for my next step .. plz plz suggest.. i am still confussed much time chc will take more ….

  205. Right away I am ready to do my breakfast, after having my
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  206. Hi Wayne
    I applied fsw in 2010. Submitted rprf & updated forms. Recently i married a canadian so my spouse application is also submitted.
    Wen can i expect my fsw visa?

  207. Hello Wayne ,
    Great work Dude !!
    Hey I had applied for CIC FSWP 2013 . Now we have got our medical calls but we didn’t receive our medical forms , they have mentioned in the email that it will be emailed in due course of time . Now we have to add our new born , i have collected all the required documents , Now my doubt is about Fee payment , Should i take a DD in the name of “Receiver General of Canada” payable at Canada or payable at my Visa office New Delhi . Should i take the DD in $150 Candian or 8500 INR Indian Ruppes ?

    How about Permanent Resident Fees – Should i take DD in Indian money or Canadian Dollar and where should i write Payable at Delhi or Canada ?
    Please help me with it , if possible email me !!

  208. Hi Mathew, I send the fees in INR only… As we are paying the fee to “Receiver General for Canada payable at New Delhi ” you cannot take a DD for CAD. Banks will not issue a DD fro CAD that payable at Delhi. you can pay the fee in INR.

  209. Dear Sir,
    I am fswp applicant and i got my medical rprf and passport request on feb 11 2014, but the medical form itself was missing in mail and without the form and ime No. i cannot do my medicals . I have sent CSE to New Delhi visa office about the missing form but i am worried will i get it within the time frame as i have to get it done by april 2

    • Hello , Same here Rishav but i think in that email they have mentioned that you will receive the medical form in due course of time , right ? So lets wait for it !!

  210. They send the forms through email. I applied my application through a agency and they send the forms to the representative through email.

    • Hello Biju Mani,
      Initially Visa Office had send an email requesting for medicals and Permanent Resident fees to your representative, right? , After that how much time they took to send you (Representative) the medical forms through email ?

  211. Hello ,
    FSWP 2013 – I got a medical request for me & my spouse on FEB 15th 2014 but on FEB 17th only we send them a reply that we have a new born baby and we have to include him also to out application . We had send a signed letter and his Birth Certificate too. After that by End of Feb 2014 we had send all his required documents and his processing few to New Delhi and they have received it . Now i have got our Medical date on 19th March from Hospital , Now Hospital is asking whether each of us have separate EMI No: . We don’t have any EMI no: we have got only one UCI no: Now can i do the medicals for all the three of us or should we wait for embassy’s reply . And all our medicals and other documents should be submitted back to New Delhi before April first week !! PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS !!

  212. Good Day All,
    It has been a few years now and my Husband and I have fulfilled every request the CHC Trinidad has requested. In short, we have done medicals, submitted RORF and RCMP Reports as well as additional documentation. RCMP Checks were the last to be submitted a few days ago.
    We would like to know :
    1. How long the CHC will take to request our passports for PR Visa?
    2. After passports are submitted, how long do they take to return them to us?

    Thank you in advance.

  213. Hello,
    I applied under FSWP 2013 .Feb 15th 2014 i got my Request letter for medicals, RPRF,PCC and Papports from New Delhi !! My medical results have been emailed to CHC New Delhi by hospital on 22nd March 2014 and we have submitted our RPRF,PCC and passports !! But still my ECAS shows “IN PROCESS” !! Now within how many days/months it may change to “Medicals received” and within how many months can i know the result ?

  214. Hello,
    I applied under FSWP 2013 .Feb 15th 2014 i got my Request letter for medicals, RPRF,PCC and Papports from New Delhi !! My medical results have been emailed to CHC New Delhi by hospital on 22nd March 2014 and we have submitted our RPRF,PCC and passports !! But still my ECAS shows “IN PROCESS” !! Now within how many days/months it may change to “Medicals received” and within how many months can i know the result ?

  215. I am married to a Canadian and is living in the Caribbean. I have filled out my application forms and obtained my police clearance. How should I go about doing my medical? Do I have to wait for the form after sending the application and then that will go in after? Please

  216. hi do visa officers make acall from delhi emessy

  217. Hi, im from Pakistan. I recently received a request to do my medical again from the Canadian embassy, since the previous one was expires, i have already had the interview last month and already provided them with my background check and all.
    My question is, i just wanna know the time frame after this until i hear from the embassy again, my medical appointment is on 9th April.
    So, about how long will it be until they ask me to submit my passport and the time until i actually get my passport stamped or whatever? I have already waited about 3 years. And sorry i forgot to add, its a spouse visa my wife is sponsoring me. My visa office is Islamabad/pakistan.
    Thanks alot really appreciate it :)

  218. I got additional medical test on Dec10.2012, I and my housband we submiteed on march 5.2013 i ask the visa officer in abudhabi about my medical result they told me that they are still waitting my medical result so how many days or months it will take

  219. Hello khurramkurashi
    How long ago did u sumbetted your application beacaouse I sent second medical about 5 months ago thanks

  220. Hi here..I submitted my application last year and processing started August thou I was told to do medical that period which I did but couldn’t complete it because I was pregnant. I completed it first week in January but I have not been told to do my child’s medical but they asked for the birth certificate which I have sent to them thou my status said medical received . What is the next thing they might ask me for and how long before they will give us visa. Thanks

  221. Hello ,
    FSWP 2013 – I got a medical request for me & my spouse on FEB 15th 2014 but on FEB 17th only we send them a reply that we have a new born baby and we have to include him also to out application . We had send a signed letter and his Birth Certificate too. After that by End of Feb 2014 we had send all his required documents and his processing few to New Delhi and they have received it . Now i have got our Medical date on 19th March from Hospital , Now Hospital is asking whether each of us have separate EMI No: . We don’t have any EMI no: we have got only one UCI no: Now can i do the medicals for all the three of us or should we wait for embassy’s reply . And all our medicals and other documents should be submitted back to New Delhi before April first week !! PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS !!

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